illuminem Authors


Aakshi Dhoopnarain

Aakshi Dhoopnarain is a researcher currently based in London. She has previously worked for the National Health Service (NHS) in the United Kingdom.

Aaron Benjamin

Aaron Benjamin is the UK and Europe Coalition Lead at the Direct Air Capture Coalition. He also serves as Program Manager with the Global Carbon Removal Partnership where he has been focusing on the potential for direct air capture in Kenya. Aaron started his career in academic publishing as a Journal Specialist with Frontiers in Climate.

Aaron Boockvar-Klein

Aaron Boockvar-Klein is an analyst for the cleantech company Voltus. Before beginning work in the energy transition space, he graduated from the University of Michigan, where he studied chemistry.

Aaron Cosbey

Aaron Cosbey is a senior development economist at the International Institute for Sustainable Development and the European Roundtable on Climate Change and Sustainable Transition. He has 30 years of experience in sustainable development policy, with a focus on international trade.

Aarti Khosla

Aarti Khosla is an experienced communications professional, working at the intersection of strategic communications and policy outreach. She is the founder and director of Climate Trends.

Abigail Martinez Renteria

Abigail Martinez Renteria is the Programme Coordinator for the MY World Mexico #ActionXSDGs initiative, a Ph.D. candidate and UNESCO Chair Scholar at the University of East Anglia, and an educator committed to social justice. She actively promotes sustainable development and is currently conducting research into the role of online learning networks in activism across Latin America.

Adele Seymon

Adele Seymons is the Interim CEO of the Copper for Tomorrow CRC bid and CEO & Founder of Deep Green R&D Solutions. She has significant experience in developing consortiums that effectively deliver on critical industry challenges. If successfully funded, the Copper for Tomorrow CRC will deliver research, education, and knowledge dissemination to transform the industry into a leading supplier of green copper to minimise impact while adding value to the community.

Adetayo Adetuyi

Adetayo Adetuyi is a Senior Consultant with Brooks & Knights Legal Consultants (BKLC) and has expertise in energy related infrastructure and project financings. Adetayo has worked as in-house counsel to an IPP developer and holds a LLM in Energy Law.

Adhiti Gupta

Adhiti Gupta is an independent consultant in impact investing & blended finance with a focus on climate, nature, & gender equality. Her clients include the UN, World Bank and Climate Policy Initiative. Adhiti has previously led a market accelerator at Convergence and advised impact investors at RPCK. Adhiti started her career advising on international trade, cross-border M&A, and PE/VC transactions in India. She holds a master’s degree from Columbia Law School and a law degree from the National Law School of India University.

Adi Patro

Adi Patro is a Project Finance Analyst at Empower Energies, a C&I Solar developer, and is involved in analyzing early stage and M&A transactions.

Adis Dzebo

Adis Dzebo is a Senior Research Fellow at the Stockholm Environment Institute. His research focuses on transboundary climate risks as well as policy coherence between climate change and sustainable development.

Adnan Mazarei

Adnan Mazarei is a nonresident fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics. Previously he was a deputy director at the International Monetary Fund’s Middle East and Central Asia Department.

Adrian Fernandez-Perez

Adrian Fernandez-Perez is a Senior Research Fellow at the Auckland Centre for Financial Research (Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand). His research focuses on the pricing of commodities and behavioural finance.

Adrian Hindes

Adrian Hindes is a research analyst at Civilization Research Institute, working on drivers of global catastrophic risk, and avoiding worst case scenarios of existential planetary overshoot. He is also a PhD candidate with the Institute for Water Futures at the Australian National University, studying the ethics and governance Earth System Interventions such as solar geoengineering.

Adrian Mason

Adrian Mason is an Oil and Gas specialist at GlobalData Energy. With more than 25 years of experience, he is one of the top thought leaders in the industry, providing data-informed analysis. He formerly worked for other major companies, such as Shell, Intertek, and IQPC.

Adrian Murdoch

Adrian Murdoch is an award-winning financial editor and journalist with more than two decades of experience. He is currently Deputy Editor for Capital Monitor at New Statesman Media.

Adriana Pescaru

Adriana Pescaru is a news editor at ProFM radio and a journalist with a focus on science and social issues. She also imparts knowledge on Digital Radio Production at the Faculty of Orthodox Theology in Bucharest.

Adrien Concordel

Adrien Concordel is a visiting researcher at MIT - Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research (CEEPR) and previously worked as an energy consultant in the Middle-East. He specializes in resources and energy issues related to the energy transition.

Adrien Fabre

Adrien Fabre is a PhD student at ETH Zurich focused on economics and climate change. He has also been a visiting scholar at NYU and an academic through and through.

Adrien Pages

Adrien Pages is co-founder and CEO of MORFO, a company that has developed a unique technology for large-scale ecological restoration of forest ecosystems.

Ad van Wijk

Ad van Wijk is a and Professor of Future Energy Systems at the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) in the Netherlands. He is also a guest professor at the KWR Water Research Institute. Amongst others, he was awarded the titles of Dutch Entrepreneur of the Year in 2007 and Dutch Top Executive in 2008.

Agnieszka Nowinska

Agnieszka Nowinska is an Assistant Professor at the Aalborg Business School. She received her PhD degree in Management and Economics from Copenhagen Business School in 2018. Her research focuses on the formation and persistence of collaborations and individual decision-making, biases and social evaluations.

Ahmed Saeed

Ahmed Saeed is the Vice President for East Asia, Southeast Asia and the Pacific at the Asian Development Bank

Ahmed Olayinka Sule

Ahmed Olayinka Sule is a London-based Financial Analyst, social critic and a freelance journalist.

Ahmed Waqqas Alawlaqi

Ahmed Waqqas Alawlaqi is a student, Emirati Journalist for Khaleej Times, Member of the YOUNGO COP28 Team, a member of IRENA YOUTH, a diplomacy student at the UAE Ministry of Education and a Sustainability Ambassador for Masdar (Y4S).

Aisha Abubakar

Aisha Abubakar is a researcher and architect with a PhD in Architecture and Urban Design, University of Strathclyde, UK. She has vast experience in development research and analysis that support inclusive planning and management, and fulfilling the broad principles of the SDGs in developing countries.

Aissa Dearing

Aissa Dearing is a Researcher at the University of Oxford at the nexus of carbon drawdown, climate justice, and all things land use.

Akhilesh Anilkumar

Akhilesh Anilkumar is a UN India Youth Climate Leader and the Director and co-founder of Bring Back Green Foundation, which works on diverse problems related to climate change. He is also a Youth Advisor for World Ocean Day.

Akos Losz

Akos Losz is a Gas Analyst at the IEA with a demonstrated history of working in the energy economics, oil and gas markets and management consulting. He is widely published author and public speaker with a Master's Degree focused in Energy & Environment from Columbia University - School of International and Public Affairs.

Al Gore

Al Gore is the former Vice President of the United States, notably recognized for his environmental activism and leadership in climate change awareness.

Alain Schilli

Alain Schilli is the Managing Director of Magnefico LLC, and a Senior Advisor at the BASE Foundation (formerly the Basel Agency for Sustainable Energy), a UNEP specialised partner. He specialises in business modelling and the development of sustainable products focused on renewable energy and energy efficiency. He is the founder of Shift Switzerland (Circular Economy Switzerland) and board member of the Business Angels Club.

Alan Finkel

Alan Finkel was formerly Australia's Chief Scientist and is now a corporate adviser on climate-change technologies and author of ‘Powering Up: Unleashing the Clean Energy Supply Chain’.

Alberto Contardo

Alberto Contardo has 18+ years of experience in international business in Latin America and Asia, with the last 12 years as an entrepreneur. He lived in China for 7+ years where he started two ventures. Alberto is an adjunct professor in conflict resolution and innovation with experience with Chinese, Chilean, Mexican, and French universities. He has collaborated with organizations such as IDEO, +Acumen, Impact Hub, EF, United Nations, and Deloitte. Alberto is a former competitive athlete, a current calisthenics fan and Vipassana meditation practitioner.

Alejandro Nadal

Alejandro Nadal is a software engineer at Synics AG, and he graduated from UTN. He has been awarded the Friends of Fulbright scholarship and Seeds for the Future Huawei. He has been a teacher and a startup founder.

Alejandro Nuñez-Jimenez

Alejandro Nuñez-Jimenez is a Senior Researcher at ETH Zürich where he focuses on Energy & Innovation policy. He is also an advisory Board Member at Yes Europe, a network connecting aspiring & young energy professionals. He was previously a postdoctoral research fellow at the Harvard Belfer's Center Environment and Natural Resources Program (ENRP) and the Science, Technology, and Public Policy Program (STPP) where he investigated the role of hydrogen in the decarbonization of energy systems across different countries.

Alessandro Armenia

Alessandro Armenia is a master student at École Polytechnique in the InnoEnergy Renewable Energy double-degree programme. He is currently learning energy policies with YES Europe and EFET, and developing a start-up to deliver carbon offsetting solutions in the market together with ESADE Business School.

Alessandro Blasi

Alessandro Blasi is a strategic advisor to the International Energy Agency (IEA) Executive Director on various topics. He is in charge of assigned priority projects and maintaining relationships with the private sector. Before he co-lead work on IEA’s World Energy Investment Report and contributed as a senior analyst to the World Energy Outlook. Before joining the IEA, he worked in Italy's Prime Minister office, World Energy Council and Eni Group.

Alessandro Gili

Alessandro Gili is a Research Fellow at the ISPI Centre on Geoeconomics (supported by Intesa Sanpaolo) and at the Centre on Infrastructure. He also worked as a Researcher at LUISS Research Centre on International and European Organizations, with a focus on economic issues. He was member of the T20 Task Force on Infrastructure Investment and Financing during the G20 Italian Presidency in 2021.

Alessandro Lanteri

Alessandro Lanteri is professor of entrepreneurship at ESCP Business School and acting director of executive education in the Turin campus. He also teaches at Oxford’s Saïd Business School. Alessandro works with governments and businesses across five continents. His research has appeared on Harvard Business Review, MIT Technology Review, the World Economic Forum Agenda and Forbes.

Alessandro Sodano

Alessandro Sodano is a student at HEC Paris, currently studying Management and Innovation. Prior to joining HEC, he studied Economics in Milan and worked for an NGO in Ghana. His main interests are sustainability, innovation, energy, and economics.

Alessio Terzi

Alessio Terzi is an Adjunct Professor at Sciences Po and HEC Paris. He is an economist and the author of 'Growth for Good: Reshaping Capitalism to Save Humanity from Climate Catastrophe' (Harvard University Press 2022).

Alex Chyzh

Alex Chyzh is an oil and gas risk analyst and decarbonization researcher investigating government policies and regulations to advance energy transition in the upstream sector.

Alex Edmans

Alex Edmans is Professor of Finance at London Business School. He gave the TED talk “What to Trust in a Post-Truth World” with 2 million views, and wrote “Grow the Pie: How Great Companies Deliver Both Purpose and Profit”, a Financial Times Book of the Year.

Alex Hong

Alex Hong is the Executive Director of Digipulse Data and strategic advisor. He is the Chief Sustainability Coordinator of the Youth Networking Business Committee (YNBC). Alex is LinkedIn’s Top Voices (Green) in Singapore 2022 and represents the Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC) as the Ambassador of Southeast Asia.

Alex Ianchenko

Alex Ianchenko is an architect and researcher working with climate action within built environments, life cycle assessment, urban food systems, and political stewardship.

Alexander Lehmann

Alex Lehmann is a non-resident fellow at Bruegel, the top-rated Brussels thinks tank. He is also a lecturer at the Frankfurt School of Finance and an adviser on financial policy and sustainability to a number of international organizations and central banks.

Alexander Rink

Alexander Rink is CEO of Rink Ventures and an Advisor for

Alexander Hogeveen Rutter

Alexander Hogveen Rutter is the Private Sector Specialist with the International Solar Alliance and has previous experience with IFC, BCG and Manitoba Hydro, an integrated utility in Canada. He has a passion for the energy transition and writes about it at

Alexandra Peek

Alexandra Peek is a Staff Associate at the Center on Global Energy Policy at Columbia University. Her research interests broadly cover the issues of climate inequality and inequity and what it means to create a justice transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy. Her previous research has largely focused on the political and social impacts renewable energy infrastructure and green markets have on local and indigenous populations in the Global South. Her research also expands on the correlation between climate injustice in the Global South and environmental racism taking place within the Global North.

Alexandre Bassaneze

Alexandre Bassaneze is an experienced C-Level Executive with a demonstrated history of working in the oil & gas, chemical, healthcare industries. International experience in the USA. Honor to be one of top 10 Brazilian CEOs of 2020 by Grupo Gestão RH. And was elected Among 100 Most Influencial People in Healthcare Brazil during the last decade by Healthcare Management.

Alexandre Garel

Alexandre Garel is a Doctor of Finance (ESCP & Panthéon-Sorbonne) and holds a Master of European Economics Studies (College of Europe). He teaches Finance at Audencia Business School.

Alexia Kelly

Alexia Kelly is the Managing Director of the Carbon Policy and Markets Initiative at the High Tide Foundation. She serves on the Board of the Integrity Council for Voluntary Carbon Markets and the Advanced and Indirect Mitigation Initiative. Previously, she was the Director of Net Zero + Nature at Netflix, leading their carbon reduction strategy. Alexia also served as Director of Sustainability Solutions at ENGIE Impact, advising on net zero and decarbonization strategies for Fortune 500 companies and non-profit organizations. 

Alexios Simintzis

Alexios Simintzis is a Consultant in the Energy practice of FTI Consulting in Brussels. He specialises in sustainable finance, oil & gas, carbon capture technologies and clean hydrogen. Alexios completed his graduate studies in International Energy at Sciences Po, where he focused on energy markets and economics.

Alfred Oliveri

Alfred Olivieri is the Founder of House of Chef, a network sharing the love of cooking around the world. He has a background in theatre and entertainment.

Ali Borhani

Ali Borhani is the Managing Director of 3Sixty Strategic Advisors, a boutique consultancy firm based in London. It specialises in emerging markets and is focused on geo-economic and geo-strategic developments, including the decoupling of East and West and the implications of China’s Belt and Road Initiative. He is also a co-founder of The BRI Dialogues in collaboration with Durham University’s School of International Affairs. A Fellow of The Society of Arts who in climate change circles is known as #TheNetZeroOutlier.

Alice Palmer

Alice Palmer is currently a young paralegal at Blaser Mills Law. Previously she has been awarded with an LLM in Law and Legal Practice by BPP and a bachelor's in PPE by King's College London. She has also volunteered at multiple organizations and tutored for multiple years across her higher education and early career.

Alice C. Hill

Alice C. Hill is the David M. Rubenstein Senior Fellow for Energy and the Environment at the Council on Foreign Relations, former special assistant to President Obama and senior director for resilience policy on the National Security Council. Hill is the author of The Fight for Climate after COVID-19.

Alicia García-Herrero

Alicia García-Herrero is the Chief Economist for Asia Pacific at Natixis, a globally renowned investment advisory firm. She also serves as a Senior Fellow at Bruegel, a Belgian Think Tank which focuses on improving the quality of economic policies. Alicia also holds several teaching positions as a Senior Fellow at the East Asian Institute (EAI) of the National University Singapore (NUS), and as an Adjunct Professor at HKUST Business School. Ms. García-Herrero is also a Member of the Council of Advisors on Economic Affairs to the Spanish Government and an advisor to the Hong Kong Monetary Authority’s research arm (HKIMR). Alicia is globally recognized for her efforts and is very active on international media (BBC, Bloomberg, CNBC or CNN) as well as in social media. Alicia was nominated TOP Voices in Economy and Finance by LinkedIn in 2017.

Aliénor Rougeot

Aliénor (Allie) Rougeot is a human-rights advocate focusing on climate justice, who co-founded the group Fridays for Future Toronto. With her co-organisers, she led the large youth climate strikes in late 2019. For her work, she has been recognised by The Starfish in the 25 under 25 Environmentalists, and by Corporate Knights in their 30 Under 30 Sustainability Leaders.

Ali Shazan Gulrez

Ali Shazan Gulrez is an Energy & Systems Engineer at Lower 48 Energy in London where he oversees Grid Battery StorageDevelopment for the UK market. He has 4 years of professional experience in the eld of low carbon generation, waste heat recovery and energy efficiency.

Alison Taylor

Alison Taylor is a clinical associate professor at NYU Stern School of Business, and the executive director at Ethical Systems. Her previous work experience includes being a Managing Director at the non-profit business network BSR and a Senior Managing Director at Control Risks. She holds advisory roles at VentureESG, sustainability non-profit BSR, Pictet Group, and Zai Lab, and is a member of the World Economic Forum Global Future Council on Good Governance.

Alki Delichatsios

Alki Delichatsios works in the energy consulting sector, providing climate education for DualSun.

Amanda Justice

Amanda Justice is the Principal Executive Enterprise Architect at ServiceNow where she develops energy and utility solutions.

Amara Nwuneli

Amara Nwuneli is a 15-year old Nigerian-American activist, social innovator, actor, and author. She founded and runs Fight Global Warming Nigeria which works to raise awareness about climate change among youth through interactive workshops, informational videos, and local initiatives. Through her work as a climate activist, she has served as a speaker and youth representative in various forums and has written articles. In addition, she constantly works to address inequality, corruption, and much more.

Amelia Tiemann

Amelia Tiemann is an MS candidate at University of California Davis. She has worked in nuclear advocacy for several years, and is also a freelance writer. She contributes regularly to the 4th Generation Blog, curated by Terrestrial Energy.

Amelie Lambert

​​Amelie Lambert is a communications and sustainability consultant. Having spent most of her career in the Advertising industry, Amelie operates at the intersection of creativity and sustainability. She also collaborates with fellow change-makers across sectors to accelerate the just transition.

Amor Almatani

Amor Almatani is a State Council Member in Oman, where he contributes to the formulation of policies and accelerates progress towards a more prosperous and sustainable future.

Amre Mousa

Amre Mousa is a former Foreign Minister of Egypt and Secretary-General of the Arab League.

Amy Tobias

Amy Tobias is currently a Master's student in International Journalism at the University of Salford, Manchester. She is interested in climate justice, gender equity, and youth empowerment, which she hopes to pursue in her future career.

Ana Birliga Sutherland

Ana Birliga Sutherland is a writer and editor for Circle Economy, with a broad, interdisciplinary education that supports her knowledge of the circular economy. She authors a range of Circle Economy’s publications. Ana holds a bachelor’s degree in Law from University College Utrecht, and a Master of Science in Environmental Management from the University of Edinburgh.

Ana Gomes

Ana Gomes is Secretary-General at the Future Energy Leaders Portugal, co-founder of Mulheres na Energia and Global Future Energy Leader at the World Energy Council. She is a geoscientist and engineer working as an energy policy specialist.

Ana Sousa

Ana Sousa is an assistant professor at Instituto Superior Técnico in Lisbon.

Ana Luci Grizzi

Ana Luci Grizzi is the Director of the ESG Advanced Program from Saint Paul Business School. She is a sustainability expert, consultant, and lecturer. She is member of several ESG Commissions in Brazil - Abrasca, Ibrademp, CFA Society and IBGC

Ana Struna Bregar

Ana Struna Bregar is the CEO of CER Sustainable Business Network - a network of progressive companies and organizations accelerating the green transition in Slovenia. She holds a degree in Architecture and Urban Planning and gained knowledge in sustainability management at the University of Cambridge and the Yale School of Management.

Ana Victoria Tarín Santiso

Ana Victoria Tarín Santiso focuses on the development management of renewable energy projects at Greenvolt Power Renewables. She is also committed to environmental activities as Climate Reality Leader at The Climate Reality Project organization.

Anders Pettersson

Anders L. Pettersson is Executive Director of Civil Rights Defenders, an independent and international human rights organisation with headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden

Andrea Bonime-Blanc

Andrea Bonime-Blanc is Founder & CEO of GEC Risk Advisory, a global governance, risk, ESG, ethics & cyber-strategist, board director, NACD 2022 Directorship100 Honoree and Life Member of the Council on Foreign Relations. She is author of Gloom to Boom (Routledge 2020) and the annual The ESGT Megatrends Manuals (Diplomatic Courier 2021, 2022, 2023).

Andrea Ferrari

Andrea Ferrari is the Head of Technology at illuminem. He is a Computer Engineer that started programming since he was 12 and since then he never stopped. He is a strong believer that in order to improve the climatic and ecological situation, the core is the information and illuminem is the solution

Andrea Gori

Andrea Gori is an entrepreneur & global expert in sustainability, green tech and energy transition. He is the founder & "Chief Earth Officer" (CEO) of Previously, he served as BCG's Global Green Champion, delivering projects on sustainable investments around the world. He has been awarded one of Italy's Leading Innovators of 2023 and Angel List’s Top Startups in Europe.

Andrea Maggiani

Andrea Maggiani is the founder and CEO of Carbonsink, an Italy-based consulting firm specializing in corporate decarbonization and climate risk management strategies. Andrea Maggiani has over ten years of experience in climate strategy design, carbon finance mechanisms, and carbon project development.

Andrea Malmberg

Andrea Malmberg is Co-Leader of UVE, a Savory Network Hub, and a Master Field Professional who provides training and support to hundreds of ranchers and farmers in the Northwest region each year.

Andrea Marinoni

Dr Andrea Marinoni is an associate professor at UiT – The Arctic University of Norway. Currently, he is one of the lead consultants in the EU climate project IMPETUS, helping to develop regional adaptation pathways and innovation packages through the assessment and definition of new methodologies.

Andrea Marpillero-Colomina

Andrea Marpillero-Colomina is Sustainable Communities Program Director at GreenLatinos and urban studies faculty at The New School. She advocates for policymaking that will create an environmentally sustainable future for our communities.  

Andrea Webster

Andrea Webster is a managing director at Chartwell Capital and a contributor at SustainFinance. With over 20 years' experience in the wealth and asset management industry, she has spent over a decade working with boutique asset managers on business expansion.

Andreas Biermann

Andreas Biermann is Director of Sustainable Finance and Business Development at Globalfields. He is a senior energy and climate policy expert, with over 25 years’ experience gained at various levels in the academic, national, and multilateral contexts. Previously, he served as Senior Adviser to the Managing Director for the Sustainable Infrastructure Business Group, as Deputy Director Mitigation at Green Climate Fund, and as Head of Climate Finance at EBRD.

Andreas Goldthau

Andreas Goldthau is Director of the Willy Brandt School and Franz Haniel Professor for Public Policy at the Faculty of Economics, Law and Social Sciences, University of Erfurt. He is also Research Group Leader at the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies.

Andreas Hoepner

Andreas Hoepner is Professor of Operational Risk, Banking & Finance at University College Dublin. He is also, among others, Co-Inventor of the European Union's Paris-Aligned Benchmarks, a SVLabs Lead and a Head at the Sustainable Finance Platform of the European Commission.

Andreas Kyrilis

Andreas Kyrilis is serving as Partner at Bain & Company and is a member of Bain's global Energy & Natural Resources and Advanced Manufacturing & Services practices. He has over 20 years of experience in management consulting and industry leadership. Andreas is recognized for his expertise in Energy and Industrials, working with top executives on high-impact initiatives. His focus areas include energy transition, digital transformation, and operational improvement.

Andreas Rasche

Andreas Rasche is Professor at Copenhagen Business School (CBS) and Associate Dean for the CBS Full-Time MBA Program. He is a widely known international expert and public speaker on corporate sustainability, ESG, and sustainable finance. More at:

Andreas Sieber

Andreas Sieber is the Associate Director of Policy and Campaigns at

Andrew Eil

Andrew Eil is a consultant specializing in climate change policy and capital markets, climate risk and resilience, impact investing and ESG considerations, and development finance. He is currently Head of Climate Risk for North America with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS).

Andrew Savage

Andrew Savage is Vice President and Head of Sustainability at Lime, the world's largest electric micromobility company. Prior to Lime, he served on the executive team of an Inc. 500 solar manufacturer and renewable project developer where he spearheaded market-transforming policies, led new business development, and supported the company's national expansion. He was a twice-elected member to the U.S. solar industry’s national trade association (SEIA) board of directors representing 1,000+ member businesses.

Andrew Sheng

Andrew Sheng is Distinguished Fellow of Asia Global Institute, University of Hong Kong, and Chief Adviser to the China Banking Regulatory Commission.

Angela Hultberg

Angela Hultberg is a Global Director in the Sustainability Team at global consultancy partnership Kearney, focusing on actioning sustainability across the length and breadth of client business models to reach climate and emissions targets. She has a specific focus on the automotive, transport and retail sectors, having joined the Kearney team from IKEA, where she served as Head of Sustainable Mobility.

Angela Wilkinson

Dr Angela Wilkinson is the 6th Secretary General and CEO of the World Energy Council, a diverse community network of over 3,000 member organisations that has been instrumental in promoting better energy developments in over 100 countries for nearly 100 years. Dr Wilkinson has led the Council since 2019 as it defines, enables and accelerates successful energy transitions through its unique network, practical insights and leadership dialogues.

Angela Zhong

Angela Zhong is a first-generation Asian-American Harvard sophomore. She is studying economics with a secondary in environmental science public policy and a citation in Mandarin. Hailing from Houston, Angela has felt the impacts of natural disasters and climate change first-hand. Previously served as her school’s first-ever Minister for Climate and Sustainability on the Undergraduate Council Executive Cabinet. Angela is passionate about youth climate advocacy and was fortunate enough to represent youth at US Institute of Peace and many more. She currently serves as an intern for the UN Capital Development Fund and enjoys figure skating in her free time.

Angeliki Piperidou

Angeliki Piperidou is a student at HEC Paris pursuing an MSc in Sustainability and Social Innovation. Before joining HEC Paris, she worked as an ESG Research Analyst in the transportation and infrastructure industry and as a freelance Impact Analyst. Angeliki holds an Integrated Master in Spatial Planning and Development from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and she is interested in sustainable finance, decarbonization, and the energy transition. 

Anh Nguyen

Anh Nguyen is co-founder of StimShift (Stim). Having a background in innovation management studies, she writes and consults on breakthrough innovations and the environmental shift. Her personal research focuses on less-waste alternatives for production and consumption. 

Ani Dasgupta

Ani Dasgupta is the President of the World Resources Institute, with expertise in sustainable urban planning and advocating for a transition to renewable energy.

Anish Kapadia

Anish Kapadia is the founder of AKAP Energy and an energy analyst with over 20 years of experience. Before founding AKAP Energy in 2017, he spent 15 years in equity research at UBS and Tudor Pickering Holt.

Ann Dom

Ann Dom is Senior Policy Advisor and Deputy Director at Seas At Risk, a European association of environmental NGOs working to protect the marine environment of the European seas. There, her work focuses on ocean governance, the blue economy, and deep-sea mining. Before joining Seas At Risk in 2012 Ann was employed at the European Environment Agency and the Environment Directorate General of the European Commission.

Anna Alex

Anna Alex is the Co-Founder of Nala Earth. Previously, she served as the Co-Founder and Chief Customer Officer (CCO) of Planetly, a climate tech company that helps businesses calculate, reduce and offset their carbon emissions. In the course of her career, she has been voted Europe's "Inspiring Fifty", the "Most Inspiring Women in Technology" and "Young Elite - Top 40 under 40". Anna Alex is co-author of the Spiegel bestseller "Future Republic".

Anna Joseph Seng’enge

Anna Joseph Seng’enge is a secondary school teacher at Vigwaza Secondary school starting in 2008 up to the present. She obtained a bachelor's degree in Special needs Education from Sebastian Kolowa Memorial University. She also volunteers as a regional Coordinator in Dr Jane Goodall Institute since 2018.

Anne Rasmussen

Anne Rasmussen represents Samoa and the Alliance of Small Island States, advocating for the interests of island nations in climate change discussions.

Anne-Sophie Corbeau

Anne-Sophie Corbeau is a Global Research Scholar at the Center on Global Energy Policy at Columbia University. Her research focuses on hydrogen and natural gas. She has over 20 years of experience in the energy industry.

Anthony James

Anthony James is creator and host of The RegenNarration podcast, an award-winning facilitator and educator, widely published writer, Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Western Australia, and a Warm Data Lab Host Certified by the International Bateson Institute.

Antoine Mach

Antoine Mach is managing partner of Covalence, which he co-founded in 2001. He also teaches sustainable finance at Haute école de gestion de Genève and ISFB.

Antoine Rostand

Antoine Rostand is the President and co-founder of the environmental intelligence company Kayrros. Kayrros collects data from satellite imagery and uses AI and cutting-edge geoanalytics technology to provide insights to governments, investors, businesses, and researchers. Before founding Kayrros, Antoine was president and founder of the Schlumberger Energy Institute, a not-for-profit now known as the Kearney Energy Transition Institute. Antoine was also president and founder of Schlumberger Business Consulting.

Antoinette Vermilye

Antoinette Vermilye is Co-founder of the Gallifrey Foundation and also She Changes Climate. She is passionate about the complex interrelationships between the ocean, plastics, gender, and overfishing on social injustice, human health and the environment. She seeks either coalitions to find action-oriented solutions that will have far reaching impacts downstream or to take action on identified gaps where little or no attention is being paid.

Antonija Avdalovic

Antonija Avdalovic is a masters student at the University of Belgrade where she studies zoology and evolutionary morphology. She is passionate about evolution, science communication and sustainability. Currently she is working on greening schools and developing an app about recycling and eco packaging.

Antonina Krause

Antonina Krause is a Carbon Market Analyst at Allied Offsets where she conducts research on carbon markets and helps in implementation of client projects and product development. She graduated from Erasmus University Rotterdam with a BSc in Economics and MSc in Global Business and Sustainability.

Antonio Grasso

Antonio Grasso is the Founder & CEO of Digital Business Innovation. He is an entrepreneur, technologist, and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. Antonio is passionate about sustainability.

Antonio Salituro

Antonio Salituro is a writer and content creator working for DESOTEC and Farmforce. He has previously worked as a climate tech engineer, a carbon footprint scientist, and a circular economy designer.

Antonio Díaz Aranda

Antonio Díaz Aranda is an Industrial and Systems Engineer with a passion for ESG and Carbon Markets. He is a lead Article 6 Negotiator at the Mexican Delegation for COP27, Lead Business & Subscriber Development Specialist at Benchmark ESG & 2021 MIT Supply Chain Excellence Award Recipient.

Anzetse Were

Anzetse Were is Senior Economist at FSD Kenya. Over 12 years of experience in economic research, analysis, advising and strategy development she has focused on inclusive economic development and transformation in Africa. Her areas of expertise include the financial sector and finance systems; country and regional economic diagnostics in Africa, and private sector development.

Archy De Berker

Archy De Berker leads data science at CarbonChain, a London-based startup building carbon footprinting software for ultra-high-emitting supply chains. He builds products which use data and machine learning to deliver magical experiences. He holds a PhD in Neuroscience from University College London, and an undergrad in Natural Sciences from Pembroke College, Cambridge. He also enjoys all sorts of different activities as well.​

Ariel Porat

Ariel Porat is senior vice president and head of Europe at Siemens Energy.

Arielle Biro

Arielle Biro is a contributor for

Armida Salsiah Alisjahbana

Ms. Armida Salsiah Alisjahbana is the Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations and Executive Secretary of the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP). She also serves on the Governing Board of the Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA).

Arne Tobian

Arne Tobian is a Researher at the Stockholm Resilience Centre. He has previous experiences at the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ) and the University of Leipzig.

Arthur Keller

Arthur Keller is a specialist in systemic thinking applied to societal risks and collectiveresilience strategies. He works as an author, facilitator and consultant, trains elected ocialson community resilience, gives lectures in several engineering schools and acts as an expertfor public agencies—notably the French Agency for Ecological Transition (ADEME) and theCentre for Studies on Risks, the Environment, Mobility and Spatial Planning (Cerema).

Arun Kelshiker

Arun Kelshiker was the former Head of  Asset Allocation and Portfolio Strategy at Standard Chartered Bank and a senior portfolio manager/country Chief Investment Officer with Allianz Global Investors/Allianz Group. He is a Lecturer on ESG / Risk Management at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management and currently provides sustainable investing advisory for asset owners, asset managers, and stakeholders. 

Arvea Marieni

Arvea Marieni is the Director of the Regenerative Society Foundation, the leading alliance for a regenerative economy. She is also member of the board and Partner at Brainscapital Benefit Company and a Principal Consultant at GcM Consulting Srl. Previously, she was Head of the Energy Transition Programme at the Strasbourg Policy Centre.

Asger Strange Olesen

Asger Strange Olesen is a Member of the EU Carbon Removal Expert Group and AFOLU policy aficionado since 2009. Asger has worked for the Danish Government, the European Commission, advisory firm COWI and the Forest Stewardship Council, always on roles tied to land use and climate change. He’s now with International Woodland Company AM as Global Head of Climate and Biodiversity.

Ashish Kothari

Ashish Kothari is a globally recognized environmentalist who has spent over 40 years of his career tackling key environmental and climate change-related issues. Ashish is the Founder of Kalpavriksh, a non-profit organization working on environmental and social issues at local, national and global levels. He served as a member of the Steering Committees of the World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA), and a coordinator for 'India’s National Biodiversity Strategy & Action Plan'. Ashish has authored and edited 30+ books and 300+ articles.

Asia Guerreschi

Asia Guerreschi is a circular economy consultant and Ph.D Candidate at the University Of Ferrara on Sustainability & Wellbeing studying production cooperatives towards innovative circular economy strategies and decarbonization measuring their environmental, economic, and social impact. With a background in communication, she then completed a Master of Science at King’s College London on Physical Geography. In 2020, she founded a youth-led organization called Rethinking Climate with a mission to revolutionize environmental communication towards effective climate action.

Astrid Werkmeister

Astrid Werkmeister is an Teaching Associate at the University of Strathclyde. She studied atmospheric science at the Leibniz University in Hannover, Germany. Here, she developed her interest in satellite remote sensing, which brought her to the University of Miami, USA to pursue a PhD in applied marine physics.

Auriane Clostre

Auriane Clostre is a Co-founder of StimShift, she has one obsession: to drastically reduce the environmental footprint of industries. To achieve this, she offers her clients Stim’s expertise in disruptive innovation and innovative design methods to help them reinvent themselves in the face of the ecological emergency.

Austin Hong

Austin Hong is a Client Project Manager at Carbon Direct, where he serves clients on their carbon strategies. Prior to CD, he served renewable energy and cleantech clients at McKinsey. In his free time, he enjoys backpacking and working with local sustainability groups.

Ava Rose Contaoi

Ava Rose Contaoi is currently a high school senior at the California Academy of Mathematics and Science. She’s passionate about interdisciplinary applications of STEM and law and hopes to create new perspectives on current issues.

Axel Reinaud

Axel Reinaud is the co-founder & CEO of NetZero, a climate venture dedicated to long-term carbon removal. NetZero extracts carbon from agricultural waste in tropical developing countries, and converts it into a permanent soil amendment (biochar) and electricity. Prior to launching NetZero, Axel was at Boston Consulting Group for 23 years, holding several client and internal leadership positions.

Aya Hammad

Aya Hammad is an urban planner and architect with 12+ years of experience, dedicated to shaping sustainable and resilient urban environments. Holding a master's degree in Spatial Planning from the German Jordanian University, Mrs. Hammad graduated with distinction, showcasing an exemplary commitment to academic excellence.

Ayadi Mishra

Ayadi Mishra is a computational designer and a climate activist, working for inclusion and climate justice. She has been working in the construction and urban finance industry as a young professional where for multiple campaigns she has been the Asia-Pacific Liaison, Research on public policy and circular systems for Mumbai as an SDSN Fellow. With YOUNGO and MGCY, she works as a Policy lead for Nature WG, and as a constituency member for the Stockholm+50 TF. 

Azadeh Farajpour Javazmi

Azadeh Farajpour Javazmi is a scientist, entrepreneur and the founder of “betterSoil – for a better world”. This is an initiative and startup to improve soil quality for climate resilience, climate protection and sustainable food production and is active in different countries. Azadeh completed her bachelor’s degree in agricultural engineering with a focus on animal science in Kerman, Iran. A few years later, she began her master’s degree in Sustainable International Agriculture (MSc.) with a focus on Tropical Agricultural and Agroecosystem Sciences at the Universities of Göttingen and Kassel, Germany.

Azar Safari

Azar Safari is an ESG Manager at Sustainalytics/Morningstar, the leading sustainability data provider company. She is a business and human rights professional practicing human rights due diligence(HRDD) and Enhanced HRDD for years.

Aznita Ahmad Pharmy

Aznita Pharmy is an independent climate change and science writer based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She has more than a decade of experience in the publishing field, having taken on roles including writer, copy editor, project editor, and policy researcher.


Baptiste Daval

Baptiste Daval is a student at the London School of Economics with experience in climate entrepreneurship. He also co-founded Future Impact, an innovation and sustainability-focused student movement. Baptiste’s main areas of interest are energy transition, sustainable urbanization, and climate finance.

Barış Sönmez

Barış Sönmez is currently pursuing his Bachelor of Economics & Business at Luiss University in Rome, so that he may develop a better understanding of creating long-term, positive social impact. He is above all a curious and good-willing person, constantly chasing his new subject of hyperfixation.

Barnabé Colin

Barnabé Colin is an analyst from France working at the intersection of finance, policy, and nature. A graduate of the LSE, he has worked on French government services, a Latin American think tank, a biodiversity-focused international organisation, and an institutional investing and insurance company. He is interested in natural climate solutions and regenerative agriculture.

Bashir Dan

Bashir Dan is the CEO of Stack Carbon, a carbon asset developer and management company.

Basundhara Dutta

Basundhara Dutta is a MSc Energy Management student at École Supérieure de Commerce de Paris Business School interested in the world of energy transitioning, decarbonising transport and the electricity grid as well as assisting companies in converting their barriers and challenges in regards to net zero objectives into innovative and sustainable solutions.

Bayo Oyewole

Bayo Oyewole is CEO of BayZx Global Strategic Solutions and currently provides independent advisory services to the African Development Bank. He previously held senior positions at the World Bank and the International Finance Corporation, including in the office of the Executive Director representing several African countries on the World Bank Board.

Benjamin Attia

Benjamin Attia is a Senior Researcher in Wood Mackenzie’s Energy Transition Practice focused on power, renewables and the energy transition in Africa and the Middle East, a Non-Resident Fellow at the Energy for Growth Hub, the Payne Institute of Public Policy, and the Energy Access Project at Duke University, and a National Fellow at the Clean Energy Leadership Institute.

Benjamin Casteillo

Benjamin Casteillo is an ex-corporate senior manager who has founded New World Together: an Interdisciplinary Research and Education project dedicated to pioneer Global Sustainability

Benjamin Schulz

Benjamin Schulz is a Founding Partner at Carbon Removal Partners, a Zurich-based VC with a pure focus on the growing Carbon Removal industry. Carbon Removal Partners invests into technologies to withdraw carbon from the atmosphere in a permanent manner, as well as into companies along the Carbon Removal value chain.

Benjamin Workman

Benjamin Workman is a Managing member of Petrini & Workman Worldwide Recruiting LLC. He is also a contemporary poet and writer focused on the issues and concerns that plague our modern society from a personal point of view.

Bernhard Kowatsch

Bernhard Kowatsch is the Head of Innovation Accelerator at the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP). He built-up the WFP Innovation Accelerator (Fast Company 10 Most Innovative Companies 2017); co-founded the award-winning ShareTheMeal app and built the United Nations World Food Programme’s (WFP) Business Innovation team. Previously he worked as Project Leader at the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) for global tech and industrial goods companies.

Bertrand Charmaison

Bertrand Charmaison pilots the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA)’s Tech-Eco transversal program and heads the I-Tésé Institute in Paris, studying the economics and sustainability of the energy transition towards carbon neutrality. He is a renowned expert in the eld of energy economics & industrial organization.

Bethany Sersion

Bethany Sersion is an associate at Aeroseal, a climate technology company implementing breakthrough technologies for the future of the built environment.

Bill Colquhoun

Bill Colquhoun is an experienced business executive and founded World Sustainability Collective to support businesses making a positive sustainability impact NOW.

Blake Eskew

Blake Eskew has 35+ years of experience in the petroleum, petrochemical, and energy industries. As Vice President at IHS Markit, he provided market analysis and strategy assistance, focusing on refining, lubricants, base oils, and crude oil markets. Currently, he leads Transition Strategies, LLC, offering valuable insights into industry transitions.  With a background in environmental consulting and process engineering, his expertise spans strategic planning, financial analysis, and project development, aligning with his commitment to sustainability.

Bowie Yin Sum Kung

Bowie Yin Sum Kung is the Co-creator of @Trueque_Intercambios, she Explores alternative economies and ways of living, putting the importance of regenerating our environment, connecting to our past, dismantling coloniality and neo-colonialism, and improving social welfare above the bottom line.

Brad Denig

Brad Denig is an Expert Associate Partner, Climate Change and Sustainability at Bain & Company. He is also a cofounder and senior advisor at Syngenera

Brad Handler

Brad Handler is the Program Manager of the Sustainable Finance Lab at the Payne Institute for Public Policy of the Colorado School of Mines. The Sustainable Finance Lab focuses on finding financial, market and commercial mechanisms to support global decarbonization. Brad is a former Wall Street Equity Research Analyst covering part of the Oil & Gas sector. 

Brad Zarnett

Brad Zarnett is a Sustainability Strategist, Writer & Speaker based in Toronto, Canada. His research explores how business as usual capitalism fails to protect environmental and social capital, and what we can still do about it. He manages a Substack Community, and can be found on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Breene Murphy

Breene Murphy is the Vice President of Strategy and Marketing at Carbon Collective, a climate friendly fintech investment advisor. He is a reputable panelist and on the advisory board for the University of Southern California’s Wrigley Institute for Environmental Studies and for the University of California Irvine.

Brian Andrew Statham

Brian Andrew Statham is the Honorary Officer of the World Energy Council - South Africa. Since 1999, he has been actively involved in the work of the South African National Energy Association [SANEA] and the WEC. He served as Secretary-General of SANEA from 2000 to 2006 and as Executive Chairman from March 2007 until March 2019 and was awarded Honorary Life Membership in 2019.

Bridget Doran

Bridget Doran is a transportation engineer and Principal Researcher at MRCagney in New Zealand. She works on policy and planning projects exploring systemic change towards more inclusive and sustainable transport. Bridget is the Chair of Engineering New Zealand’s Transportation Group.

Brittany Leroni

Brittany Leroni is an Associate at Webber Wentzel. She has experience in corporate and commercial litigation, arbitration and dispute resolution, with a specific interest in construction disputes.​​​

Bruce B. Simpson

Bruce Simpson is a senior advisor on ESG at McKinsey & Company. He also advises several startups bringing new ESG solutions, and a startup incubator, the Creative Destruction Lab.

Bruno Santos

Bruno Henrique Santos is a Senior Advisor at REN and Chair of Future Energy Leaders Portugal. Mechanical Engineer and MsC by University of Porto (UP), is finishing his PhD in Engineering & Public Policies at UP in partnership with Carnegie Mellon (USA) regarding hydrogen regulatory strategies. Chartered senior member and energy specialist by engineering national board.


Caitlin Smith

Caitlin Smith is a writer and translator based in France. Her lifelong interest in the planet's health has been shared with a wider audience through sustainability storytelling for SMEs and NGO organisations.

Caitlin Reimers Brumme

Cait Brumme is chief executive officer at MassChallenge, a global nonprofit which accelerates over 600 high growth startups a year. She is also an Official Member of the Forbes Business Council with over a decade of experience in the field of re-imaging capitalism.

Callum Hunt

Callum Hunt is the GTM & Partnerships, Climate Solutions at Cloverly, providing climate expertise to expand partnerships and drive climate action.

Camila Jordan

Camila Jordan is the executive director at TETO Brasil. Most recently selected by Bloomberg as one of the 500 most influential people in Latin America, she holds a degree in Environmental Engineering and a master's degree in Public Administration from Columbia University.

Camilla Roman

Camilla Roman is the policy specialist in the International Labour Organization's (ILO) global Green Jobs programme. She coordinates technical assistance on a Just Transition towards sustainable economies, leading the development of policy tools, the design and implementation of projects and partnerships and the Just Transition Innovation Hub. She has previously managed capacity building programmes on policies for better productivity and working conditions in Small and Medium Enterprises.

Carissa Patrone Maikuri

Carissa Patrone Maikuri is the Program Coordinator of Drawdown Lift at Project Drawdown.

Carla Della Maggiora

Carla Della Maggiora is Deputy Director and Senior Climate Change and Environmental Finance Specialist at BASE Foundation.

Carla Suárez

Carla Suárez is a Press and Information Section Trainee at the European External Action Service. ​ During her BA in European studies at​ ​King's College London she was also involved in numerous media related jobs and societies. She is also interested and committed to the environment.

Carla Della Maggiora

Carla Della Maggiora is the Deputy Director of BASE Foundation (formerly the Basel Agency for Sustainable Energy), a UNEP specialised partner, where she leads the circular economy portfolio and advices on the development of innovative business models for driving finance to climate projects. She has worked for MDBs, the private and public sectors, NGOs and academia, having started her career in the financial sector. She is an advocate of education on sustainability.

Carlos Terol

Carlos Terol is an impact entrepreneur and Founder, developing a tech platform to connect changemakers who are ready to tackle the world's most pressing issues, ranging from poverty to climate change and inequalities. He has extensive volunteering experience and has actively collaborated with various non-profit organizations, successfully leading a local chapter of Engineers Without Borders UK, and overseeing its operations for nearly two years.

Carol Gigliotti

Carol Gigliotti is an author, artist, animal activist whose work focuses on the reality of animals’ lives as important contributors to the biodiversity of this planet. She is the author of The Creative Lives of Animals and Professor Emerita of Design and Dynamic Media and Critical and Cultural Studies at the Emily Carr University of Design.

Carolina Quijada

Carolina Quijada is the co-founder of Youth and Climate Change, the first Panamanian NGO led by young people who address climate change issues and a Mechanical Engineer. She is a recipient of the 2022 Student Energy Fellowship program and Energy transition advocate by conviction.

Carolina Tizeba

Carolina Tizeba is a Commonwealth scholar and a lawyer. She holds an LLM in International Mineral Law and Policy and has worked in Tanzania’s extractive sector for nearly a decade. She has research and leadership experience in INGOs such as the Global Battery Alliance. Her ambition has always been to promote good governance by rectifying policy gaps, respecting the environment and solving social problems.

Caroline Martin

Caroline Martin is a degrowth practitioner who cultivates happiness in the food garden and in nature. A fervent advocate of resilience and quality local food, she writes about her experiences while questioning the current economical and political rhetoric

Cary Krosinsky

Cary Krosinsky is a lecturer, author and senior advisor with a focus on climate, energy and sustainable finance. He teaches at Yale and Harvard. He is also a member of the NYS Common Retirement Fund Decarbonization Advisory Panel and Co-founder of the Sustainable Finance Institute (SFI).

Cassia Moraes

Cassia Moraes is the Partnerships and Outreach Manager at EIT Climate-KIC (Strategic Programmes). She is Founder and Board Member of the Youth Climate Leaders (YCL). Formerly she served as Deputy Executive Coordinator and consultant for the Brazilian Mission to the UN.

Cécile Cabanis

Cécile Cabanis is the Deputy Chief Executive Officer at Tikehau Capital, where she brings to bear more than two decades of profound experience in the field of finance. Her commitment to sustainability has been a cornerstone of her career since her tenure as the Executive Vice President of Danone. Cécile also serves as a distinguished member of the boards of Schneider Electric, Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield, and Mediawan, further underscoring her extensive contributions to the corporate world.

Cedric Degreef

Cedric Degreef is a project lawyer at international law firm Osborne Clarke in Belgium. He advises on a broad range of matters relating to energy and climate law, environmental law, and general administrative and construction law, focusing on the utilities, industry and infrastructure sectors.

Céleste Vildé

Céleste Vilde is an International Economics and Management student at Bocconi University. A three-month internship in a private investment fund based in London spurred her interest in sustainability. Besides writing about the implications of ESG in Private Equity, she also writes about behavioural environmental economics and the benefits of blockchain technology for ESG reporting.

Chad Frischmann

Chad Frischmann is CEO & Founder of RegenIntel, a global advisory guiding and stewarding leaders to achieve their climate targets, sustainability goals, and regenerative vision.

Chandran Nair

Chandran Nair is the Founder and CEO of the Global Institute For Tomorrow (GIFT). He is the author of many books and the creator of The Other Hundred, a non-profit global photo journalism initiative. He is a member of WEF’s Global Agenda Council and sits on the Executive Committee of the Club of Rome.

Chandra Shekhar Sinha

Chandra Shekhar Sinha is an Adviser in the Climate Change Group at the World Bank. He was a part of the design team for the Prototype Carbon Fund though which carbon finance was established at the World Bank. Previously, he worked at JPMorgan, TERI-India, UNDP, and the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.

Charles Duhigg

Charles Duhigg is an author that speaks to a wide variety of audiences on topics ranging from how habits emerge and change within lives and companies to how idea brokers generate creativity.

Charles Hinckley

Charles Hinckley is currently the Managing Partner at CC Hinckley Co. a firm he founded in 1998; most recently, he has been the interim COO of a utility-scale solar power development company, Co-Head of the New York office of investment bank Marathon Capital, the CEO of AWCC Capital, and the CEO of Noble Environmental Power.

Charles Pacini

Charles Pacini is a Manager at the World Economic Forum (WEF), where he works on transforming industrial ecosystems. His expertise lies in energy and sustainable materials.

Charles Penland

Charles Penland is the Managing Principal of Infrastructure at Walter P Moore since 1980, overseeing business development in Houston. Charlie's expertise in low impact development, hydraulic design, and flood protection has led to numerous presentations in the US and Europe. He's a consultant for the Severe Storm Prediction, Education, & Evacuation from Disasters Center at Rice University, and a guest lecturer at various universities.

Charlie Donovan

Charlie Donovan has dedicated his career to harnessing capital markets for a global shift towards clean energy, climate resilience, and nature-based solutions. He is a Senior Economic Advisor at Impax Asset Management, a firm dedicated to investing in opportunities that arise from the transition to a more sustainable global economy. At the same time, Charlie is a Visiting Professor of Sustainable Finance at the University of Washington in Seattle. Mr. Donovan has held several positions of leadership including as the Founding Director of the Centre for Climate Finance and Investment and Professor of Practice in the Department of Finance at Imperial College Business School, and as an Academic Co-Chair at the Coalition for Climate Resilient Investment.

Chenyu Zhang

Chenyu Zhang is an ESG Performance Research analyst at illuminem, who is studying and working diligently in the Business and ESG field. She is eager to explore the sustainability topic and devoted to building an eco/social friendly world with financial, IT, and people skills.

Chiara Caelli

Chiara Caelli is a young chemical engineer with a keen interest in processes and sustainability. She is the sustainability analyst of f3nice company, a reality based on circular economy concept, and performs life cycle assessment (LCA) studies.

Chidera Okeke

Chidera Okeke graduated with a Law degree from the University of Nigeria Nsukka and has a strong passion for improving energy accessibility in Nigeria. He has gained valuable experience working with top energy-focused law firms in West Africa and is currently employed as a Research Analyst at Electricity Lawyer (EL). EL is an intelligence energy company that provides comprehensive data on energy throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.

Chigozie Ahumibe

Chigozie Ahumibe​ is an Experienced Architecture, Engineering and Construction professional with years of experience actively working on the delivery of large scale commercial building and civil infrastructure projects across Nigerian cities. He is also an expository writer, passionate about all things Architecture, Building, Construction, Design, Business, Technology and Humanity.

Chigozie Nweke-Eze

Chigozie Nweke-Eze is an economist, geographer and the founder of the multi-unit energy and infrastructure firm, Integrated Africa Power (IAP). His work has involved engagements with diverse stakeholders in public and private sector, playing at international and national levels.

Chigozie Ubah

Chigozie Ubah is a part-time associate at The Energy Talk with focus on energy transition and renewable energy infrastructure development in Africa. He is a final year engineering undergrad at University of Lagos with interests in pressing issues facing the realization of a just global energy transition by 2030.

Chitranjali Tiwari

Chitranjali Tiwari is a seasoned public policy professional whose interests span climate change, sustainability, and business development. Chitranjali has authored several opinion pieces and research papers in international publica, and contributed to a book on 'Risk and Resilience in the Era of Climate Change.'

Chris Adams

Chris Adams is the CEO of Balancing Act. He has worked in public policy and facilitation for over 25 years and supported policy development in education and natural resources. He was also Director and Associate Director of The Center for Ethics and Social Policy in Berkeley, California.​

Christiaan Gevers Deynoot

Christiaan Gevers Deynoot is the Secretary General of the CCS+ Initiative and Head of Tech CDR initiatives at NextGen CDR Facility where he is responsible for the development and execution of the policy and advocacy strategy. He is also a Senior Manager for Tech CDR Initiatives at South Pole. Christiaan has a public affairs background in EU energy and climate policy and industrial decarbonization issues. He has worked on climate issues for over a decade.

Christian Bruch

Christian Bruch is President and Chief Executive Officer of Siemens Energy AG, one of the world’s leading energy technology companies. The company works with its customers and partners on energy systems for the future, thus supporting the transition to a more sustainable world.

Christiana Figueres

Christiana Figueres is a Costa Rican diplomat who served as Executive Secretary to the UNFCCC and was a key negotiator for both the Kyoto and Paris Agreements.

Christianna Pangalos

Christianna Pangalos is a 20+ year experienced influential sustainable development leader providing strategic technical advice, exceptional team leadership and meticulous project execution with USAID, the UN and World Bank. She also writes about ways public, private and international organizations can improve performance, manage risk and innovate for Agenda 2030.

Christina Ng

Christina Ng is the Research and Stakeholder Engagement Leader on Debt Markets for the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis. She has 20 years of experience in financial reporting, covering financial instruments, transactions and industries, and is a former national standard-setter for Australia and Hong Kong and an independent consultant.

Christine Wenzel

Christine Wenzel is attending The George Washington University for her Masters in Public Administration. Her work is in global health and climate justice and her passion is in building a sustainable and just world for all to enjoy.

Christopher Caldwell

Christopher Caldwell is the CEO of United Renewables, where he employs his past experiences as a corporate lawyer, investment banker, and team leader to lead all aspects of the business. Chris holds a degree in business from Trinity College Dublin, an MBA from London Business School, and is currently reading part-time at the Yale Center for Business & the Environment. 

Christopher Wright

Christopher Wright is Professor of Organisational Studies at the University of Sydney Business School and Network Leader of the Balanced Enterprise Research Network.

Chuck Kutscher

Dr. Charles (Chuck) Kutscher is a Fellow of the University of Colorado Renewable and Sustainable Energy Institute (RASEI). Dr. Kutscher spent 4 decades as a renewable energy researcher and manager at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and was the Director of the Buildings and Thermal Sciences Center when he retired from NREL in July 2018. He is a Fellow of the American Solar Energy Society (ASES) and served as the Society’s chair in 2000 and 2001. He chaired two major energy conferences: the 2006 National Solar Energy Conference and the 2012 World Renewable Energy Forum. He also served as U.S. Representative for the International Energy Agency (IEA) Solar Heating and Cooling Program Task 14, "Advanced Active Solar Energy Systems." 

Clara Mouysset

Clara Mouysset is the Head of Tikehau Capital's Private Equity Green Assets Strategy. Clara has extensive experience in the energy transition and decarbonization sector, where she has worked for 11 years. She worked for project developers (Total Energies and Velocita Energies) and then managed several investment vehicles dedicated to financing decarbonisation projects at alternative asset managers (Eiffel IG) and now Tikehau Capital.

Clare Shine

Clare Shine is a Fellow and former CEO of the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL). As such, she is responsible for leading the organization's efforts to drive systemic change towards sustainable business practices and to build a more resilient future for society and the planet. Clare was also Vice President & Chief Program Officer of the Salzburg Global Seminar, an independent non-profit founded in 1947 to challenge current and future leaders to shape a better world, and where she remains as Senior Advisor.

Claude Garcia

Claude Garcia is Professor of International Forest Management at the Berne University of Applied Sciences and Leader of the Forest Management and Development Team at ETH Zurich. His research aims at helping people understand better the landscapes they manage.

Claudius Jehle

Claudius Jehle is founder and CEO of volytica diagnostics GmbH. He was also leading the research group Energy Storage Diagnostics and Telematics at the Fraunhofer Institute for Transportation and Infrastructure Systems IVI, Dresden, from 2013 until 2019.

Cle-Anne Gabriel

Dr Cle-Anne Gabriel is Global Co-Lead of Just Transition at KPMG and was previously National Leader of Decarbonization at KPMG Australia. She is also an Industry Fellow at The University of Queensland and co-founder of Australian-first Carbon Literacy training. She provides advice and leadership on global solutions for a just and low-carbon transition.

Colette Menard

Colette Menard is a Partner and Scientific Director at Stim, and also a co-founder of StimShift. she has been in charge of developing methods and tools to manage innovation activities. Today, through StimShift business unit, she has made a real role in the environmental transition of industries and companies.

Colin McCormick

Dr. Colin McCormick is the Chief Innovation Officer at Carbon Direct . He focuses on low-carbon and negative-emissions technologies, including pathways for carbon dioxide removal and clean energy systems. He holds a PhD in atomic and optical physics and is an Adjunct Associate Professor at the Georgetown University Walsh School of Foreign Service.

Connel Fullenkamp


Connel Fullenkamp is Professor of the Practice of Economics at Duke University and co-founder of Blue Green Future, LLC.

Constance d’Aspremont

Constance d’Aspremont is a board member at Banque Transatlantique Belgium, and the CBDO of Greenomy a company helping businesses navigate sustainable finance regulations through digitalisation and AI. She holds an MBA from Insead and leverages 20+ years in finance, strategy, sustainability, and digitalisation

Cornelius Pieper

Cornelius Pieper is a managing director and partner at Boston Consulting Group. He co-leads BCG’s Center for Climate & Sustainability, supporting clients globally with the transition to a low-carbon economy.

Corrado Clini

Corrado Clini is one of the world's most renowned environmental experts and policy-makers. He served as Minister of Environment, Land and Sea of Italy from 2011 to 2013. Prior to that, he spent over two decades as the Director General of the Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea. During this time, he directed national programs on industry and the environment, energy and the environment, transport and the environment, and the research and development of new technologies for energy efficiency and conservation of natural resources. He was also the Co-Chairman of the G8 Task Force on Renewable Energy and Chairman of the Global Bioenergy Partnership. He is now a Visiting Professor at the Department for Environmental Sciences and Engineering of Tsinghua University.

Cory Searcy

Cory Searcy is a Professor of Industrial Engineering and Environmental Applied Science & Management at Ryerson University and is currently serving as the Vice-Provost and Dean of the Yeates School of Graduate Studies. He is also an Editor at the Journal of Business Ethics and his current research focuses on the environmental and social impact of industry.

Craig Brown

Craig Brown is a Principal at the Renewables Consulting Group and a Lecturer at The American University of Paris. He is a published energy researcher with the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, and his analysis has been featured on major media outlets including CNN.

Craig J. Todd

Craig Todd is a UK-based writer with an interest in the possibilities of AI and Green Tech.

Cristiano Rizzi

Cristiano Rizzi is Managing Director and Senior Partner at BCG with over fifteen years of expertise. He possesses extensive international experience, having worked in diverse organizational contexts across various regions, including Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Europe, the US, and Southeast Asia. Cristiano specializes in the energy sector, with a comprehensive understanding of the entire value chain, including upstream, downstream, petrochemicals, power generation, renewables, and the EPC market. His areas of expertise encompass market strategy, joint venture establishment, investment planning, operating models, business transformation, and change management.

Cristina Hurtado Tripiana

Cristina Hurtado Tripiana is a Science Communicator at ESCI, Germany. She is a biologist with a master's in scientific communication and an MSc in Genetics and Genomics. Her interests include molecular biology, sustainability, and circular economy.

Curtis Lam

Curtis Lam is an MPhil student in Knowledge, Power and Politics in Education at the University of Cambridge. His research interests revolve around questions exploring the relationship between education policy and social justice like how education can promote equality, democracy and peace.

Cynthia Chika Okorie

Cynthia Chika Okorie holds an LL.B degree from the Faculty of Law, University of Nigeria Nsukka. She has keen interest in Energy Law, Corporate and Commercial Law and accordingly, has interned in related practice groups of reputable Nigerian Law Firms including Aluko & Oyebode, Olaniwun Ajayi LP, Streamsowers & Köhn. Also, she examined the Laws and Policies regulating energy transition in Nigeria for her undergraduate long essay, proposing solutions to improve Nigeria’s energy profile.

Cyril Cassagnaud

Cyril Cassagnaud is a member of the public service pole at the Ecological Awakening collective, he is also an engineer in sustainable development and studied public policy at SciencesPo Paris. He is currently a chief engineer student at the National Institute of Territorial Studies in order to become a senior official.

Cyrus Farhangi

Cyrus Farhangi is a senior public policy consultant at CMI Stratégies, specialized in economic impact assessments and social return on investment. He is also a lecturer at EMLyon Business School and Grande Ecole, and an acclaimed blogger on adaptation to planetary boundaries.


Daisy Chen

Daisy Chen is the founder of GreenLink Smart Cities Conferences and an active advocater of smart cities planning. She wishes to connect youth to industrial experts from smart-cities-related fields and to engage youth in the process of making our cities smarter and greener.

Damien Klassen

Damien Klassen runs asset allocation and global stock portfolios for Nucleus Super, Nucleus Ethical and Nucleus Wealth. His 25 year+ career includes Global Quant at Schroders, Strategy at Wilson HTM & co-founder of Aegis.

Damla Köse

Damla Köse is an undergraduate student in Chemistry at Imperial College London. She aspires to be a researcher working on renewables, energy storage and nano-materials. As a founder of Hypatia Initiative and ACI STEAM Club, She has spread education as an advocate, especially to the children who lack basic needs of education.

Dan Ashe

Dan Ashe is President and CEO at the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, former Director of the US Fish and Wildlife Service, and US Head of Delegation to CITES CoPs 16 and 17.

Dan Gray

Dan Gray is a UK-based writer and sustainability advisor. Increasingly, his work focuses on the mindset and business model shifts needed to move beyond incremental change and build organisations that genuinely work in service of one planet thriving.

Dan Hamza-Goodacre

Dan Hamza-Goodacre is currently the Founder and Chief Energy Officer at Integrate to Zero and an advisor to climate philanthropy. He has 25 years of experience designing and leading climate solutions for governments, philanthropy, and businesses.

Dan Kammen

Dan Kammen is a professor of sustainability at the University of California, Berkeley. He has served at the World Bank as chief technical specialist for renewable energy, and as science envoy in the Obama administration. He has been a coordinating lead author of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change since 1999. Twitter: @dan_kammen.

Dan Kuwali

Dan Kuwali is an Affiliated Professor specialsed in International Law and International Affairs, Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law. He is also Extraordinary Professor of International Law, Centre for Human Rights, University of Pretoria; Executive Director, Centre for Strategic Studies, Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST); and Commandant, National Defence College, Malawi.

Dan Sherrard-Smith

Dan Sherrard-Smith is the founder of MotherTree a company helping businesses reduce carbon through their bank accounts and pension providers. Before launching MotherTree, he was on the founding team of Look After My Bills, which saved the UK public £127m and achieved the best-ever deal on Dragons’ Den

Dana Gibber

Dana Gibber is a climate tech entrepreneur, start-up founder, lawyer and a graduate of Harvard College and Yale Law School. She co-founded Flow Carbon in 2021 for Web3 to make carbon markets as transparent and accessible as possible. She also co-founded Headliner Labs for chatbot technology.

Dana Marekova

Dana Mareková is a lawyer and environmental campaigner, co-founder and coordinator of the Climate coalition Slovakia. Her experience covers clean air, green mobility, decarbonization of public finance and nuclear transparency. She connects EU and national levels, builds strategies with international organisations.

Daniel Cash

Dr Daniel Cash is an Associate Professor at Aston University in the UK. He was a Fulbright Scholar at NYU Stern Business School in 2022/23 and is the ESG Ratings and Regulations Lead at Ben McQuhae & Co. He is the founder of the Credit Rating Research Initiative, as well as the Greenwashing Research Project. He has authored eight books on the credit/ESG rating industry and 30+ articles.

Daniel Francavilla

Daniel Francavilla is a Creative strategist making things happen. Entrepreneurship, marketing and social good. Daniel Francavilla showcases hi skills as a partner at King Street Media, but is also committed to multiple other projects where he tackles diverse issues.

Daniel Holanda

Daniel Holanda is the CFO for Fridays For Future Brazil, a committed activist that has also participated heavily in the SOS Amazônia Fund.

Daniel Jasper

Dan is a policy advisor for Project Drawdown where he works on multidisciplinary solutions for climate change and poverty alleviation, particularly in South Asia and Africa. Previously, he worked for the American Friends Service Committee where he advocated for peace, humanitarian cooperation, and international development in Asia with an emphasis on US-North Korea and US-China relations.

Daniel Kachelriess

Daniel Kachelriess is an independent expert on oceans, fisheries, and wildlife law and policy, a member of the IUCN World Commission on Environmental Law, and the former CITES Marine Species Officer.

Daniel Klier

Daniel Klier is CEO of ESG Book and HSBC’s former global head of sustainability.

Daniel Murphy

Daniel Murphy is a Risk & Resilience Specialist at the World Economic Forum. Daniel is from Boston and holds a Masters Degree in International Affairs from Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs. Prior to the World Economic Forum, Daniel was a Fulbright Fellow in Colombia and worked with the Rockefeller Foundation's 100 Resilient Cities program. Outside of work, Daniel is passionate about piano, tennis, and bee-keeping.

Daniel Nyberg

Daniel Nyberg is Professor of Management at Newcastle Business School and an Honorary Professor at the University of Sydney.

Daniel Onwude

Daniel Onwude is an Agricultural Engineer, Senior Scientist, and Project Lead at the Simulating Biological Systems (SimBioSys) group of the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Material Science and Technology, Empa, Switzerland. He earned his Ph.D. in Agricultural Process Engineering in 2018. Daniel has over 7 years of experience in Food Sciences and currently leads the Your Virtual Cold Chain Assistant initiative in Nigeria.

Daniel Sacco

Daniel Sacco works in the Chief Investment Office at Deutsche Bank, focusing on financial markets research and analysis and ESG/sustainability topics.  

Daniel Schmid

Daniel Schmid is the Chief Sustainability Officer at SAP, leading global sustainability initiatives and integrating them into business strategies, processes, and operations. With a career beginning at Kiefer & Veittinger, Schmid advanced through senior management and consulting roles at SAP, contributing to its first strategic approach to sustainability. He chairs the board of econsense e.V. and serves on the Sustainability Research Advisory Board of The Conference Board. His work emphasizes innovation for sustainable impact.

Daniel is a confirmed keynote speaker at Terra Tuscany, the sustainability leaders offsite powered by illuminem.

Daniel Christian Wahl

Daniel Christian Wahl is one of the catalysts of the rising reGeneration and the author of Designing Regenerative Cultures. He works as a consultant, educator and activist with NGOs, businesses, governments and global change agents. With degrees in biology and holistic science, and a PhD in Design for Human and Planetary Health, his work has influenced the emerging fields of regenerative design and salutogenic design. Winner of the 2021 RSA Bicentenary Medal for applying design in service to society.

Daniele Proverbio

Daniele Proverbio is a physicist of complex systems, with a PhD in computational sciences. He is currently completing his postdoctoral studies in control engineering.

Daniele Tino Stellini

Daniele Stellini is Founder’s Associate at illuminem. He is powered by his passions for sustainability and technology, and he has experience in fintech, web platforms, and non-profit organizations. He is dedicated into merging his passions, along with his ability to adapt and lead, to become a valuable asset for illuminem to build the home of a sustainable future.

Daniel F. Akrofi

Daniel F. Akrofi is a Commonwealth scholar and an International Sustainability & Legal consultant. He is a Doctoral researcher in International Law & Governance at the University of Lincoln, UK, and holds an MSc. in Water, Sanitation, and International Development from Cranfield University, UK with a BSc. Environmental Science & Natural Resources Management. His expertise revolves around international law, global sustainability & strategy, global environmental (plastic) governance, circular economy, natural resource management, waste management, and WASH.

Daniel L. Sanchez

Daniel L. Sanchez is Assistant Professor and Director of the Carbon Removal Laboratory at the University of California, Berkeley. He studies engineered biomass & bioenergy systems that remove CO2 from the atmosphere. Trained as an engineer and energy systems analyst, Sanchez’s work and engagement spans the academic, nongovernmental, and governmental sectors.

Daniella Ngarambe

Daniella Ngarambe is a policy fellow at GIZ where she supports the design and implementation of emerging technologies policy projects. She is a TEDx speaker and a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University Africa. Her interests are in research, international development, renewable energy technology, and policy.

Danielle Marais

Danielle Marais is currently a 2022 Konrad Adenauer scholar (KAS-SAIIA), working for the SAIIA's Climate and Natural Resources Programme, and a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society. She is a student at Stellenbosch University pursuing a Masters in Political Science. She holds an Honours in International Studies and a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities as well. Her interests include sustainability, ocean governance, environmental justice, and climate change.

Danil Hill-Hansen

Dani Hill-Hansen is an architect who specializes in sustainable design engineering and architectural solutions. She has actively participated in architectural projects dedicated to minimizing CO2 emissions.

Dante Disparte

Dante Disparte is the Chief Strategy Officer and Head of Global Policy for Circle, a leading global financial technology firm and the issuer of USDC. USDC has supported more than $10 trillion in cumulative transactions on the public internet and a global payment network in more than 190 countries.

Darragh Conway

Darragh Conway is a climate lawyer and activist currently travelling the world. He writes about travel, sustainability, social justice, and everything in between.

David Blackmon

David Blackmon is editor of Shale Magazine, a senior contributor at, and co-host of In The Oil Patch Radio program. He is a 40-year veteran of the energy business, with a specialisation in public policy and communications.

David Correll

David Correll, PhD, is a Lecturer and a Research Scientist at the MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics, where he also serves as Co-Director of the MIT FreightLab and Project Lead for the annual State of Supply Chain Sustainability report. On campus, Dr. Correll teaches SCM.260, Logistics Systems, which acquaints students with the fundamental analytic tools, approaches, and techniques used in the design of integrated supply chains; and SCM.291, Procurement Fundamentals, which introduces students to the legacy of strategic thought when a company looks upstream.

David Donnelly

David Donnelly is currently Senior Adviser on Finance for Nature-Based Solutions (NbS) at WWF-UK's NbS Accelerator, supporting bankable NbS to become investment ready. David is a renewable energy and infrastructure project finance expert with 25+ years of experience and has recently completed an MSc in Global Climate Economics and Policy at UCL in 2021.

David Kleinmann

David Kleimann (PhD) is a trade expert with 15 years of experience in law, policy, and institutions governing EU and international trade. His focus is on the climate and trade policy nexus as well as legal and diplomatic challenges arising from transatlantic and international climate and trade cooperation.

David McEwen

David McEwen is a Director at Adaptive Capability, providing TCFD-aligned climate risk, and net-zero emissions (NZE) strategy, program and project management. He works with business people, designers and engineers to deliver impactful change and his book, Navigating the Adaptive Economy, was released in 2016.

David Perkins

David Perkins is a Metallurgical Engineer with 30 years of working experience and multiple patents in the manufacturing, mining and metals sectors. His passion for efficiency and productivity enables an approach to problem solving that focuses on capacity, recovery and the environment.

David Wilson

David Wilson is the CEO of Energy Exemplar, the world leader in energy modeling software. He has held senior positions at leading companies, including McKinsey & Company, GE Vernova (formerly GE Power) and SLB (formerly Schlumberger), and has extensive experience and expertise in oil and gas, power generation, electricity transmission and distribution, and rail.

David Aled Williams

David Aled Williams is Senior Adviser at U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre at Chr. Michelsen Institute​.

Davide Tonelli

Davide Tonelli is an MBA fellow of Collège des Ingénieurs Italia and PhD candidate at Université catholique de Louvain (UCLouvain) and Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB). His research focuses on techno-economic analyses of hydrogen-derived carriers for hard-to-abate industries.

David W. Jia

David W. Jia is an entrepreneur active in the Tech Industry. He is an Oxford University and Stanford University graduate who has developed multiple skills in software development that he has applied in different start ups.

Dawid Hanak

Professor Dawid Hanak is a leading expert on breakthrough net-zero technologies including direct air capture, carbon capture and use, and hydrogen production. Prof Hanak is currently the Professor of Decarbonisation of Industrial Clusters at Net Zero Industry Innovation Centre, Teesside University and Trainer/Founder at Motivated Academic. His expertise is in process design and development, third-party validation, techno-economic feasibility assessment, environmental impact assessment, and business model development.

Debisi Araba

Dr. Debisi Araba is a Visiting Research Fellow at Imperial College London and Member of the Malabo Montpellier Panel​.

Deborah Scaggion

Deborah Scaggion is a Commercial Associate at Aurora Energy Research. She has a strong interest in the energy sector. More specifically, she is passionate in the energy transition, a topic on which she currently researches and writes.

Dennis Ebenezer

Dennis Ebenezer is a graduate of Chemical Engineering and holds an MBA from Quantic School of Business and Technology, United States. He is certified by the Nigerian Energy Support Programme and experienced in the use of Design tools such as PVSyst, Helioscope, and Homer.

Dennis Pamlin

Dennis Pamlin is a Senior Advisor at RISE Research Institute of Sweden and Executive Director of The Net-Zero Compatibility Initiative, Mission Innovation

Derek Larson

Derek Larson is a professor of history and environmental studies at The College of St. Benedict and St. John’s University.

Diana Ramadan

Diana Ramadan is an independent researcher on Lebanon’s energy sector at the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies.

Diane Cozian

Diane Cozian is a Frenchy in San Francisco, ex-M&A investment banker and a fellow at On Deck Climate Tech. she recently published insights on the 130+ climate tech startups she's met so far, as well as deep-dive Market Maps in Food & Ag/ Energy Transition/ Mobility & Urbanization / Sustainable Systems.

Diego Balverde

Dr. Diego Balverde is an economist with experience in climate finance. Diego is very active on the international sustainability stage having attended COP27 as a circular economy for climate change specialist and will also be attending the G20 Conference in India. 

Dieter Gerten

Dieter Gerten is geographer and hydrologist at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research. His research interests include global water resources and ecological systems under climate change.

Dimas Fauzi

Dimas Fauzi is a Research Associate at the Stockholm Environment Institute based in Bangkok, Thailand. His work mainly covers environmental, natural resources, and climate policies with a regional focus on Southeast Asia.

Dimitris Symeonidis

Dimitris Symeonidis is a geopolitical risk and energy policy analyst, with a focus on the geopolitics of the energy transition in Eurasia. He holds an MSc in Engineering & Policy Analysis from TU Delft. He works as an energy market analyst at VaasaETT, as well as a project manager at Afforest4Future, where he works on innovative nature-based solutions to reverse climate change. He is also an entrepreneur, working on startups to solve issues such as food waste.

Dinah Nieburg

Dinah Nieburg is Co-Founder, COO and Strategy Director at Blue Green Future, LLC. Conservationist. Executive Coach. Helped launch the original research on the economic valuation of the great whales and contributes to BGF’s cutting edge research as writer and promoter.

Dipika Keen

Dipika Keen is a knowledge lawyer at international law firm Osborne Clarke in the UK. She has extensive experience of corporate law practice and regulation and has a particular interest in sustainable business practices and ESG considerations.

Domenico Mecca

Domenico Mecca is an environmental engineer who graduated in 2020 from the Polytechnic University of Turin. Currently, he is a Ph.D. student in Sustainability and Innovation Management at Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies in Pisa.

Dominique Hischier

Dominique Hischier is the Head of Analysis at Pexapark, a global company providing software and advisory services to renewable energy players. She previously was a Program Analyst at the World Economic Forum focusing on the sustainable energy transition. Dominique has also held positions in management consulting, power trading and academia. She has an interest in emerging technologies and the opportunities they create in enabling the energy transition and in tackling climate change.

Dorel Iosif

Dr Dorel Iosif is the Chief Executive of LAVAUX and a Board Director with Cognisium. He is a strategist and a global energy markets expert and resides in Australia.

Doris Honold

Doris Honold is an accomplished strategic leader with over 25 years experience in Finance, Risk and Change Management gained as Chief Risk and Operating Officer with global banks working in Germany, Japan, Singapore and UK, as well as in Non-Executive Director and Advisory appointments with organizations focused on Climate Change, Carbon Markets and Sustainable Development.

Douglas Flynn

Douglas Flynn’s mission is to bring abundance back to Africa’s wild places. He is an expert in the fields of carbon finance, nature-related investments and African biodiversity conservation.

Dr Erlijn van Genuchten

Dr Erlijn van Genuchten is Global Changemaker in the field of environmental sustainability. She is part of the UN ECE Task Force on Digitalization in Energy and member of the advisory board of the International Sustainability Forum. You can follow her work at and on Twitter @ErlijnG​.

Dr. Zakri Hamid

Dr Zakri Hamid is a former Science Advisor to the Prime Minister of Malaysia and a member of the Secretary-General's Scientific Advisory Board of the United Nations.

Duncan Austin

Duncan Austin is an independent sustainability researcher, writer, and presenter, focused on systemic solutions to sustainability that go beyond the strategies of the last 20 years.


Eadbhard Pernot

Eadbhard Pernot is a Policy Associate at Clean Air Task Force (CATF) developing and implementing carbon capture policy advocacy in the EU. He was also an Academic Program Manager at the Technical University of Berlin and was a Researcher at the Groningen Centre of Energy Law and Sustainability at the University of Groningen.

Ed Hewitt

Ed Hewitt is the Director of Nature Climate Solution (NCS) at Respira, an impact driven carbon finance organisation. He’s helped Respira build a global portfolio of leading NCS carbon projects and led The Nature Conservancy’s forest program in Africa where he founded the Africa Forest Carbon Catalyst.

Ed Smith

Ed Smith is a climate optimist, entrepreneur, and advisor. He is the Founding and former General Manager of Indigo Carbon, former General Manager of Wayfair Canada and an ex-BCG Principal. Ed is an avid skier & kite surfer, and an ecstatic new dad.

Eirini Sakellari

Eirini Sakellari, is a Youth Assistant Coordinator at the Global Landscapes Forum, focusing on ecosystem restoration, youth involvement in environmental policy, and climate justice. She holds Bachelor’s in Chemistry, Master’s in Environmental Sciences and also pursues Master's in Degrowth and Ecological Economics.

Ekhosayator Triumph

Ekhosayator Triumph is a clean energy champion with experience in delivering sustainable impact and positive social change. Currently, he is shaping the future by driving discussions on clean energy, energy access, and energy efficiency for a brighter and more sustainable world.

Elaheh Daghighi

Elaheh Daghighi is a Soil Biologist. Currently, she serves as the head of betterSoil Science-Hub, working on topics dealing with applying nature-based solutions to improve soil quality in arable lands.

Elena Morettini

Elena Morettini is the Global Head of Sustainable Business at Globant, a native digital multinational company. She is a PhD geoscientist and a passionate expert in energy and sustainable tech

Sandrine is a confirmed keynote speaker at Terra Tuscany, the sustainability leaders offsite powered by illuminem.

Eli Mitchell-Larson

Eli Mitchell-Larson is a climate researcher and advocate at the University of Oxford. He leads the launch of Carbon Gap which was launched at COP26 to advance carbon removal knowledge and policy outcomes in Europe. He is the corresponding author of the Oxford Principles for Net Zero Aligned Offsetting

Elika Daghighi

Elika Daghighi is an IT engineer. Currently as the digital marketer, she produces content for bettersoil social media, and examine digital marketing in the field of soil science.

Elil Hoole

Elil Hoole is a part-time research associate at the Centre for Climate Repair at Cambridge (CCRC) and is currently completing her PhD at the University of Cambridge. Her study focuses on feminist policies for women engaged in small scale commercial farming in dry-zones threatened by climate change.

Elise Maris

Elise Maris is a Masters student at the Catholic Universtiy Leuven (KULeuven) in Sustainable Development with a strong interest in nature conservation and restoration. After her internship at the Knowledge Center of the Flemish Cities, she conducted a field work in Rwanda, focusing on agroforestry.

Elizabeth Armstrong

Dr Elizabeth Armstrong is Principal of Ithaca Impact. She is a social impact specialist working with private and publicly listed companies, chambers of commerce, and industry bodies to identify and support their delivery of genuine, strategically relevant corporate social and environmental impact.

Elizabeth Carriere

Elizabeth Carriere OBE is a former British civil servant with extensive experience in international development. She served as Governor of Montserrat from 2015 to 2018. Carriere holds an MSc in Public Policy and Management from the University of London. Throughout her career, she held various senior positions with the Department for International Development (DFID), including postings in Indonesia, Jamaica, Bangladesh, Rwanda, and South Sudan. After leaving government service, she joined CARE as Managing Deputy Regional Director for the Great Lakes of Central Africa, overseeing operations in Uganda, Rwanda, DRC, and Burundi.

Elizabeth Lewis

Elizabeth Lewis is a Managing Director and Deputy Head of ESG, supporting Blackstone's corporate Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) efforts. She formely led engagement with investors, NGOs, governments, and other stakeholders on climate change and diversity for the International Finance Corporation (IFC). Prior to IFC, Ms. Lewis was a Partner and Director of Strategy & Business Development for Terra Alpha Investments, and Head of Sustainable Investing at the World Resources Institute (leading the establishment of the WRI's Sustainable Investing Program).

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

Her Excellency Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is the former President of Liberia and the first ever elected female head of state in Africa.

Elrika Hamdi

Elrika Hamdi is an Energy Finance Analyst at the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) covering the nexus of energy transition, economics, finance and politics in the South East Asian region. Over 15 years of experience, she was involved in projects on renewable energy, rural electrification and energy efficiency market.

Elysabeth Alfano

Elysabeth Alfano is the CEO of VegTech™ Invest, the advisor to the VegTech™ Plant-based Innovation & Climate ETF. She is the CEO of Plant Powered Consulting, and advises multinationals and C-Suite Executives on the industry landscape, direction and whitespaces. She speaks globally on the intersection of sustainability and our global food supply system.

Eman Atta Maan

Eman Atta Maan is a researcher passionate about climate financing and pushing for a more equitable energy transition on the international stage. She interned at illuminem; and studied at Bocconi University (Italy) and Princeton University (USA).

Emil Salim

Emil Salim is the former Environment Minister of Indonesia.

Emily C. Dooley

Emily C. Dooley is a Communications Specialist for the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at the University of California, Davis. Previously, she was a reporter for more two decades, including covering environmental issues for Newsday and Bloomberg Law.

Emma McGarthy

Emma McGarthy is Head of the Sustainable Policy Institute at the Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum (OMFIF). She works on researching trends, developing relationships and programming meetings for the Sustainable Policy Institute. She also worked as a conference producer, leading on content, research and building key industry relationships in the sustainability sector.

Emmeline Cooper

Emmeline Cooper is a Research Fellow at University of Zürich, and Associate at Cranfield University. She researches and supports organizations on sustainable finance and pension scheme governance.

Enoch Opare Mintah

Enoch Opare Mintah is a Ph.D. candidate at Kingston University London and an Associate Lecturer of Governance at the University of Lincoln, UK. His research interest and expertise revolve around ESG disclosures, Sustainability Reporting, Corporate Social Responsibility, Education for Sustainable Development, and Citizenship Education.

Enrique Dans

Enrique Dans is Professor of Innovation at IE Business School in Madrid, and Senior Advisor for Innovation and Digital Transformation at IE University. Through his writing and speaking, Enrique has established himself as a global leading voice at the intersection of technological innovation and  sustainability, providing insights and commentary on the latest trends and developments in the fields. He writes daily in Spanish on, and in English on Medium. He has written two acclaimed books: “ Todo va a cambiar” (2010) and “Living in the Future” (2019).

Eric Lee

Eric Lee is a recent graduate of Cornell University. His focus is on the geopolitics of renewable energy and sustainability in urban planning. Based in Seoul, Eric works at a biotech company where he is responsible for sales and foreign market research.

Eric Wilburn

Eric Wilburn is the Founder of NatureBridge, where he works to scale finance via environmental markets to enable local communities and governments to protect and restore nature.

Erik Rakhou

Erik Rakhou is a leading expert in international energy markets, regulation, and strategy development, with 20+ years of experience in energy systems and policy development globally. He is an Associate Director at Boston Consulting Group (BCG) where he supports clients on their energy transition journey with a focus on hydrogen and decarbonizing gas markets. He co-authored the book “Touching Hydrogen Future”. He was formerly appointed as an alternate member of the ACER, EU energy regulator, and Board of Appeal from 2016-2021.

Erik Solheim

Erik Solheim is a well known global leader on environment and development. He served as Norwegian Minister of Environment and International Development from 2005-12. Erik has been chair of the OECD Development Assistance Committee as well as Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Program. Currently he is senior adviser at World Resources Institute and President of the Belt and Road Green Development Institute.

Erin Burns

Erin Burns is Executive Director of Carbon180 and she worked in the Senate, handling energy, environment, and labor, including staffing for the Energy and Natural Resources Committee and the Public Lands Subcommittee. She also worked at Third Way, a DC-based think tank and coal community transition.

Erin Duddy

Erin Duddy is the Founding Director of The Center for Sustainable Finance and Private Wealth (CSP), North America, a research, training, and community-based non-profit operating on the intersection between regenerative systems change and private wealth.

Erin Remblance

Erin Remblance is a co-founder of (re)Biz which is launching Project Tipping Point in January 2024, for those people who want to learn more about tipping points, their role in reaching them and to connect with like-hearted people wanting to do the same. She lives with her family in Sydney, Australia.

Ernest Bai Koroma

His Excellency Ernest Bai Koroma is the former President of Sierra Leone.


Eshan Samaranayake

Eshan Samaranayake is a patent-holder committed to driving impactful and sustainable food innovations through his work in bio/food tech startups and venture capital.

Esohe Denise Odaro

Esohe Denise Odaro is a leading figure in the development of the sustainable bond market and heading investor relations globally for International Finance Corporation. She is also the Chair of the Steering Committee of the Green, Social and Sustainability-linked Bond Principles administered by International Capital Markets Association, a Member of the ESG Leadership Council of S&P Global and the co-host of the sustainability podcast "Climate-Biz". She was named “Personality of the Year” in 2020 by Environmental Finance Magazine.

Espen Mehlum

Espen Mehlum is the Head of Energy, Materials, and Infrastructure Programs, Benchmarking and Regional Action at the World Economic Forum. He has over 22 years of experience in energy, sustainability, and international collaboration. Previously, he was advisor in the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, and Norway’s Energy Advisor to the International Energy Agency.

Estefania Ziliani

Estefania E. Ziliani is the Lawyer Specialist in Administrative Contracts at the Ministry of Economy of Argentina.

Estelle Hensgen

Estelle Hensgen is a master's student at Université Paris Dauphine PSL. She is also the Vice President of Dauphine Durable, a society focused around sustainability in all its forms.

Estelle Levin-Nally

Estelle Levin-Nally is CEO and Founder of Levin Sources, a B Corporation-certified advisory firm driving the transition to just and sustainable minerals sectors and value chains. She is also chair of the Investing in African Mining Indaba's Sustainability Committee, a Commissioner for the Global Investor Commission for Mining 2030, a member of Women in Mining UK's Policy Committee & a mentor for iWIM's International Women in Natural Resources Mentoring Programme. Estelle is a proud Global Inspirational Woman in Mining (WIM100; 2020) and Mining in Africa Elite Leader (2024).

Esther Goodwin Brown

Esther is responsible for driving the growth, expansion and impact of the Circular Jobs Initiative, part of Circle Economy, internationally. Esther has over seven years of experience developing strategy, programmes and research for think tanks, funders and NGOs both as a consultant and in-house expert. She holds a master's degree in Social Policy and Social Research from the University College London Institute of Education and is part of the Executive Management Board for the UK Research and Innovation-funded Circular Economy Hubs.

Eve Tamme

Eve Tamme is a senior advisor on climate policy. Her expertise covers the Paris Agreement, the EU Emissions Trading System, carbon markets, climate governance, and carbon removal. Today, she leads Climate Principles, a climate policy advisory.

Evelyn Dan Epelle

Evelyn Dan Epelle is a resident Communications Fellow at the Center for the Study of the Economies of Africa (CSEA). She is a foreign correspondent at KAFTAN TV and a Catalyst at Baobab Consulting LLC. She holds a Master of Arts degree from Georgetown University and a Bachelor of Engineering degree from All Nations University, Ghana.

Eyal Harel

Eyal Harel is a clean water advocate and CEO of BlueGreen Water Technologies, a global water-tech company whose mission is to restore, safeguard, and optimize the health of water bodies worldwide.


Fabrice Bonnifet

Fabrice Bonnifet is the Sustainable Development Director of the Bouygues Group, President of the College of Sustainable Development Directors (C3D), Administrator of The Shift Project and co-author of the Contributive Company (Dunod).

Fabrizio Dodaro

Fabrizio Dodaro is a Consultant at Deloitte and an experienced professional in the ESG field, advising businesses on the integration of sustainable practices into their decision-making and operations. His passion revolves around aiding organizations in identifying and pursuing ESG goals to generate a positive impact on communities, the environment, and their financial performance.

FaDa Writing Collective

The Feminisms and Degrowth Alliance (FaDA) is an inclusive network of academics, activists, and practitioners working to foster dialogue between feminists and degrowth proponents and to integrate gender analysis and reasonings into degrowth activism and scholarship. Communication maintained via

Fanuel Conrad

Fanuel Conrad is the Co-founder & Head of Hardware development at LimaChain, where he focuses on bringing the latest technology to agricultural practices. He is also a renewable energy and environmental physics BSc student at the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology.

Farhia Jabbar

Farhia Jabbar is working at Engro Corp in Pakistan as a Marketing & Communications specialist. During her career of 19 years, she has successfully developed effective strategies critical in driving change to empower businesses with ESG insights and solutions for a sustainable future.

Farid Kreh

Farid is founder and co-CEO of OXO Earth, a project developer for forestry CDR. He wants to get our world back to 280ppm. Farid worked in investment, innovation and diplomacy before and holds the CEMS MIM double degree from Universidade Nova de Lisboa and Copenhagen Business School with a focus on social entrepreneurship.

Farshid Pahlevani

Dr Farshid Pahlevani is an internationally award-winning scientist and engineer who was selected as Australia’s most innovative engineer in 2020. His work focuses on the sustainability of materials and processes with an emphasis on environmental and community benefits.

Fatima Farooq Murawat

Fatima Farooq Murawat is Policy Analyst at Broadpeak, a Swiss-based International Advisory company specialised in Impact Finance. Fatima is dedicated to researching the most pressing issues of our time including climate change, energy transition and sustainable development. She has previously worked at the Iqbal Institute of Policy Studies, the National University of Science and Technology and the Civil Society Coalition for Climate Change in Pakistan.

Federica della Monica

Federica della Monica is a lawyer, specialised in corporate affairs and intellectual property, now working in the legal corporate affairs direction of an Italian company operating in the area of digital payments. She graduated with honours in law and is passionate about politics, human rights, and sustainability, and curious about blockchain and NFTs.

Federico d'Annunzio

Federico d'Annunzio is a serial entrepreneur in innovation technologies. He spent the first phase of his career in the capital equipment industry. In 2020, he was awarded the S.A. Global Achievement award for Innovation. In 2019, he founded Traent, driven by the vision that relationships between businesses will be centered on transparency.

Federico Garcea

Federico Garcea is the founder and CEO of Treedom, an online platform where anyone can plant trees remotely. At just 25 years old, he partnered with a rural development project in Africa, where he developed a thirst to fight deforestation and climate change.

Federico Giannetti

Federico Giannetti PhD is a Family Office & Climate tech VC investor at Inveo Group. He is also an active member of the Università di Roma Tor Vergata teaching staff and a volunteer for the Founder Institute.

Felipe Fontecilla

Felipe Fontecilla is the Climate Action Director of the Global Platform 2811 (Consulting and Investments 28th of November). They lead projects on ecological regeneration and climate action in Chile, Colombia, Brazil, USA and Germany. Felipe's professional experience includes work with NGOs and Political Think Tanks on issues regarding energy transition, climate policy, civic engagement and youth empowerment.

Felipe Gallardo

Felipe Gallardo is a PhD candidate in the Department of Energy Technology at the KTH Royal Institute for Technology.

Felipe Teixeira

Felipe Teixeira is one of the directors at ClimateScience, a leading NGO on a mission to bring reliable climate education to everyone. He’s also fascinated by chemistry, solving complex issues through innovative solutions and helping others do the same

Ferenc Kis

Ferenc Kis is the Renewable Energy Director at the RSK Group and Country Director at Green Genius. He is a sustainability manager with over 20 years of work experience including project management, communication, business development, strategic planning and consulting. He has an authentic passion to pursue scaling of climate change solutions, the energy transition and global sustainability.

Filipe Mota da Silva

Filipe Mota da Silva is a Consulting Leader for Energy, Resources, and Utilities in the UK and the EU at TATA Consultancy Services (TCS). He is an Advisory Board Member of the prestigious Harvard Business Review and an Advisor to the World Energy Council.

Filippo Fincato

Filippo Fincato is the president of PIaneta, that works for young professionals networking and scientific disclosure about energy and sustainability. He holds BSc in Industrial and Environmental Chemistry, and is an MSc student in Advanced materials and Nanotechnology at University of Pisa and Scuola Normale Superiore.

Filippo Zocco

Filippo Zocco is a second-year CEMS student at Bocconi University. He has experience in consulting with two internships at Accenture. He also worked at Thirsty, a Milan based start up.

Finn O'Muircheartaigh

Finn O’Muircheartaigh is Director of Policy and Markets at BeZero Carbon, leading on the interaction between policy and carbon markets. He is also a Guest Lecturer on climate change policy at City University of London. Finn has over a decade of experience in climate and economic roles in government. He previously worked as an advisor to the UK Climate Change Minister and as Head of the Prime Minister Economy Team.

Flavia Vulpiani

Flavia Vulpiani is a legal specialist with a focus on strategic climate disputes. She graduated from the Sapienza University of Rome.

Florian Heeb

Florian is a Postdoctoral Associate at the MIT Sloan School of Management. He explores the real-world impact of sustainable investing and how investors integrate impact into their decision-making. Besides his research, Florian serves as a member of the board of directors of ESG-AM, a Zurich-based asset manager focused on impact and sustainability. Before joining MIT, Florian did research at the Center for Sustainable Finance and Private Wealth (CSP) at the University of Zurich.

Florian Schabus

Florian Schabus is a climate investor at Planet A Ventures.

For An Ecological Awakening

The Student Manifesto for an Ecological Awakening is a collective supporting the evolution of higher education, challenging companies and calling for a policy response to the challenge we face. It was launched in September 2018 in France.

Francesca Battersby

Francesca Battersby is a climate policy researcher at Imperial College London and Carbon Removal Centre. Her work centres around carbon dioxide removal (CDR) solutions and the systems that will be needed to allow them to play a sustainable role in a net-zero future.

Francesca Sartor

Francesca Sartor is a Sustainability and Climate Change Senior Consultant at KPMG, where she helps companies measure their carbon footprint and implement decarbonization strategies. She is a member of CSRnatives - the first Italian network of young sustainability professionals.

Francesco Corvaro

Francesco Corvaro is the Special Envoy for Climate Change of Italy. He is an associate professor in industrial technical physics at the Department of Industrial Engineering and Mathematical Sciences of the Polytechnic University of Marche.

Francisco Monaldi

Francisco J. Monaldi, Ph.D., is a non resident fellow at the Center on Global Energy Policy. He is the fellow in Latin American energy policy at the Center for Energy Studies, the Mexico Center and the Latin America Initiative at the Baker Institute and an adjunct professor of political economy of oil at Rice University. He is also an associate at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

Francois Praum

François Praum is a research assistant at the Department of Economics at Bocconi University (Italy) and a visiting student at Princeton University (USA). He has experience in renewable energy M&A, and a passion for the intersection of EU trade policy and renewable energy. 

Frank Biermann

Frank Biermann is a political scientist and international lawyer specializing in the study of how to transform global institutions for sustainable development. After pre- and postdoctoral studies in Berlin, Aberdeen and Harvard he moved in 2003 to the Netherlands, first as a professor of Environmental Policy Analysis at VU University Amsterdam and since 2015 as a professor of Global Sustainability Governance at Utrecht University. Biermann is among others the founder and first chair of the Earth System Governance Project, a global transdisciplinary research network with several hundred members. At present, Biermann directs a 2.5 million EUR project on the impacts of the Sustainable Development Goals, financed by an Advanced Grant from the European Research Council. In 2021, the International Studies Association awarded him the Distinguished Scholar Award in Environmental Studies.

Frank Wouters

Frank Wouters is Senior Vice President New Energy at Reliance Industries Limited, Director of the EUGCC Clean Energy Technology Network and Fellow at Payne Institute for Public Policy. He formerly acted as Deputy Director-General of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). After working on the energy transition for 30 years in various leadership roles, he is currently focusing on hydrogen projects.

Frank J. Cole

Frank J. Cole is an expert in sustainable shipping. He is the former the chief executive officer of Wallem Group, a maritime services company, and of Transas, maritime software company, now a subsidiary of Wärtsilä. He was also operations director for Pacific Basin Bulk Shipping, former president of Inmarsat Maritime and CEO of Globe Wireless.

Frederic Arnoux

Frederic Arnoux is a co-founder of Stim, a spin-off of Mines ParisTech, which supports companies in terms of innovation strategy. He holds a Ph.D. in management science from the Ecole des Mines ParisTech and is the author of several books and scientific articles on disruptive innovation.

Frederic Blanc-Brude

Frédéric Blanc-Brude is the CEO of Scientific Infra Pte, an ESMA-regulated index provider producing data used by investors in infrastructure equity and debt. He is also the Director of EDHECinfra, a research center for infrastructure finance. His research focuses on the asset pricing of illiquid assets and the modeling of cash flows in infrastructure projects. He holds a PhD in Finance from King's College London and has published papers in economics and finance journals, co-authored a book on the valuation of unlisted infrastructure equity and debt investments, and is a regular contributor to the press. He is also a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Alternative Investments and serves as a contributor to the G20 working group on long-term infrastructure investment.

Frederic Hauge

Frederic Hauge is a prominent environmental activist and advocate for sustainability. He is the founder and Head of the Bellona Foundation, an environmental non-profit organization dedicated to promoting clean energy solutions and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. With over three decades of experience in environmental activism and policy-making, Frederic has played a crucial role in shaping the conversation on sustainability and fighting for the preservation of the planet. He appeared on Time magazine's list of "Heroes of the Environment" in October 2007.

Frederick Thelen

Frederick Thelen is a Master of Public Administration student at the London School of Economics and Political Science(LSE), and holds a first-class degree in International Relations from SOAS University of London. He worked on reforming the EU Common Agricultural Policy as part of the European Student Assembly in 2022.

Frida Lager

Frida Lager is a Research Associate at the Stockholm Environment Institute working with the International Climate Risk and Adaptation team. Her work focuses how climate impacts in one part of the world can affect economies and societies elsewhere. Frida's work deals with better quantification of risk flows and improving our understanding of risk, response systems and adaptation action and how we can act on the global systems towards enhancing resilience in a just way.


Gabriel Thoumi

Gabriel Thoumi is Founder of Responsible Alpha. He is a thematic investment research manager with over 12 years’ experience as an award-winning ESG analyst (2014, 2015, 2020 & 2021), fellowship recipient (2001, 2002, 2005 & 2007), member of various NGO boards and scientific and financial technical committees. He is an adjunct lecturer at Johns Hopkins University where he teaches Financing a Sustainable World.

Gabriela Herculano

Gabriela Herculano is CEO and Co-Founder of iClima Earth. She has over 25 years’ experience in finance and in energy. She formerly served as an Executive Director at GE Capital’s Energy Financial Services team in London. She started her career in equity research, covering the Latin American electric utility sector at Lehman Brothers.

Gabriela Díaz Musmanni

Gabriela Díaz Musmanni is the Communications Officer at the Global Center on Adaptation. She is a former journalist who loves to write and is passionate about climate issues and humanitarian action.

Gabriella de Maio

Gabriella De Maio is a Lawyer and Professor of Energy Law at the University Federico II. She is also Coordinator of Professional Fellows of the Italian National Committee of the World Energy Council (WEC Italy) and Coordinator of Italian Forum of Energy Communities (IFEC). She has carried out scientific missions in Finland, Germany, and Spain on the issues of nuclear energy, the decommissioning of related plants and European policies on renewable energy.

Gabrielle Piot

Gabrielle Piot is a climate activist and MSc student in Environmental Management, specialised in waste treatment and energy technologies. She focuses on circular economy, social and environmental justice, the rebound effect and carbon management. She is involved in the organisation of a national forum for students (Student COP3 in France) and runs workshops like 2 Tonnes and The Climate Fresk.

Galina Alova

Galina Alova is an experienced researcher at the Oxford’s Sustainable Finance Programme. She formerly lead projects for the public and private sector at the OECD and has been working at the nexus of the energy transition, climate finance and machine learning.

Galit Palzur

Galit Palzur is an economist and a board member at Forum Dvorah, the Israeli Energy Forum and Kessler Projects for the World. She specializes in risk management of natural disasters, sustainability and climate change, and climate finance. She was the Director of the Economics Division of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Chair of the Bureau of the OECD Working Party on Climate, Investment and Development. Galit also mentors cleantech startups.

Gareth Phillips

Gareth Phillips is Manager of the Climate and Environment Finance Division in the African Development Bank, based in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. Gareth has over 25 years’ experience in climate change and sustainability. Trained as a Forester, Gareth has worked in a wide variety of sectors on GHG accounting, inventory verification, the Clean Development Mechanism and Emission Trading Systems.

Garima Poonia

Garima Poonia is the founder of The Kachrewaale Project (TKP), the Andaman Islands’ first solid waste management (SWM) project aimed at reducing methane emissions and marine pollution.

Garrett Guard

Garrett Guard is a researcher focused on carbon removal. Previously, he worked as a Research Analyst at BeZero Carbon, and at the Institute for Carbon Removal Law and Policy where he worked to build better representation of carbon removal technologies in integrated assessment models.

Gavin Fernie-Jones

Gavin Fernie-Jones is the co-founder of Re-Action, a global network of organisations that are keeping outdoor equipment and clothing out of landfill.

Gaya Herrington

Gaya Herrington is Vice-President ESG Research at Schneider Electric and Advisor to the Club of Rome. Previously, she worked as a Director in Sustainability services at KPMG and an Economic Policy Advisor and international Financial Regulator.

Genevieve Donnellon-May

Genevieve Donnellon-May is a master's candidate in Water Science, Policy and Management at the University of Oxford. She previously worked as a research assistant at the Institute of Water Policy of the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy at the National University of Singapore and at the Asan Institute for Policy Studies.

Georg Kell

Georg Kell is a prominent figure in the field of sustainable business and corporate social responsibility. He is the founding Director of the UN Global Compact, the world's largest corporate sustainability initiative. He currently serves as the Chairman of Arabesque, a technology company that uses AI and big data to assess sustainability performance. Georg is also the spokesperson for the Volkswagen Sustainability Council where he plays an instrumental role in promoting the company's sustainability initiatives.

Georg is a confirmed keynote speaker at Terra Tuscany, the sustainability leaders offsite powered by illuminem.

Georgios Radoglou

Georgios Radoglou is the General Manager of CLIMA-X SDG Projects, where he coordinates and advises for Sustainable Energy Access and Climate Action for the Nigerian Government and several Subnational Governments in cooperation with International Organisations and DFI. He previously served as Group Head Environmental Sustainability at Flour Mills of Nigeria Plc.

Gerard Reid

Gerard Reid is a leading authority on energy and mobility and the co-host of "Redefining Energy", the #1 most listened to podcast on energy topics. He is also founding partner of Alexa Capital, Senior Fellow at the Institute of the Environment of the University of Minnesota and a member of the Global Future Council on Advanced Energy Technologies at the World Economic Forum.

Gergely Molnar

Gergely Molnar is Gas Analyst at the IEA.

Gerry McGovern

Gerry McGovern is the developer of the research method Top Tasks. He has published eight books and his latest, World Wide Waste, examines the impact digital is having on the environment. The Irish Times describes Gerry as one of five visionaries who have impacted web development.

Gert-Jan Nabuurs

Gert-Jan Nabuurs is professor European forest resources at Wageningen University and Research. His expertise is European scale forest resource analyses, forest carbon sequestration and adaptation under climate change. He is IPCC Coordinating lead Author in the Sixth Assessment Report for Agriculture and Forestry.

Ghaamid Abdulbasat

Ghaamid Abdulbasat is an award-winning young environmental activist & entrepreneur from Tanzania. He is a Global National Geographic Young Explorer, a Global High Seas Alliance Ambassador and the organizer of the Earth Day Sub-Saharan Africa initiatives. His research focuses on eco-hydrology and climate issues.

Giacomo Cozzio

Giacomo Cozzio is a Founder's Associate at illuminem, crucial in shaping the company's strategy. He holds a degree in Business Management from Bocconi University and has experience in Unicredit Corporate Banking. Giacomo's expertise includes investment strategies and client relations. His commitment to sustainable business practices is driven by his passion for nature and the outdoors.

Giacomo Nicoli

Giacomo Nicoli is a second year International Management Masters student at Bocconi University and Nova SBE. He worked for healthcare corporations, start-ups in the F&B and Insurtech sectors, and consulting at BCG Dubai. He writes about ESG implications in the financial world and is passionate about disruptive and circular business models.

Gil Pires

Gil Pires is a Lisbon-based Consultant with a MSc on Biotechnology from the Instituto Superior Técnico of Lisbon, who writes explainer articles on the subject of science to contextualize the constant stream of news we are flooded with on a daily basis.

Gillian Marcelle

Gillian Marcelle, PhD is the CEO of Resilience Capital Ventures LLC, a boutique capital advisory practice specializing in blended finance. She has a proven track record in attracting investment to underserved markets (telecoms, renewable energy and regenerative agriculture) and designing architectures that facilitate partnerships.

Gina Errico

Gina Errico is a biology lecturer at Hawaii Pacific University and is a freelance science writer and science communicator. She covers science, nature and society, working to build to gap between science and society.

Ginevra Forcellini

Ginevra Forcellini is a second-year International Economics and Finance student at Bocconi University. She is part of an international consulting program, where she does research on topics like counterfeit medicines and the Paris Agreement, and collaborated with business builder OneDay Group. She began her experience in finance by interning in Italian fin-tech Euclidea.

Giorgio Mottironi

Giorgio Mottironi is the co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Ener2Crowd, a tool to change the paradigm in finance, transforming the sector into a green and participative alternative, by including crowd engagement. He is an expert in Marketing and behavioral dynamics focused on the economic system for B2C and B2B market.

Gisèle Yasmeen

Dr Gisèle Yasmeen is Senior Fellow at the School of Public Policy and Global Affairs at the University of British Columbia. Her expertise is on food-systems and she is also a former public sector and not-for-profit executive in knowledge organizations.

Giulia Faleri

Giulia Faleri is Cofounder at the Italian startup Vezua, the omnichannel sustainability marketplace. She is also a board member of the Italian holding 76 Investimenti. She is a young changemaker of Ashoka network for the EU GEN-C Project promoted by Horizon EU and Agenzia Italiana Giovani. She’s among the youngest female entrepreneurs and is now working in Dubai as UAE Partnership Facilitator for Companies and UAE Investments Advisor.

Giulia Marzetti

Giulia Marzetti is an engineer who has crafted a portfolio career as a consultant, project manager and policy officer in sustainable transport, energy storage, and industrial transformation. As project and policy officer for the European Commission, she managed over €80 million portfolio of sustainable innovation projects in Europe fostering a green. She regularly speaks at high-level events and forums such as UNECE, UN COP, GSTI.C and We Make Future Forum.

Giulia Michieli

Giulia Michieli is a Columbia graduate, aspiring U.S. diplomat, and dedicated writer-activist. She has a strong interest in international relations to contribute meaningfully to global diplomatic endeavors and social change.

Giulia Testa

Giulia Testa is a young environmentalist from Italy. She is the Biodiversity Coordinator at Generation Climate Europe (GCE), where she has led the advocacy project on the new EU nature restoration law. She is a master’s student in Environmental Law and Policy and passionate about biodiversity protection.

Giuseppe Bonaccorsi

Giuseppe Bonaccorsi is a Managing Director and Partner at BCG with strong focus on the Energy sector and Digital Transformation. As a core member of Boston Consulting Group's Energy practice, he helps companies navigate energy transitions and diversify their portfolios with new strategies and digital technologies. With a focus on the GCC region, Giuseppe has supported major energy clients and played a key role in setting up digital startups and ventures in Dubai. His expertise includes Strategy, Digital Transformation, Sustainability, and Innovation.

Gokul Shekar

Gokul Shekar has over 18 years of experience in B2B education and global team leadership across regions such as the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Europe, and India. He is currently Head of ESG & Climate Change at The Carbon Collective Company, where he drives impactful decarbonization journeys.

Gowri Mohan

Gowri Mohan is a MSc Development Management student at the London School of Economics. During her undergraduate degree she was a part of Global Research and Consulting and led a project team working on crafting policy recommendations to improve equity in the sustainable economy. In addition, she is the editor-in-chief of the London Journal of Energy.

Graca Machel

Graca Machel was a Minister and First Lady of Mozambique. She also served as the First Lady of South Africa during Mandela's leadership from 1998 to 1999.

Graham Weale

Graham Weale is a leading expert on Energy Transitions. He is Professor of Energy Economics at the Ruhr University, Bochum. Previously he was Chief Economist at RWE AG, Germany’s largest power generator. He began his career with ExxonMobil and has a science degree from Oxford University.

Grant Faber

Grant Faber specializes in life cycle and techno-economic assessments of carbon dioxide removal technologies with a particular emphasis in direct air capture. Articles are originally published through his Substack, Carbon-Based Commentary.

Grant Hauber

Grant Hauber is an Energy Finance Analyst at the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis' Asia Pacific team, providing energy and financial market analysis, with an emphasis on the region’s emerging markets.

Greg de Temmerman

Greg De Temmerman is managing director of Zenon Research, a think tank studying the links between energy and the economy. He is also associate researcher at MINES ParisTech PSL. He is a physicist by training, specialised in plasma physics and materials science. From 2014-2020 he was coordinating scientist at the ITER Organization.

Gregg Meyer

Gregg Meyer serves as Steve Madden's Chief Sustainability Officer and Head of CSR and ESG. He brings extensive legal and advocacy expertise across private, corporate, and non-profit sectors. In his role, he spearheads initiatives to enhance Steve Madden's and the fashion industry's environmental footprint while mitigating negative impacts. 

Gregg is a confirmed keynote speaker at Terra Tuscany, the sustainability leaders offsite powered by illuminem.

Gustave Paul Bernard Laurent

Gustave Paul Bernard Laurent is the Head of Business Development of the Middle East at Tikehau Capital.


Habiba Ahut-Daggash

Habiba Ahut-Daggash is an Associate with RMI’s Africa Energy Program where she focuses on delivering agricultural electrification interventions. She has a PhD in energy systems modelling from Imperial College London, and holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in engineering science from the University of Oxford.

Hailemariam Desalegn

His Excellency Hailemariam Desalegn is the former Prime Minister of Ethiopia.

Hailong Wang

Dr. Hailong Wang is an Earth Scientist and Team Leader at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL).

Hamid Pouran

Dr Hamid Pouran is a Senior Lecturer in Environmental Technology and Sustainability and Climate Change MSc Programme leader at the University of Wolverhampton. He is the principal editor of the book: Environmental Challenges in the MENA Region: The Long Road from Conflict to Cooperation. Dr Pouran was the scientific consultant for a BBC World News News documentary “Dust Storms”. He has also been a visiting scholar at Princeton University.

Hammad Ahmed

Hammad Ahmed is the Founder and CEO of Longlive, a London-based startup focused on innovative healthcare solutions. With over 16 years of experience in technology and healthcare, including roles at Merck, Microsoft, and Vodafone, Hammad is an advocate for addressing health equity gaps.

Hannah M. Le

Hannah M. Le is the founder of RE.STATEMENT, the online marketplace for upcycled clothing. Inspired by the scraps of fabric saved from her mom’s alterations shop, fashion design was the first job she ever wanted, until she discovered how much of a fiend she is at applying behavioral economics to product development and social impact startups.

Hanzi Freinacht

Hanzi Freinacht is a political philosopher, historian and sociologist, author of ‘The Listening Society’, ‘Nordic Ideology’, ’12 Commandments’, and the upcoming books ‘The 6 Hidden Patterns of History’ and ‘Outcompeting Capitalism’.

Harald Walkate

Harald Walkate is a founding partner of Route17, an independent blended finance advisory firm. He is also a Senior Fellow at the University of Zurich Center for Sustainable Finance and Private Wealth (CSP) and a member of the ESG Advisory Committee of the Financial Conduct Authority (UK). Previously he was the Head of ESG and member of the Executive Committee of Natixis Investment Managers, and the Global Head of Responsible Investment at Aegon Asset Management.

Harjeet Singh

Harjeet Singh is the Head of Global Political Strategy at Climate Action Network International, focusing on climate policy advocacy and highlighting the role of wealthy nations in climate change.

Harrison Chapin

Harrison Chapin is an intern at Claremont Wildlands Conservancy and a student of environmental analysis at Pitzer College.

Harro van Asselt

Harro van Asselt is a Professor of Climate Law and Policy with the University of Eastern Finland (UEF) Law School, Visiting Research Fellow with Utrecht University’s Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development, and Affiliated Research with the Stockholm Environment Institute.

Håvard Halland

Håvard Halland is a senior economist at the OECD Development Centre, formerly a senior economist at the World Bank and visiting scholar at Stanford University. His work lies at the intersection of public and private finance, economics, energy, and sustainability.

Hayley Moller

Hayley Moller is a communicator, strategist, and entrepreneur with more than a decade of experience finding innovative – and inclusive – ways to tackle the climate crisis. She is currently Chief Marketing Officer for Thallo, a climate tech start-up using blockchain technology to democratize the voluntary carbon markets.

Hazel Ilango

Hazel Ilango is an energy finance analyst at the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA), specializing in debt markets. Prior to IEEFA, Hazel was an analyst in a leading credit rating agency in Malaysia and South-East Asia, covering the data and credit analytics segment with an ASEAN focus.


Heather Clancy

Heather Clancy is an award-winning journalist specialising in transformative technology and innovation. As editorial director for, Heather chronicles the role of technology in enabling corporate climate action and transitioning to a clean, inclusive and regenerative economy. Her articles have appeared in Entrepreneur, Fortune, The International Herald Tribune and The New York Times.

Heidi Hawkins

Heidi Hawkins is a Friedman Fellow at Conservation International, where she researches the role of wild species in reducing the impact of climate change. Before, she has worked as the Director of Research. Heidi is also an Honorary Research Assistant at the University of Cape Town. Her main spheres of interest are biodiversity conservation, plant-soil-microbe interactions, and environmental sustainability.

Helen Millman

Dr. Helen Millman is a glaciologist and climate scientist. As the Hoffmann Fellow for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, she works with Arctic Basecamp, the World Economic Forum and the University of Exeter to foster cooperation between society, science and technology in support of the poles in crisis.

Helen Stickler

Helen Stickler is the Co-Founder of Triplo ESG, a Sustainability advice platform that empowers smaller businesses.

Hemant Mallya

Hemant Mallya leads the acclaimed Industrial Sustainability and Competitiveness Program at the Council on Energy, Environment and Water (CEEW), in Delhi. He is an expert and commentator on climate change and energy markets.

Hendrik Schuldt

Hendrik Schuldt is the CEO of carboneer, a Berlin-based consultancy. Hendrik Schuldt is also a researcher at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) and a director at the NGO Compensators.

Henri Coorevits

Henri Coorevits is a 23-year-old data science student from Belgium, passionate about AI, space, energy, science and finance. 

Henrik Nordborg

Henrik Nordborg is a professor of physics at the Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences. He has a PhD in physics from the ETH Zurich and spent 10 years working in the private sector. He gives public climate lectures and also maintains a blog with the motto “Giving Our Children a Reason Not to Hate Us".

Henry Gordon-Smith

Henry Gordon-Smith is a sustainability strategist focused on urban agriculture, water issues, and emerging technologies. Henry earned an MSc in Sustainability Management from Columbia University. In 2014, Henry launched the advisory firm Agritecture Consulting which has consulted on over 200 urban agriculture projects in over 40 countries.

Herman Bril

Herman Bril is the Managing Director and Head of Sustainability & Climate Innovation at PSP Investments. He has 30 years of experience in international financial institutions across investment management, derivatives, treasury, and development finance.

Hilde Merete Aasheim

Hilde Merete was appointed CEO of the aluminium & renewable energy company Norsk Hydro in 2019. She joined Hydro in 2005 and has held several leading positions in the company. As CEO, Hilde Merete works tirelessly to lead Hydro to change the game for how we produce materials by pioneering the green aluminium transition, powered by renewable energy, to enable true decarbonization of society.

Himanshi Singh

Himanshi Singh is Senior Manager - Development at Ashoka University and founder of Bare Craft Consulting, a platform that bridges the gap between rural artisan communities and global SMEs, integrating the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Himanshi was selected as a Young UN SDG Innovator and twice as a fellow for the Earthwatch Institute. She also developed a business plan which was chosen to represent India at the Uniting Business Live event on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly, 2021.

Himanshu Gupta

Himanshu Gupta is the Co-founder and CEO of ClimateAi, a climate resilience platform that helps companies forecast and therefore mitigate climate change effects and covers topics such as for food, water, and energy security for supply chains. Himanashu and ClimateAI have been recognized by TIME as one the greatest innovations of the year 2022. Before founding ClimateAI, Himanashu worked with Lord Nicholas Stern, another leading illuminem Thought Leader, at the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment. Himanashu holds an MBA degree from Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Hindou Ibrahim

Hindou Ibrahim is the President of the Association for Indigenous Women and Peoples of Chad (AFPAT).

Holly Honglin Li

Holly Honglin Li is an independent sustainable finance specialist. Her roles include U.S. Managing Director at Polymer Wealth Management, a private firm headquartered in Hong Kong; member of the Secretariat team for IFC-facilitated Sustainable Banking and Finance Network; Guest speaker at John Hopkins University, and Board Member at Women Impact Investing Network.

Hugo Manticello

Hugo Manticello is a communications professional with experience working in IOs and not-for-profits. He currently works at BASE Foundation (formerly the Basel Agency for Sustainable Energy), a UNEP specialised partner, as a Communications Officer focusing on disseminating knowledge related to various climate finance solutions.


Iacopo Gronchi

Iacopo is an Expert in Transformative Governance at Demos Helsinki – a non-profit, independent think tank working on societal transformations. He is pursuing a PhD in Innovation and Public Policy at UCL IIPP (Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose).

Ian Chalmers

Ian Chalmers is a design entrepreneur who advocates a multi-disciplinary approach to different initiatives to advance the impact of design in society.

Ian Kaplan

Ian Kaplan is the Founder of TheClimateSavers and the Co-founder of the Climate Awareness and Policy Change Group (CAPCG). He is an executive entrepreneur at heart with significant experience in the startup ecosystem, including the fields of climate change, renewable energy, fintech/insurtech, and digital health. He is passionate about ventures that aim to improve the health of our environment and our community.

Ignacio Ahijado

Ignacio Ahijado is a communications manager at Nested CoLab, a California-based sustainability consultancy & impact network. He works with clients to help them embody a life-centered approach to sustainability communication beyond today’s evermore sophisticated forms of greenwashing.

Ilan Kelman

Ilan Kelman is Professor of Disasters and Health at University College London, England and a Professor II at the University of Agder, Kristiansand, Norway. His overall research interest is linking disasters and health, integrating climate change into both. Three main areas are: (i) disaster diplomacy and health diplomacy; (ii) island sustainability focusing on safe and healthy living and livelihoods; and (iii) risk education for health and disasters.

Ilkay Demirdag

Ilkay Demirdag is an Investment and Impact Strategist with 24 years of experience working in multinational companies, conglomerates, banks and private equity funds in Turkey, the UK and Bahrain. She leads important initiatives to maximize value creation for all stakeholders, transform responsible and impact investments into the mainstream, and ensure sustainable economic development.



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Ilyess El Kortbi

Ilyess El Kortbi is a climate activist for Fridays for Future. He is also a Ukrainian refugee who has repeatedly denounced the war as a Climate war. @ilyesselkortbi

International Association of Students in Agricultural and Related Sciences (IAAS)

The International Association of Students in Agricultural and Related Sciences (IAAS) is the largest student organization in agriculture, with over 10.000 students from over 50 nations sending a delegation to COP27.

International Energy Agency

The International Energy Agency is at the heart of global dialogue on energy, providing authoritative analysis, data, policy recommendations, and real-world solutions to help countries provide secure and sustainable energy for all.

Inutu Katoti

Inutu Katoti is a Beit Scholar Alumni with an MSc (Eng) (distinction) in Electrical Engineering and Renewable Energy Systems at the University of Leeds. She has been engaged in training programs with RES4Africa, Oxford Climate Society and IRENA.

Ione Anderson

Ione Anderson is Co-Founder and COO of Grape ESG. She works with investors and companies to develop climate change and sustainability strategies, incorporating ESG factors into operations and investment decisions. She has a purposeful international career at the science to policy nexus.

Irene Pérez Beltràn

Irene Pérez Beltrán is an Environmental Policy Master's student at Sciences Po. She is also the director of the Energy & Environment Policy Center at King's Think Tank and the co-lead of the Global Youth Statement for the UN Conference of Youth at COY16.

Irfan Ullah

Irfan Ullah is the founder of Sustainability Week Pakistan. He has a Joint Master’s degree from the University of Bonn and the United Nations University Institute of Environment and Human Security UNU-EHS Bonn. He has several years of multi-sectoral experience spanning from disaster risk reduction, climate risk insurance, climate change adaptation and resilience, to community mobilization, and youth development. Irfan is currently working as a Consultant at UNICEF.

Isabella Corpora

Isabella Corpora is an Associate Director at the Carbon Business Council, a Research Fellow with the Institute for Carbon Removal Law and Policy, and an Expert Group member on Greenhouse Gas Removal Business Models for the UK Government.

Ismahane Elouafi

Dr Ismahane Elouafi is Chief Scientist of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, and part of FAO’s core leadership structure.

Ivan Indriawan

Ivan Indriawan is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Finance at the Adelaide Business School, University of Adelaide, Australia. His main areas of expertise include financial markets, market quality, news announcements, applied econometrics.

Ivan Pavlovic

Ivan Pavlovic is an energy transition specialist within Natixis CIB. He has has over 15 years experience in the energy sector, as a scholar, then as a regulator in the field of power generation and transmission, finally as a sell-side analyst/thematic analyst covering the European energy sector.

Ivan Duque

His Excellency Ivan Duque is former President of Colombia from 2018 to 2022.

Ivo Locatelli

Ivo Locatelli is Senior Expert at the European Commission. Since joining the European Commission in 1991, he has worked in several departments and dealt with industrial relations with Japan, the liberalisation of telecoms sector, and now public procurement where he leads the team dealing with strategic procurement policy.

Ivo Pezzuto

Dr. Ivo Pezzuto is a professor of Economics and Management at ISM in Paris. He is also the founder of Ivo Pezzuto Forward-Thinking Lab and an author, keynote speaker, and member of advisory boards and think tanks. Dr. Pezzuto is a regular contributor and commentator for major international broadcasting networks and financial press.

Ivo Wakounig

Ivo Wakounig is a PhD Researcher at Eindhoven University of Technology, where he studies how policies can support the transformation of the European North Sea into an integrated renewable energy hub. He is also a Global Future Energy Leader of World Energy Council and a strong advocate for intergenerational cooperation. 

Izabella Teixeira

Izabella Teixeira is Co-Chair of the International Resource Panel. She is an expert in environmental management, impact assessment and licensing. She is the former Environment Minister of Brazil and was named a Champion of the Earth in 2013.


Jaco van der Bank

Jaco van der Bank is the Senior Policy Advisor at Negative Emissions Platform, working to accelerate technological and regulatory innovation to fight climate change. He is a member of the Advisory Group to CCS+ Initiative and a member of the Credit-level integrity working group of the Task Force on Scaling Voluntary Carbon Market.

Jag Bhalla

Jag Bhalla is an independent writer and entrepreneur.

Jale Samuwai

Dr. Jale Samuwai manages the Climate Finance Access Network Program at Rocky Mountain Institute, overseeing the Pacific portfolio. Previously, he advised on climate change for Pacific organizations like Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries and the World Bank Pacific Resilience Project. He also worked as a climate change advisor for Oxfam in the Pacific region.

James Balzer

James Balzer is an Australian climate and sustainability policy practitioner, with experience in the Australian Federal Government and the New South Wales Government. He has experience in climate and sustainability policy across think tanks, NGOs and social enterprises in Europe, Australia and Southeast Asia.

James Carter

James Carter is the Principal Consultant for Vision Mobility and co founder of Action Events​. Previously he worked in sales and product planning in Toyota.

James Randerson

James Randerson is Professor of Earth System Science at the University of California, Irvine. He studies the global carbon cycle using remote sensing and in-situ measurements and different types of models.

James Vaccaro

James Vaccaro is the Chief Catalyst of the Climate Safe Lending Network – a multi-stakeholder initiative to catalyse the decarbonisation of the banking sector. He’s also the CEO of Repattern, through which he leads the development of a Nature-based Solutions (NbS) Accelerator for WWF.

Jamie Wong

Jamie Wong is a member of South Park Commons and a contributor for

Jan Ossenbrink

Jan Ossenbrink is Co-Founder of Vamo, which focuses on providing green, affordable heating solutions. He was previously a Partner at Global Founders Capital, where he focuses on Climate Tech investments. His work experience in the domains of clean energy, transport and molecules include McKinsey, General Electric, and the World Bank. He holds a PhD degree from ETH Zurich and Stanford University.

Jan Rosenow

Dr Jan Rosenow is a Principal and the Director of European Programmes at the Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP) and an Honorary Research Associate at Oxford University’s Environmental Change Institute. Jan has several board appointments including the European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, and is also considered by Onalytica among the 25 top influencers in Renewables and Future of Energy.

Jan Stockhausen

Jan Stockhausen is Chief Legal Architect at Etherisc, the open-source, decentralized insurance protocol and ecosystem that aims to make insurance fair and accessible.

Janari Võrk

Janari Võrk is Solarstone's Communications Manager for their BIPV (Building-Integrated Photovoltaic) solutions for which he spreads the word on their sustainable energy production.

Janek Vahk

Janek Vahk is the climate, energy and air pollution programme coordinator at Zero Waste Europe, focusing on end of life treatment of waste. He has MSc in Environmental Sciences and Policy and PGDip in Charity Marketing. Previously he worked for Friends of the Earth Europe and Justice and Environment.

Janez Potočnik

Janez Potočnik is Co-Chair of the International Resource Panel. Among other roles, he is Partner at SYSTEMIQ and advisor to thought-leading institutions such as the European Forest Institute. Before, he was European Commissioner for the Environment.

Janez Susnik

Janez Susnik is a Senior Lecturer in Water Resources Management at IHE Delft Institure for Water Education.

Janika Collatz

Janika Collatz facilitates market entry for start-ups in the energy sector at the Hessian Energy Agency and supports them throughout business plan competition Science4Life Energy Cup. As part of DLT Talents program, she mapped blockchain's impact on the energy sector.

Janine Berg

Janine Berg is a Senior Economist at the International Labour Organization (ILO) in Geneva, Switzerland, where she conducts research on labor markets in Latin America.

Jasmine Co

Jasmine Co is an artist, dreamer, and activist. She is also a recent graduate from the University of Sussex, where she received her masters in Climate Change, Development and Policy. She likes to read and write about climate resiliency, post-growth, and building regenerative cultures.

Jasper Lee

Dr. Jasper Lee is a Kaurna/Adelaide-based dentist and climate advocate. He is active in the dental sustainability field and was one of the first community organisers for Australian Parents for Climate Action in South Australia. He is currently organising grassroots climate actions in around Kaurna Country in the electrification space.

Jean-Baptiste Dubreuil

Jean-Baptiste Dubreuil is Senior Gas Analyst at the International Energy Agency (IEA).

Jean-Baptiste Vaujour

Jean-Baptiste Vaujour is an energy economist. He is a Professor of Practice at Emlyon Business School and the founder of a consulting firm. He is a registered expert at the European Commission on Energy and Infrastructure Financing, a member of the Future Energy Leaders of the World Energy Council, and a recipient of the Marcel Boiteux Prize for Energy Economics.

Jean-Michel Ruggieri

Jean-Michel Ruggieri is Small Modular Reactors program manager at the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA). At the CEA since 2000, he headed successively the Neutronics, Nuclear Physics and Severe Accidents research laboratories and the Innovative Systems Studies Service in Cadarache.

Jef Teugels

Jef Teugels designs planet- and people-first solutions and is a post-graduate researcher. He explores the energy created by the friction between customer behavior, organizational readiness, and exponential technologies. Born at 319.62 ppm, he’s a father and a grandfather trying to develop some intergenerational value.

Jeffrey Logan

Jeffrey Logan is associate director of RASEI and held previous positions at the International Energy Agency, World Resources Institute and the Congressional Research Service.

Jenna Nordman

Jenna Nordman is a human rights lawyer specializing in ESG, CSR, Sustainability, and Business and Human Rights. She works as a consultant, enabling both public and private organizations to implement ESG into their operations in a practical manner.

Jennifer Morgan

Jennifer Morgan is State Secretary and Special Envoy for International Climate Action at the Federal Foreign Office in Germany. She is a leading expert on climate issues and civil society advocacy and was voted by apolitical as one of the world's top 20 most influential people in climate policy. Previously, she was the Executive Director of Greenpeace and has held a series of directorship roles at NGOs, including World Resources Institute; E3G and WWF.

Jennifer Robson

Jennifer Clair Robson is Content Director at Climate Action North and a freelance copywriter focusing on the climate crisis, sustainability, and net zero.

Jennifer Wilkins

Jennifer Wilkins is the founder of, a post-growth business research, advocacy and advisory practice. She has a business professional background, an MBA (Warwick Business School) and a Master's in degrowth (Autonomous University of Barcelona).

Jennifer Harvey Sallin

Jennifer Harvey Sallin is the founding director of InterGifted, and leads a climate engagement project called I Heart Earth. She is a psychologist and leader in the field of high intelligence and high performance. She applies her expertise in the area of climate psychology and climate activism.

Jenny Garbis

Jenny Garbis is a performance marketing manager at Seedrs. She is also an avid writer with her own page. A recent graduate of the University of Sussex with a focus on psychology, she tends to address sustainability issues.

Jens-Christian Svenning

Jens-Christian Svenning is professor in ecology at Aarhus University, where he leads the Center for Biodiversity Dynamics in a Changing World (BIOCHANGE). His research combines fundamental biodiversity studies with work on climate change impacts, sustainable development, and rewilding

Jeppe Tranekær Nielsen

Jeppe Tranekær Nielsen is a Principal at Look Up Ventures. He invests in deep tech start-ups that improve planetary health and climate resilience.

Jeremy Bentham

Jeremy B. Bentham is the Co-Chair (scenarios) of the World Energy Council and Senior Fellow with Mission Possible Partnership. He led the internationally-renowned Shell Scenarios team for over fifteen years, advising company leadership and senior external policy-makers on energy transitions and strategic direction. He has deep experience in framing, and making, investment and policy choices in the face of radical uncertainties.

Jeremy Tamanini

Jeremy Tamanini has worked at the intersection of data and sustainability for the past 10 years through his US-based practice Dual Citizen LLC. He created the Global Green Economy Index (GGEI), a widely referenced green measurement framework with over 250,000 downloads, 100+ media and academic citations, and usage in 100+ governments, institutions, and private firms.

Jérôme Tagger

Jérôme Tagger is CEO of Preventable Surprises and Partner and Co-founder of WhiteLabel Impact. He is experienced in institutional ESG and impact finance.

Jesper Nielsen

Jesper Nielsen leads Boston Consulting Group’s Social Impact practice and the firm's business in M&A and post-merger integration in Western Europe, South America, and Africa.

Jessica Burley

Jessica Burley is an investor at Planet A Ventures, and an active member in the climate ecosystem, leading the Berlin arm for both Climate Mosaic and Rising Tide. Jessica studied Politics and International Relations at Cambridge and worked as a Climate Innovation Researcher for the United Nations Development Program.

Jiang Lin

Dr. Jiang Lin is a leading energy and climate policy expert, serving as the Nat Simons Presidential Chair in China Energy Policy at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, a Staff Scientist in its Department of Electricity Market and Policy, and an Adjunct Professor at the University of California-Berkeley. His research focuses on topics such as non-CO2 GHGs, electricity markets, low-carbon economic transition, and appliance efficiency in China. He previously worked at the Energy Foundation China, where he grew it into a top international NGO for promoting clean energy and climate solutions. Dr. Lin holds a PhD in Demography from UC Berkeley, an MS in Population Studies, and a BS in Cybernetics Engineering from Xi'an Jiaotong University.

Jim Blackburn

Jim Blackburn is the Co-Director of the Severe Storm Education and Evacuation from Disaster (SSPEED) Center at Rice University. He is an environmental lawyer based in Houston, Texas.

Jim Rijks

Jim Rijks is an Engineering Manager at Iberdrola Renewables and Future Energy Leader Netherlands at World Energy Council. Jim is a recognised RenewableUK Future Leader within the Offshore Wind sector.

Jimmy Voorhis

Jimmy Voorhis is the Head of Biomass Utilization and Policy at Kodama Systems.

Jindra Monique Čekan

Jindra Monique Čekan/ová, Ph.D. is a Czech/USA political economist with 35 years of experience in international development. She has learned from villagers and ministers in 27 countries in Africa, Latin America, Central, and South Asia. 

Joanna Sullivan

Joanna Sullivan is founder and CEO of Conscience Consulting, the Brussels-based systems change agency. Conscience helps clients with sustainability policy, strategic communications and campaigns for good. Joanna is Professor of Climate Diplomacy at the CIFE, teaching strategic coalitions, and is a writer, speaker and event moderator, living in Brussels, with three children.

João Graça Gomes

João Graça Gomes is the Head of Research and Development at the Sino-Portuguese Centre for New Energy Technologies (SCNET). His work is focused on joint research projects between Portugal and China, mainly related to energy storage and electricity planning. João is also a board member of the Global Future Energy Leaders program at the World Energy Council and the Coordinator for Asia and Oceania of the Portuguese Diaspora Council.

Joel Makower

Joel Makower is chairman and co-founder of GreenBiz Group, a media and events company focusing at the intersection of business, technology and sustainability. For more than 30 years, through his writing, speaking and leadership, he has helped companies align environmental and social issues with business success.

Joel B. Stronberg

Joel B. Stronberg is a senior executive and attorney and the founder and principal of The JBS Group, a Washington, DC consulting firm. Joel is currently advising the Legal Pathways to Deep Decarbonization project at Columbia University’s Sabin Center along with his other clients.

Joep Sanderink

Joep Sanderink is a project manager at New Energy Coalition as well as a member of the Future Energy Leaders NL. Through his work Joep aims to accelerate the energy transition for a sustainable future.

Johanna Schiele

Johanna Schiele is a McCloy Fellow and MPP scholar at Harvard Kennedy School, focusing on energy and climate regulation. She holds a BA in Economics and Philosophy from the University of Oxford and previously worked in energy market modelling at Aurora Energy Research and at the European Commission's Directorate-General for Climate Action.

Johannes Novy

Johannes Novy is a founding member of the Sustainable Metropolitan Tourismus Network (SMeT-NET) based at University of Westminster and Paris 1 Sorbonne-Pantheon as well as a member of the Berlin-based urbanist collective u-Lab, Studio für Stadt und Raumprozesse. He has published widely on urban development politics as well as urban tourism and leisure consumption.

John Atkinson

John Atkinson is the executive director of the Ontario Public Health Association.

John Butler

John Butler is a business manager with over 20 years’ experience in oil and gas and renewable energy industries. He is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer and a Fellow of the IMarEST. John also supports the Energy Institute and the Society of Petroleum Engineers(SPE) where he is the Hydrogen Programme Committee Chair.

John Calabrese

Dr John Calabrese is a professor at American University in Washington DC, where he teaches US foreign policy. He is the author of China's Changing Relations with the Middle East and Revolutionary Horizons: Iran's Regional Foreign Policy, and serves as the book review editor of The Middle East Journal.

John Dabbs

John Dabbs is a photojournalist, consultant, and sustainability author.

John Feffer

John Feffer is the director of Foreign Policy In Focus at the Institute for Policy Studies in Washington, DC. He is also the director of the Institute's new Global Just Transition project. He is the author of several books, including most recently "Right Across the World: The Global Networking of the Far Right and the Left's Response".

John Gillam

John Gillam is a Sustainable Finance consultant supporting financial services firms to enhance their governance and risk management models. John is an ethicist by training and has researched the issues of attempts to manage environmental issues by centralised cosmopolitan institutions; and understanding how the environmental obligations of financial services firms are best understood as stewardship obligations. 

John Poljak

John Poljak is the founder of keynumbers, a website dedicated to analysing energy and economic issues. He holds degrees in commerce and computing from the University of Western Sydney. Prior to starting up keynumbers, he had an international career working as a consultant in the Oil & Gas industry including stints in West Africa, Europe and the Middle East

John Quiggin

John Quiggin is a Professor of Economics at the University of Queensland, Australia. He is prominent both as a research economist and as a commentator on public policy.

John Scanlon

John Scanlon AO is a seasoned leader in the fields of environment, governance and sustainable development, with a unique range of experience gained across multiple continents, disciplines and organisations. He has served in senior positions in the private sector, with government, international organisations, the United Nations, and not-for-profit organizations, and as chair or member of many boards and initiatives. This includes working with IUCN (Bonn), UNEP (Nairobi) and CITES (Geneva)

John Silk

John Silk is the head of the Marshall Islands' delegation, representing the nation's interests in international climate negotiations.

John James Loomis

John James Loomis is a postdoctoral researcher at the Fundação Getulio Vargas in São Paulo, Brazil. His research focuses on carbon markets, ESG development in Brazil, global value chains in the Amazon, the circular economy, and forest ecosystem services.

John L. Craig

John L. Craig is a senior leader in engineering, construction, transportation, and the natural environment to improve people's lives, the economy, and the environment. He has led multibillion-dollar megaprograms in the public and private sectors, including joint ventures, public-private-partnerships, international consortiums, and joint and multinational operations.

John Leo Algo

John Leo Algo is the National Coordinator of Aksyon Klima Pilipinas, the Philippines's largest civil society network for climate action. He is also a member of the Youth Advisory Group for Environmental and Climate Justice, anchored in YECAP under agencies of the United Nations. He has been a climate and environment journalist since 2016.

Johnny Wood

Johnny Wood is a senior writer at Formative Content, specialising in the energy transition, sustainability and innovation. His articles have appeared in Forbes and The Wall Street Journal and he regularly contributes to the World Economic Forum’s Agenda media platform.

John Paul Jose

John Paul Jose is a social, environmental and climate justice advocate hailing from an agricultural family in Kerala, India. Living amidst nature, experiencing environmental changes and climate crises has driven him into taking action with experiences in dozens of organisations as a volunteer, ambassador, advisor, consultant, etc. He is also involved in research and policy development.

Jon Lye

Jon Lye is a freelance writer who volunteers in numerous NGOs in his home of Singapore. Additionally he works for the Singapore Air Force providing aid for operations and systems. Jon Lye focuses his writing on environmental issues as well as personal roadblocks he has faced.

Jonas Kottmeyer

Jonas Kottmeyer is a current MSc in Energy Management student at ESCP. His insterest in energy supply was sparked when he spent time in central Ghana and witnessed frequent power outages that complicated life for anyone without alternative energy sources.

Jonas Meuleman

Jonas Meuleman is a young graduate and an advocate for systemic change. His work navigates the intersection of public policy and European politics to address global challenges. He specialises in climate and environmental policy to help shape a sustainable future.

Jonathan Elkind

Jonathan Elkind is a fellow and senior research scholar at the Center on Global Energy Policy. Previously, from 2009 to 2017, he worked on international energy and climate issues at the United States Department of Energy, helping to coordinate energy policy in the Obama Administration. He departed DOE as Assistant Secretary for International Affairs.

Jonathan Foley

Dr Jonathan Foley is a renowned climate & environmental scientist, sustainability expert, educator, and public speaker. He is also executive director of Project Drawdown — the world’s leading resource for climate solutions. His work focuses on finding solutions to sustain the climate, ecosystems, and natural resources we all depend on.

Jonathan Gifford

Jonathan is a highly accomplished and respected figure in the renewable energy sector, particularly in the field of solar photovoltaics (PV). He is the global editor-in-chief of PV Magazine , and co-founder of PV Magazine Australia . He has consulted for various solar PV companies on PR / communications. He regularly hosts industry webinars, conferences and events including Intersolar Europe conference sessions, the Energy Transition Dialogue, the World Future Energy Summit, All Energy Australia and Energy Storage Europe.

Jonathan Reckford

Jonathan T.M. Reckford is the chief executive officer of Habitat for Humanity International, a global Christian housing organization that has helped more than 59 million people construct, rehabilitate or preserve their homes. He is also the chair of Leadership 18, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Global Future Council on the Future of Cities for the World Economic Forum, and a board member of the Barron Collier Companies.

Jongwoo Kim

Jongwoo Kim is the Founder's Associate at illuminem, where he also oversees event partnerships and all CEO engagements. Deeply committed to sustainable businesses and energy solutions, he played a pivotal role in the establishment of the renowned Global ESG Alliance. Jongwoo studied at HEC Paris. 

Jonny Mulligan

Jonny Mulligan is the Founder of The Martello Advisory Capital and M&A Advisory. Our mission is to use science based metrics to direct capital to the innovative impact businesses and projects that will drive the transition to the low carbon, low climate impact economy.

Jordi Pascual Torner

Jordi Pascual Torner is the Cities Lead at Circle Economy, where he works with cities to realise innovative, practical and impactful circular economy strategies. Jordi is driven by the need for systemic transformation and creation of a new economic model that delivers prosperity within the boundaries of our planet.

Jose Maria Figueres Ferrer

Jose Maria Figueres Ferrer was the President of Costa Rica from 1994 to 1998 as well as CEO and Director of the World Economic Forum from 2000 to 2004. He was also a presidential candidate during the 2022 campaign.

Joseph Castillo

Joseph Castillo is the founder Bold Energy, targeting the Permian Basin, which was sold to Earthstone Energy in 2017. He graduated from Yale in 1980 and his oilfield career with Schlumberger spanned the US, the North Sea, and Russia.

Josephine Wawira

Josephine Wawira is a circular economy communications expert at Sustainable Inclusive Business Kenya (SIB-K). She also serves on the board of UCESCO Africa​.

José Solís Hernández

José Solís Hernández is a MSc Mechanical Engineer and Data Analytics Manager at the Research and Development Division of CEMOSA in Málaga. He is the project coordinator of OMICRON.

Josh Edem Kojo Dotse

Josh Edem Kojo Dotse is a graduate renewable energy engineer from the University of Energy and Natural Resources, Sunyani-Ghana. He is the Head of the African community at ClimateScience, and advocates for sustainable living and capacity building of young people.

Joshua Amponsem

Joshua Amponsem is a Ghanaian climate activist and Co-Director of the new Youth Climate Justice Fund. He is the former Climate Lead at the Office of the UN Secretary General’s Envoy on Youth. and the Founder of Green Africa Youth Organization. He has almost a decade of experience of working with young people on Climate Action, Disaster Risk, and Resilience Building.

Joshua Omonuk

Joshua Omonuk is a climate activist and climate activism consultant. He focuses on training climate justice leaders in different African countries. He is also an economist and statistician

Joy Reyes

Joy Reyes is a climate justice activist dedicated to promoting the relationship between the climate crisis and the effects it continues to have on the most marignal members of society. @jamjoyrey_

Juan Cristobal Gillmore

Juan Cristobal Gillmore is a Chilean journalist and Global Brand Manger at Rembre Group. He is specialized in facilitating industries, companies, and public/private institutions to immerse themselves in the world of sustainability and emerge through triple impact.

Julia Padberg

Julia is a Partner at SET Ventures, an Amsterdam-based fund and Europe’s leading independent energy venture capital investor. She is a board member and trusted advisor at Flexidao, Trunkrs, Sensorfact and Energyworx.

Julia Steinberger

Dr Julia Steinberger is Professor of Ecological Economics at the University of Lausanne. She studies the relationships between the use of resources and performance of societies. She is an author of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) 6th Assessment Report, contributing to the report's discussion of climate change mitigation pathways.

Julian Popov

Julian Popov is Fellow of the European Climate Foundation, Chairman of the Building Performance Institute Europe and Former Minister of Environment of Bulgaria. He was the good will Bulgarian Ambassador for energy and climate policy and energy security adviser to the President of Bulgaria.

Julie Andersen

Julie Andersen is CEO & Co-Founder of Plastic Oceans International. Julie's career has focused on communicating new means to improve and safeguard human health and the environment from the negative effects of industrial development. She has worked in public health and nonprofit management internationally for the past 20 years, including the US, Japan, Hong Kong and Thailand.

Julie Cheetham

Julie Cheetham is a sustainability consultant with over 20 years of experience. Her focus lies in sustainable development and business transformation. Having worked for a range of clients across the hospitality and corporate sectors, in 2021 Julie drew from her diverse insights and together with an initial group of thought leaders, established Weeva – a SaaS platform that will enable the travel industry to adopt measurable and holistic sustainability practices.

Julien Geffard

Julien Geffard is Head of Europe in Ola's electric mobility division, spearheading its launch and operations. He embarked on his professional journey at Fiat Group, later venturing into BMW's French subsidiary and Bentley Motors in Europe & the UK, where he served as Head of Marketing Network. He has also been CMO for the Alpine brand within the Renault Group and Vice-President of Sales & Marketing for Peugeot's two-wheeler division.

Julio Friedmann

Dr Julio Friedmann is Chief Scientist and Chief Carbon Wrangler at Carbon Direct. He recently served as Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Office of Fossil Energy at the Department of Energy. More recently, he was a Senior Research Scholar at the Center on Global Energy Policy at Columbia University SIPA.

Jun Ukita Shepard

Jun Ukita Shepard is a Strategic Analysis Manager at RMI. She is a former Duke University Nicholas School of the Environment PhD fellow who studied the use of extensive, publicly available databases to investigate the convergence of global energy systems.

Justas Kaveckas

Justas Kaveckas is co-founder and CEO of Foros. He launched Foros after identifying the opportunity to revolutionise the vast, slow-moving forestry market. He lives with his family in Vilnius.

Justin Chiu

Justin Chiu is an Associate Professor in the Department of Energy Technology at the KTH Royal Institute for Technology.

Justin Guay

Justin Guay is the Director, Global Climate Strategy at The Sunrise Project.

Justin Ratcliffe

Justin Ratcliffe is an Economist & Research Analyst at the Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC). His policy interests include exploring the structural aspects of the Canadian economy as it relates to industry diversification, competition, emerging sectors, and social well-being through economic opportunity. Justin believes in bringing an empirical and evidence-based approach to the policy research and design process.

Justine Roche

Justine Roche is leading the World Economic Forum’s initiative on Mobilizing Investment for Clean Energy in Emerging Economies. Her work concentrates on solutioning barriers and enabling public and private-sector collaboration toward scaling clean energy investment, with a specific focus on the developing world.


Kai Ming Chang

Kai Ming Chang is a Researcher in ESG at the Center for Corporate Sustainability, National Taipei University. He led the 2022 Taiwan Sustainable Investment Survey project, analyzing data from 103 financial institutions. Previously, he worked on the “CDP Reporting Guidance” project with First Financial Holding, constructing scenario simulations for loan customers in carbon-sensitive industries. Kai Ming is currently pursuing an MSc in Sustainability and Social Innovation at HEC Paris and holds a BBA in Finance and Cooperative Management from National Taipei University.

Kanika Chandaria

Kanika Chandaria is a Lead Venture Architect at BCG Digital Ventures, the corporate innovation and digital business-building arm of Boston Consulting Group. Over the course of her career, Kanika has shifted her interest to Climate Tech and became the Co-Founder of BCG Green Ventures which builds and scales businesses and technologies that accelerate the transition to net zero.

Kanni Wignaraja

Kanni Wignaraja, UN Assistant Secretary-General and UNDP Assistant Administrator, has been overseeing the UNDP's Regional Bureau for Asia and the Pacific since November 2019. With over 25 years of UN and UNDP experience, she spearheads sustainable development efforts, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region. With expertise in policy, program, and management, she has contributed significantly to research and conferences on public policy, institutional reform, capacity development, human rights, and leadership.

Kapil Narula

Kapil Narula is a veteran of the Indian Navy and holds an interdisciplinary PhD in Economics. He has over 20 years of versatile global experience while leading several teams in the UN, government, think tanks, universities and industries.

Kareim Youssef

Kareim Youssef is co-founder of the Student Energy Chapter at the University of Calgary where he majors in electrical engineering.

Karen Huere

Karen Huere is an indigenous climate activist from Peru who focuses her activities on the land's rights and the care that Indigenous people have provided and continue to provide the Earth as opposed to the colonial tradition of envisioning the earth.

Karim Elgendy

Karim Elgendy is an Associate Fellow with Chatham House, a Non-Resident Scholar at the Middle East Institute in Washington, and the founder of Carboun.

Karl Burkart

Karl Burkart is the Co-founder and Deputy Director of One Earth, and formerly the Director of Media, Science & Technology at the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation.

Karlee Shields

Karlee Shields holds a Masters degree in Sustainability and Sustainable Food Systems from Prescott College and currently works in alternative medicine.

Karsten Neuhoff

Karsten Neuhoff is Head of Department of the Climate Policy Department at the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin) and is Professor at the Institute for Economics and Law of Technical University Berlin.

Kasper Benjamin Reimer Bjørkskov

Kasper Benjamin Reimer Bjørkskov is an architect who specializes in converting complex environmental and social challenges into innovative, sustainable architectural solutions, promoting inclusive design that spurs societal change. He has actively engaged in numerous architectural projects dedicated to minimizing CO2 emissions, demonstrating the feasibility of constructing buildings and simultaneously reducing CO2 with no additional costs.

Kate Handley

Kate Handley is the Executive Director of the Biodiversity Law Centre, a new non-profit law clinic whose vision is flourishing indigenous species and ecosystems that support sustainable livelihoods in Southern Africa.

Kate Mallory

Kate Mallory is an undergraduate studying International Relations. Currently, she’s a member of 100 Million USA’s National Campaign Group. Previously, she was a Youth Advisor to the UN Office on Drugs and Crime and a delegate to the UN General Assembly.

Kate Zerrenner

Kate Zerrenner is a policy expert with nearly 20 years of non-profit and state and federal experience in climate, energy, and environmental policy, strategy, communications, and politics. She is currently Senior Researcher at Harvard Business School. Kate has written and successfully passed two energy-water bills through both chambers of the Texas Legislature and advised the US Department of Energy Water-Energy team.

Katherine Foster

Katherine Foster is Strategy Advisor for The Digital Economist and Senior Advisor to the Open Earth Foundation. Among others, she is also Member of the Supervisory Board of European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) Food.

Kathryn Porter

Kathryn Porter is the founder of Watt-Logic, an energy consulting firm. She is also a member of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Energy Studies.

Kathy Fallon

Kathy Fallon is the Director of Land & Climate at Clean Air Task Force (CATF). Prior to joining CATF, Kathy was a Senior Advisor at the Center for Climate, Health, the Global Environment at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

Kaushik Deb

Kaushik Deb is a Senior Research Scholar at the Center on Global Energy Policy within the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University

Kaveh Zahedi

Kaveh Zahedi is Deputy Executive Secretary for Sustainable Development at the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP). In this capacity, he is responsible for advancing the ESCAP’s mission to promote sustainable economic and social development in the Asia-Pacific region. With over 25 years experience at the UN, he previously served as Regional Director & Representative for Asia Pacific, Climate Change Coordinator and Advisor at the UN Environment Programme.

Kedar Balasubramanian

Kedar Balasubramanian is a Product Owner at gridX GmbH. He also works as the Partnerships Lead (Germany) for the NGO: Young Leaders in Energy and Sustainability (YES) Europe.

Kehkashan Basu

Kehkashan Basu is the Founder-President of Green Hope Foundation. Winner of the 2016 International Children’s Peace Prize. A Forbes 30 Under 30, Kehkashan is a United Nations Human Rights Champion, one of Canada's Top25 Women of Influence and the Regional Organizing Partner for North America for the NGO Major Group. Kehkashan

Keith Baker

Dr Keith Baker is a Research Fellow in Fuel Poverty and Energy Policy at the Built Environment Asset Management (BEAM) Centre, Glasgow Caledonian University; a Co-founder of the Energy Poverty Research initiative (a spin-out from the BEAM Centre); a Board Member and Convenor of the Energy Working Group at the Scottish ‘think and do’ tank, Common Weal; an Associate of 100% Renewable UK; and an Officer of the National Coordinating Committee of Scientists for Global Responsibility.

Kelly Wanser

Kelly Wanser is the Executive Director of SilverLining, a non-profit focused on addressing near-term climate risks. She actively contributes to the development of climate-related legislation, collaborates with leading organizations like IPCC, NSTC, and NOAA, and established a research program on atmospheric climate intervention. Besides her work at SilverLining, Wanser co-founded the University of Washington Marine Cloud Brightening Project, serves as an Advisor to Dendra Systems for ecosystem restoration, and is a member of the President's Circle of the National Academy of Sciences. With a background in technology and consulting, she holds degrees in economics and philosophy from Boston College and the University of Oxford.

Ken Cottrill

Ken Cottrill is an award-winning writer and editor with more than 30 years of experience turning business ideas into compelling stories. His articles have appeared in many mainstream publications including GreenBiz, Harvard Business Review, Sloan Management Review, The Guardian, and Wall Street Journal as well as on thought leadership platforms from organizations such as The Massachusetts Institute of Technology and The World Economic Forum.

Kenneth Pucker

Kenneth Pucker is a Professor of Practice at the Fletcher School at Tufts University. Prior to this, Ken served as the Chief Operating Officer at Timberland.

Kester Ratcliff

Kester Ratcliff is now pursuing a MSc in Environment, Politics and Development at King's College London. He graduated from the University of Kent with a BA in Politics and International Relations.

Kevin Li

Kevin Li is a Researcher at CarbonCare InnoLab, a Hong Kong-based environmental NGO. He leads research that tracks the annual performance of Asian cities against the Paris Agreement goals.

Kevin Moss

Kevin Moss is the Global Director of World Resource Institute’s Center for Sustainable Business (CSB). In this capacity, he leads the Institute’s private sector strategy, guides CSB’s research and engagement and oversees WRI’s business-oriented initiatives.

Kevin Niparko

Kevin Niparko is co-founder of and Vice President of Twilio.

Kevin Trenberth

Kevin Trenberth is a Distinguished Scholar at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) and an honorary affiliate faculty at the University of Auckland in New Zealand. He was previously employed as a research scientist in the New Zealand Meteorological Service and as a Professor at the University of Illinois for nearly 7 years. He has been prominent in most of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) scientific assessments of Climate Change and has also extensively served the World Climate Research Programme (WCRP).

Khalid Mohammed Al Blooshi

Khalid Mohammed Al Blooshi is a student in Zayed University's dual credit program for computer science. He is a sustainability ambassador for Youth 4 Sustainability.

Kim Perrotta

Kim Perrotta, MHSc is an Environmental Health Policy Specialist who has been working issues related to air quality, climate change, and the built environment for over 30 years. She is the Editor and co-author of the 240-page Climate Change Toolkit for Health Professionals and the author of the 220-page report, Public Health and Land Use Planning: How 10 Public Health Units are Working to Create Healthy and Sustainable Communities.

Kimberley Miner

Dr Kimberley R. Miner is a Research Assistant Professor at the University of Maine, focusing on global risks from climate change. She is a Fellow at the Centre for Climate and Security and Co-chair of the NASA HQ Interagency Forum on Climate Risks, Impacts, and Adaptation.

Kingsmill Bond

Kingsmill Bond is an Energy Strategist and Senior Principal at RMI. He has served as a strategist and analyst at companies including Deutsche Bank, Sberbank and Citibank.

Kirk Hall

Kirk Hall is a Degrowth and affordable housing advocate living in Tasmania, Australia. He has a Facebook page called “Degrowth - it’s urgent” and groups including “Degrowth - join the revolution”.

Kirsten Buck

Kirsten Buck is Chief Impact & Culture Officer at PTHR - a growing consultancy in progressive HR/OD and the next stage of business evolution, and a certified B Corporation organisation. Kirsten is a Semco Style Institute certified expert, Co-chair of B Local Scotland, a Fellow of the RSA, member of the EODF, and an avid writer.

Kirsten Westphal

Dr Kirsten Westphal is Executive Director at H2Global Stiftung and leads the independent Analysis & Research Division.

Kirsten Wolmarans

Kirsten Wolmarans is a Partner at Webber Wentzel specializing in dispute resolution. She has extensive experience in litigating at the High Court of South Africa, the Supreme Court of Appeal and the Constitutional Court. Kirsten has advised and acted for a large range of clients, including major banks, auditing companies, mining companies and pension fund administrators.

Knox Thames

Knox Thames is an international human rights lawyer, advocate, and author who has dedicated his career to promoting the rights of religious minorities and combatting persecution. Over his 20 years of service in the U.S. government, Knox held several key diplomatic positions advocating for freedom of religion or belief.

Kohzy Koh

Kohzy Koh is Head of Product at Cloverly and a contributor for

Kristina Church

Kristina Church is the Head of Responsible Strategy at BNY Mellon Investment Management (BNYM IM), ACA. She is responsible for developing and leading the execution of BNYMIM’s Responsible Investment (RI) Program. She collaborates with the ESG leaders across the wider BNY Mellon enterprise and co-chairs the bank’s ESG Advisory Council. Previously, she worked at Lombard Odier Investment Managers and Barclays Capital.

Kristjan Eljand

Kristjan Eljand is a Technology Scout at Eesti Energia, where his work revolves around finding new digital technologies for Eesti Energia, Technology based innovation, Technology training. He is also a graduate from University of Tartu where he received his masters in economics and business administration.

Krithi Karanth

Dr. Krithi K Karanth, Chief Conservation Scientist at Bengaluru-based Centre for Wildlife Studies (CWS), has been chosen as the first Indian and Asian woman for the 2021 ‘WILD Innovator Award’. This award given by the ‘‘WILD ELEMENTS Foundation” brings together a coalition of innovators, advocates and partners to “disrupt the status quo and identify solutions to global sustainability and conservation."

Kübra Koldemir

Kübra Koldemir is a sustainability business writer at SustainFinance as well as a sustainability researcher at Argüden Governance Academy.

Kumar Venkat

Kumar Venkat is the Founder and CEO of Model Paths. He served as the principal climate consultant for Climate Trajectories. In June 2021, he was appointed CTO of Planet FWD where he led the development of a best-in-class carbon accounting solution for the food and agriculture space.

Kurt Harrison

Kurt Harrison is the Founder and Co-Head of the Global Sustainability Practice at Russell Reynolds Associates. He is a recognized industry leader across ESG and Sustainability, and a sought-after public speaker and guest lecturer who was recently named as a “Top Voice in the Green Economy” by LinkedIn. Kurt is a highly-regarded author on ESG topics, and a number of his ground-breaking white papers have been published in the Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance.


Labanya Prakash Jena

Labanya Prakash Jena is the Head of the Centre for Sustainable Finance at the Climate Policy Initiative. Earlier, he was working as the Regional Climate Finance Adviser at the Commonwealth Secretariat. Labanya was earlier leading in the development of India's sustainable finance roadmap in association with the Ministry of Finance. He spent 18 years in the financial sector; his current focus is to create an ecosystem that can enable capital flows for climate actions.

Lachlan Carey

Lachlan Carey is a Senior Associate at RMI based in Colorado and created in 1982 as an independent non-profit. He is leading work on US regional economic development and is dedicated to transforming global energy systems.

Laima Eicke

Laima Eicke is an Associate and former Research Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School Belfer Center's Environment and Natural Resources Program (ENRP) and the Science, Technology, and Public Policy Program (STPP). Her research focuses on the decarbonization pathways of countries worldwide, value chains of renewable energy technologies, and how both affect geopolitics.

Lamé Verre

Lamé Verre is a Fellow of the Energy Institute and the Co-founder and Chair of the Advisory Board | Lean in Equity & Sustainability. She also sits on the Global Future Council - The Future of the Energy Transition at the World Economic Forum

Lan Wang-Erlandsson

Lan Wang-Erlandsson is a Researcher at the Stockholm Resilience Center. She studies the role of water for social-ecological and Earth system resilience.

Lara Lázaro

Lara Lázaro is a Senior Analyst at the Elcano Royal Institute and Lecturer in Economic Theory at Cardenal Cisneros University College in Madrid.

Laura Basconi

Laura Basconi is an expert in the impact and mitigation of climate change, ecosystem services and environmental restoration. Over her time in Academia, she has always cared about the dissemination of the hard scientific concepts, which led her to her first interactions with corporate entities in search of impact reduction.

Laura is currently Climate Change Mitigation Manager at AWorld, the official platform of the United Nations and the European Commission, for the empowerment of citizens of the world towards climate action. She got a bachelor's degree in Biology from Bicocca University in Milan and one in Marine Biology and Ecology obtained from the University of Salento. After four years of research mainly based in Ca' Foscari University (Venice, Italy) and the NIOZ research center (Texel, Netherlands), Laura became a PhD in Science and Management of Climate Change.

Laura Silvia Adduci

Laura Silvia Adduci is a university specialist in neurosurgery belonging to a team of doctors interested in the environment and its place in health.

Laure Villepelet

Laure Villepelet is ESG Director at Tikehau Capital, where she is responsible for monitoring prospective investments and assets under management.

Laurence Monnier

Laurence Monnier is a Research Associate and member of the EDHECinfra Advisory Board, EDHEC Business School​.

Laurene Petitjean

Laurene Petitjean is a green chemist at Yale University Center for Green Chemistry and Green Engineering and contributor to

Laurent Rousseau

Laurent Rousseau is the immediate past CEO of SCOR. He also served as a Vice President of Investment Banking and M&A at JP Morgan.

Laurent-David Charbit

Laurent-David Charbit is the Co-Head of the Private-Equity Regenerative Agriculture Fund at Tikehau Capital. He has previously worked in jobs across Europe, Asia, and the United States in various consulting and operational roles.

Laurenz Ohlig

Laurenz Ohlig works as an Investment Analyst in the Climate Tech team at Global Founders Capital, who currently pursues his Master's degree at WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management.

Lawrence Haddad

Lawrence Haddad is the Executive Director, The Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN).

Laxmi Haigh

Laxmi Haigh is an environmental writer and the Lead Editor at Circle Economy. Laxmi Haigh is also a research professional with a Research Msc in Anthropology from the University of Utrectht.

Lea Gajewski

Lea Gajewski is a researcher at Greenpeace Japan.

Lee Beck

Lee Beck is Clean Air Task Force’s International Director for Carbon Capture where she leads strategy, program, and team, which is represented in the US, Europe, and the Middle East.

Lee Howell

Lee Howell is the founding Executive Director of the Villars Institute, a Swiss nonprofit foundation dedicated to accelerating the transition to a net zero and nature-positive economy by promoting systems leadership and intergenerational collaboration. He is also a Titular Professor at the University of Geneva’s School of Economics and Management (GSEM).

Leila Toplic

Leila Toplic is the Chief Communications and Trust Officer at Carbonfuture, the world's leading provider of high-integrity, durable carbon removal. With over two decades of experience at the intersection of technology, ethics, and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Leila has held high-level positions at companies like Microsoft and NGOs such as NetHope (a consortium of 65 global NGOs). Recognized as one of the Top 100 Women in AI Ethics in 2021, Leila actively contributes to boards and initiatives that advance responsible innovation, equity and inclusion, and human rights. She also serves on the Board of Negative Emissions Platform.

Lena Thiede

Lena is a co-founding partner at Planet A Ventures, a Green Tech VC supporting European startups, where she is in charge of scientific impact measurement. Lena has a background in environmental and climate research & policy and worked as a senior government official on sustainable finance and biodiversity.

Lennart Joos

Lennart Joos, PhD is the founder of Out of the Blue, an ocean-CO2 removal start-up inspired by the research he did as a Fulbright scholar at UC Berkeley.

Leon Stille

Leon Stille is managing director of New Energy Institute. New Energy Institute is focused on expert advice, education, and innovation, consulting for companies like BCG, Shell, TNO, Berq RNG and several investment firms. He is also key lecturer for renewable gas and hydrogen for New Energy Business School, expert speaker on energy transition topics for several universities (MBA energy transition of the University of Groningen and University of Rotterdam) and often speaks and moderates at key industrial conferences and events. He also holds several advisory positions at the European Biogas Association, Hydrogen Europe and committee member sustainability of the international gas union. Leon holds 3 patents on renewable gas purification and conversion.

Leonard Lum

Leonard Lum is a Data analyst at EDHECinfra. Previously, he worked for a large custodian bank providing accounting and asset services. Leonard also has experience in the fintech and insurance industry. He holds a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Accounting and Finance from the University of London and is an associate member of CPA Australia.

Leonardo Beltran

Leonardo Beltran is a Distinguished Visiting Fellow at Columbia University's Center for Global Energy Policy, a non-resident fellow at the Institute of the Americas, and an executive fellow of the School of Public Policy at the University of Calgary. He is also serving his second three-year term on the Administrative Board of Sustainable Energy for All.

Leonardo Civinelli Tornel da Silveira

Leonardo Civinelli Tornel da Silveira is currently pursuing a midcareer master's degree in Public Administration at Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government. He previously worked for the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) and has over a decade of experience dedicated to ending poverty and hunger.

Leon de Graaf

Leon de Graaf is a senior consultant at #SustainablePublicAffairs, a Brussels-based public affairs agency that lobbies for more ambitious EU climate and environment policy for sustainable frontrunners. Previously he was the main climate and environment expert at BusinessEurope, Europe's biggest lobby group.

Letizia Macrì

Letizia Macrì is Vice President at the ESG European Institute. She is an expert on corporate law, as well as corporate compliance, and holds the role of Deputy Legal Affairs - Corporate Compliance Manager at AVIO S.p.A.

Leyla Acaroglu

Dr Leyla Acaroglu is founder of the UnSchool of Disruptive Design. She was named 2016 United Nations Champion of the Earth for her in advancing science and innovation for sustainability. She is a mainstage TED speaker, entrepreneur and creator of the Disruptive Design Method.

Lily Ginsberg-Keig

Lily Ginsberg-Keig is Policy Manager at BeZero Carbon, a global carbon credit ratings agency, focusing on carbon markets regulation across the Voluntary Carbon Market, Compliance Schemes and Article 6. Lily has experience working with governments in both the private and public sector. Lily previously worked at Arup advising local and national governments on their climate action plans and prior to this, she worked for the UK Government as an adviser to the Minister for the Environment.

Lily Raphael

Lily Raphael is the design and experimentation lead at Circular Food Innovation Lab for the City of Vancouver. She also holds a Master's degree from the University of British Columbia in Community and Regional Planning.

Linda Zeilina

Linda Zeilina is the founder and CEO of the International Sustainable Finance Centre (ISFC), an independent and impact-driven think tank with a focus on sustainable finance topics. Linda is a Fellow at the Royal Society of Arts (RSA) in London, and an advisory board member of the Romanian Sustainable and Finance Association (RoSIF).

Lindiwe Matlali

Lindiwe Matlali is the Founder and CEO of Africa Teen Geeks; Africa's largest computer science education nonprofit and Apodytes an award-winning technology company. Her numerous accolades Schwab Foundation Social Innovator of the Year, Queen Elizabeth II Point of Light Award, Mail & Guardian Top Young South Africans, Destiny Magazine Power of 40, Top 50 most inspiring women in tech, MTN Women in ICT Community Builder Recognition Award and Fairlady/Santam Social Entrepreneur.

Lisa Chamberlain

Prior to joining the World Economic Forum's Centre for Urban Transformation, Lisa reported on real estate for The New York Times, was the Executive Director of the Forum for Urban Design, and a consultant to architecture, planning and economic development firms in New York City.

Lisa De Vellis

Lisa De Vellis leverages an engineering background in diverse global contexts to write about sustainability, society and policy.

Livia Miethke Morais

Livia Miethke is a Senior Climate Finance Specialist at the Basel Agency for Sustainable Energy. She advises financial institutions to develop their sustainability strategies, meet their net-zero commitments, and implement commercial strategies to support their customers in adopting low-carbon measures and implementing sustainable technology solutions.

Lloyd Pinnell

Lloyd Pinnell works in the field of sustainable finance and renewable energy, supporting companies, investors and governments on strategies for reaching net-zero.

Lolade Aluko

Lolade Aluko is a Marine Fuels Trader at Peninsula, a global leader in marine energy solutions. She has previous experience in the financial services industry, with a focus on mining, metals and industrial decarbonisation. Lolade has a range of expertise in industries spanning renewable energy and global commodity supply chains.

Lonnie McFadden

Lonnie McFadden is a creative entrepreneur, internationally published author, motivational speaker and Medium Top Writer.

Loren Legarda

Loren Legarda is a politician, environmentalist, cultural worker, and former journalist serving as President pro tempore of the Senate of the Philippines.

Luca Bergamaschi

Luca Bergamaschi is co-founder of ECCO think tank. He has been working together with governments, think tanks, philanthropy and civil society organisations to accelerate climate action in Italy, Europe and globally.

Luca Buzzotta

Luca Buzzotta is the founder of Naturnova and and innovations enthusiast. He supports agricultural players all over the world by advocating the most sustainable inputs, tech and equipment, to ensure food safety.

Luca Franza

Luca Franza is a Scientific Advisor to the IAI Energy, Climate and Resources Programme. He also serves as Head of EU Institutional Affairs of Edison SpA (EDF Group) and an Associate Fellow at the Clingendael International Energy Programme (CIEP) in The Hague.

Luca Zerbini

Luca Zerbini is Founder and co-Managing Partner of Una Terra Venture Capital Fund. He previously served as CEO and Managing Director at Fedrigoni Paper as well as Vice-President and General Manager at Amcor. Luca holds an Industrial Engineering MSE from Politecnico di Milano and an MBA with Honors from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.

Lucas Tesconi

Lucas Tesconi is an MSc in Energy Management student at ESCP Business School and is very interested in local and sustainable farming.

Lucia Jaramillo

Lucia Jaramillo is a student at the Parsons School of Design majoring in Strategic Design & Management.

Luciana Miu

Luciana Miu is the Head of Clean Economy at Energy Policy Group. She holds a Master’s degree in Sustainable Energy Systems from the University of Edinburgh and a PhD in Energy Efficiency of Residential Buildings from the Imperial College London. Before joining EPG, Luciana worked for the UK Parliament and for the British Government’s Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), as well as a consultant for Climate-KIC and London City Hall.

Luciana Antonini Ribeiro

Luciana Antonini Ribeiro is co-founder of eB Capital, a leading private equity firm investing in highly scalable solutions to Brazilian structural gaps.

Lucie Pinson

Lucie Pinson is the founder and executive director of Reclaim Finance, a data-driven campaigning NGO which focus on the decarbonisation of financial flows. She received the Goldman Environmental Prize in 2020 for her work against coal financing.

Ludmila Azo

Ludmila Azo is Country Manager at the International Trade Centre (ITC). Prior to joining ITC, Azo worked in the Energy sector at the Africa Mini-grids Developers Association (AMDA) in Kenya. She has also worked with the UN Department of Political Affairs on coordinating peace and security efforts in the Great Lakes region of Africa.

Luisa Palacios

Luisa Palacios is a Senior Research Scholar at the Center on Global Energy Policy, Columbia University. Previously, she was Director at Barclay Capital and economist at Société Générale.

Lukas Schneeweiß

Lukas Schneeweiß is an Associate of illuminem. He has experience in Data Science, Consulting and Research at Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien, Rosenbauer Group and PwC Austria. He aims to push forward creative solutions in sustainability through a data-driven and research-based approach, believing in the power of innovation to solve the most urgent challenges of our time.


Maciej Kolaczkowski

Maciej Kolaczkowski is Manager of the Oil and Gas Industry at the World Economic Forum. Prior this, he worked on strategy at PGNiG, energy policy at the Polish Prime Minister’s Office and international negotiations in the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Madeleine Whitestone

Madeleine Whitestone is an analyst with the Renewables in Remote Communities program at the Pembina Institute in Canada. She is also a recent bachlero's of chemical engineering graduate from the Univeristy of McGill.

Madeleine Diouf

Madeleine Diouf is Senegal's Climate Minister, representing the bloc of Least Developed Countries and emphasizing their needs in climate crisis discussions.

Mahak Agrawal

Mahak Agrawal is an Urban Planner and Sustainability Specialist at the Global Fund to End Modern Slavery. She also serves on the ITA Committee on Underground Spaces Steering Board. She formerly worked at the Center on Global Energy Policy in New York and has a track record of engagement and collaboration with the OECD, IPCC, and the United Nations.

Mahamadou Issoufou

His Excellency Mahamadou Issoufou is the former President of Niger and recipient of the Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in African Leadership.

Mahesh Ramanujam

Mahesh Ramanujam is the President and CEO of the Global Network for Zero where he convenes a coalition of leaders dedicated to progressing society toward greater ESG compliance and ultimately a zero greenhouse gas economy.

Mairead Matthews

Mairead Matthews is the Manager of Digital Policy at the Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC). Mairead brings her longstanding interest in Canadian policy and her background in public administration and political science to the conversation on technology and 21st century regulatory challenges. Mairead’s areas of interest include privacy and data governance, IP and innovation policy, and the social and ethical impacts of emerging tech.

Makario Sarsozo

Makario Sarsozo is a senior storyteller and science communicator with many years of experience creating innovative content for broadcast and digital platforms. He has worked as a showrunner, writer, and producer on projects for National Geographic, Science Channel and YouTube.

Mamadi Kamara

Mamadi Kamara is a consultant in decarbonization strategy (LCA carbon footprint calculation, eco conception levers, etc.). He is a graduate of the ESCP Europe master's degree in Sustainability, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and is also a volunteer at Ghett'up and hhf media.

Mana Omar

Mana Omar is a climate scientist by profession, a climate justice/gender advocate for the indigenous pastoralist communities of Kenya and the Founder and CEO of Spring of the arid and semi-arid lands (SASAL). Mana is also a youth leader with the UN Women Feminist Action for Climate Justice Action Coalition . Mana also holds a Bachelor's degree in Meteorology from the University of Nairobi.

Manal Shehabi

Dr. Manal Shehabi is a Senior Research Fellow at the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies and Founding Director at SHEER Research & Advisory Ltd.

Mandira Bagwandeen

Dr. Mandira Bagwandeen is a Senior Researcher at the Nelson Mandela School of Public Governance at the University of Cape Town (UCT). Her primary research interests are China-Africa relations, Africa’s regional integration and industrialisation, digital governance, the geopolitics and geoeconomics of natural commodities, and South-South cooperation.

Manfredi Morello

Manfredi Morello is the Solicited Rating Team Coordinator at Standard Ethics, a leading Sustainability Rating Agency. He is a member of CSR Natives – the first italian network of young sustainability professionals.

Manfredi Trapolino

Manfredi Trapolino is a climate policy advisor with expertise in international negotiations, climate finance and policy-making processes for sustainability and agriculture in developing and emerging economies.

Manish Pandey

Dr. Manish Pandey is a professor in the Department of Economics at the University of Winnipeg with an extensive portfolio of research on productivity and comparative performance in labor economics, public economics, macroeconomics and immigration.

Manishankar Prasad

Manishankar Prasad is the Founder of

Manleen Dugal

Manleen Dugal is an independent consultant (policy and law) on international climate change policy, environmental sustainability, and trade and development policy issues. Manleen has advised WTO Members since 2004 and also offers her services to international organisations (UN agencies), consulting firms, think-tanks and businesses. Manleen is passionate about writing on environmental/climate change topics and conveying complex and multi-dimensional issues to a wider audience in an accessible manner.

Manon Corneille

Manon Corneille is working on increasing the visibility of ECOTEN urban comfort, a start-up providing data-driven tools to help cities to cope with climate change challenges.

Manuel Pulgar-Vidal

Manuel Pulgar-Vidal is the former Minister of the Environment of Peru and served as the President of COP20, focusing on environmental conservation and climate change policies.

Marcella Guarneri

Marcella Guarneri is an architect and urban planner, public manager, and Master in urban management and development, specialist in management in infrastructure for green cities. Since 2016, she has been supporting sustainable urban development projects in several countries, such as Angola, Guinea Bissau, Sao Tome & Principe, Vietnam, Mozambique, Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire, specifically in programmes related to housing, urban policies and urban planning and design. She is currently a Programme Analyst at UN-Habitat's Planning Finance and Economy Section

Marcelo Fabian Saitta

Marcelo Fabian Saitta is a university specialist in pediatrics belonging to a team of doctors interested in the environment and its place in health.

Marcin Jedrzejewski

Marcin Jedrzejewski is a Partner and Associate Director at Boston Consulting Group (BCG). He specializes in the oil, gas, petrochemical, and chemical industries in Europe and the Middle East, with a specific interest in strategy, sales, marketing, and operations. Marcin has extensive experience in management consulting, having worked at BCG for over 11 years. He is highly skilled in strategy and management and has been endorsed by colleagues for his expertise.

Marco Duso

Marco Duso is a Partner in BCG Climate and Sustainability Practice and co-founder of BCG Green Ventures​.

Marco Scipolo

Marco Scipolo is a sustainability consultant at Lundquist. He is a member of CSRnatives - the first Italian network of young sustainability addicts

Marco Vesters

Marco Vesters is Chief Exploration & Curiosity Officer in the Age of Consequences and a deep thinking analyst on the metacrisis. Marco is on an expedition to discover and design frameworks for global protopian stewardship. He deals with topics related to the underlying dynamics of our global ecological, socio-economic, physiological, and psychological crisis.

Marcos Regis da Silva

Marcos Regis Silva is a former Chief, Knowledge Management and Outreach Services, with the CITES Secretariat

Marcus Foeller

Marcus Foeller is a finance expert, activist and author with a focus on sustainability. He worked at several Banks in Germany, fighting to change capital market boundaries for more sustainable investing rather than short-term focused profits.

Margaret Heffernan

Margaret Heffernan is a Professor of Practice at the University of Bath, Lead Faculty for the Forward Institute’s Responsible Leadership Programme and, through Merryck & Co., mentors CEOs and senior executives of major global organizations.

Maria Demertzis

Maria Demertzis is Deputy Director of Bruegel think tank. She has previously worked at the European Commission and the research department of the Dutch Central Bank. She has also held academic positions at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and the University of Strathclyde, from where she holds a PhD in economics.

Maria Petrova

Maria Petrova, PhD is a Program Director at Georgetown University. She examines public acceptance of wind and wave energy. Raised on the Black Sea, she focuses on just and equitable energy transitions, food and water availability and access, and sustainable solutions.

Maria Rugamer

Maria Rugamer is the Head of illuminem Voices, working to nurture our vibrant community of Thought Leaders, which stands as the world's largest and premier expert network in sustainability. Holding a degree in History and Politics from the University of Oxford, she is passionate about sustainable business and financing.

Maria Tymtsias

Maria Tymtsias is an ESG strategist and reporting expert who also leads twin transformation projects, empowering large organizations to harness digital technologies in achieving sustainability goals.

Maria Zielinska

Maria Zielinska is an Innovation Consultant working with organisations that spearhead sustainability solutions.

María Verónica Viñas Chacior

María Verónica Viñas Chacior is a university specialist in general surgery belonging to a team of doctors interested in the environment and its place in health.

Maria Eugenia Filmanovic

Maria Eugenia Filmanovic is Co-Founder of Abatable, a YC-backed startup building a carbon procurement platform for the voluntary carbon market. She previously worked as a Vice President at Goldman Sachs.

Maria F. Burgos

Maria F. Burgos is the founder and CEO of Trendy Seconds, a clothing and apparel start-up working to simplify the journey to shop for Sustainable Fashion.

María Helena Jaén

María Helena Jaén is an Honorary Professor at the Universidad de Los Andes.

Maria Vittoria Bassetto

Maria Vittoria Bassetto is a co-founder at illuminem managing both legal and operational aspects of the company, thanks to her legal background from Bocconi University and 5 years of experience at a leading Italian law firm. With a strong affinity for startups and their ecosystem, she ensure seamless day-to-day operations, leveraging her expertise to drive organizational efficiency.

Marie Fricaudet

Marie Fricaudet is a PhD student at UCL. She holds an MSc in Public Policy from the University Sciences Po Paris and the London School of Economics and Political Sciences (LSE). Her interests and areas of expertise include financial climate risks, shipping decarbonisation, and stranded assets risk in shipping.

Marie-Anne Vincent

Marie-Anne Vincent is VP climate finance at Sweep. She is the former CEO of the European climate data provider Carbon4 Finance and has 15+ years of experience in the finance industry, working at various positions at HSBC and BNP Paribas on the intersection of finance and sustainability.

Mariel Ferragamo

Mariel Ferragamo is Assistant Copy Editor & Writer at the Council on Foreign Relations. She was engaged in energy and climate communications at The Energy for Growth Hub, where she held the positions of communications coordinator and podcast producer. Alongside her work in communications, she has an interest in journalism, politics, and policy. She earned her B.A. in Environmental Policy from Colby College. During her academic years, Mariel also worked as an intern in both the United States Senate and the US House of Representatives.

Marie-Laure Schaufelberger

Marie-Laure Schaufelberger is President of Sustainable Finance Geneva, where she covers best practices in ESG integration across the firm, active ownership and developing strategic partnerships for sustainability and impact

Marina Saguar Urquiola

Marina Saguar is Operations and Communications Coordinator at Sureco and Partners. Her expertise involves the development of gender policies, guides and tools for climate change projects, working with entities such as the World Bank, the Latin American Association of Development Finance Institutions (ALIDE), and the Ministry of Environment of Nicaragua. Marina has been involved in climate finance and ESG projects with the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, the Central American Bank for Economic Integration, and the Center for Environmental and Social Studies (Paraguay).

Marion Voldan

Marion Voldan is RfP Writing Expert at Broadpeak, a Swiss-based International Advisory Company. Previously, she gained experience in financial markets, working in Asset Management (J.P. Morgan Asset Management), Insurance (AXA Insurance), and Banking (Goldman Sachs). Further, she helped develop the business of a sustainable lithium company (Sigma Lithium) in Brazil. Marion holds a Master’s Degree in Banking and Finance (University of St. Gallen), as well as a Master’s in International Management (FGV Sao Paulo).

Mark Diesendorf

Dr Mark Diesendorf is Honorary Associate Professor in Environment and Society at UNSW Sydney and senior editor for energy at the international journal Global Sustainability.

Mark Driscoll

Mark is the Founder and Director of Tasting the Future, a purpose driven not-for-profit sustainable food systems consultancy.

Mark Esposito

Dr. Mark Esposito is a bestselling author, and the co-founder & Chief Learning Officer at Nexus FrontierTech. Mark is a global expert of the World Economic Forum and advisor to national governments. He is currently advisor for the Prime Minister Office in the UAE. Mark has also held several academic appointments for some of the world’s leading institutions such as Hult International Business School (where he is Director of the Future Readiness Impact Lab), Harvard Business School, University of Cambridge and many more.

Mark Rutte

Mark Rutte is the Prime Minister of the Netherlands and has been the Leader of the People's Party for Freedom and Democracy since 2006. Mark began his career as a Human Resources manager at Unilever before transitioning into politics which began when he was elected as a Member of the House of Representatives of the Netherlands. Mark has led a multitude of efforts in sustainability at both a National and International level.

Mark Trexler

Mark C. Trexler directs the Climatographers and focuses on climate risk knowledge management. He founded the first U.S. business climate risk consultancy in 1991, and was most recently Director of Climate Risk for DNV.

Mark Turner

Mark Turner has worked as a communications director, speechwriter and strategic advisor for many international organisations and initiatives (Carnegie Climate Governance Initiative, International Renewable Energy Agency, UN Refugee Agency, UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Aid, and more). He also served as a foreign correspondent for the Financial Times, as an NGO advocate (Avaaz), and led humanitarian outreach after the Haiti earthquake.

Mark Workman

Mark Workman is Director of Foresight Transitions Ltd. He has been working in the carbon removal space for a decade and is a co-founder of the Carbon Removal Centre.

Markham Heid

Markham Heid is a freelance writer and author interested in health and science. He is a long-time contributor to TIME and has been featured in The New York Times, The Washington Post, Food & Wine, Sports Illustrated, and elsewhere.

Markos Chrysikopoulos

Markos Chrysikopoulos is a sustainability expert, strategist and engineer. He is the Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at illuminem. He has spent the last 9 years working as a strategy consultant at one of the largest sustainability consulting firms globally (BCG), as well as a technology project manager (Credit Suisse) and a software engineer (Infineon Technologies) across New York, Dubai and London. He holds a Master’s degree in Electrical & Electronic Engineering.

Markus Fraundorfer

Dr Markus Fraundorfer is a Lecturer in Global Governance at the Universtiy of Leeds. He studies the underlying patterns of global cooperation dynamics and how these patterns can contribute to more democratic and sustainable approaches to a range of global challenges in the Anthropocene, including infectious diseases, environmental degradation and CO2 emissions.

Markus Leippold

Dr. Markus Leippold is a Professor at the Department of Banking and Finance at the University of Zurich, holding the chair in Financial Engineering. Previously, he spent time as a Professor in Finance at Imperial College Business School and as a visiting professor at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

Markus Müller

Markus Müller is Chief Investment Officer ESG & Global Head of Chief Investment Office at Deutsche Bank Private Bank.

Martin Daniel

Martin Daniel is the co-founder of Carbonfact, the first Carbon Management Platform tailored to the needs of the textile and fashion industry. Carbonfact is backed by YCombinator and leading climate tech investors. Prior to Carbonfact, Martin was a data science lead at Airbnb. He also founded non-profit initiatives such as Covidliste, the largest waiting list for Covid-19 vaccines in France or Data For Good FR, a community of 2k+ data scientists working on societal issues. Follow him on Twitter at @martindaniel4.

Martin Fraenkel

Martin Fraenkel, a seasoned C-Suite executive, led transformative initiatives at various companies, including S&P Global Platts. As President (CEO), he drove revenue growth and cultural change. With expertise in ESG, Energy, Commodities, Data, Information Services, Exchanges, and Fintech, he excelled in M&A and regulatory compliance. Notably, he played a key role in multimillion-dollar acquisitions. Committed to Diversity and Inclusion, he draws from judicial experience in the UK. A sought-after speaker, he frequently appears in media and conferences worldwide, including CNBC, BBC, World Economic Forum, and Chatham House.

Martin Siegert

Martin Siegert is Deputy Vice-Chancellor at the University of Exeter, where he is responsible for the strategic development of Exeter's activities in Cornwall, and supporting the 2030 target for net-zero greenhouse gas emissions in both the University and the County. Martin is a glaciologist, involved in the scientific exploration of Antarctica and leading the UK's participation in a series of geophysical programmes that have charted around 40% of the subglacial environment across the continent.

Marvin Rottenberg

Marvin Rottenberg is the Founder and CEO of terras, a company dedicated to organizing high-impact offsites for global sustainability leaders. A Thought Leader in Marketing, his prior roles include Vice President of Marketing at Tourlane and Senior Vice President of Consumer Business at Ada Health. There, he led large-scale growth initiatives. 

Marvin's efforts are currently focused on the upcoming Terra Tuscany offsite, the sustainability leaders offsite powered by illuminem.

Mary Robinson

Her Excellency Mary Robinson is the former President of Ireland and the first woman to hold this title in the country's history. 

Mary Anna Mancuso

Mary Anna Mancuso is a spokesperson for and a political strategist based in West Palm Beach, FL.

Marypat Smucker

Marypat Smucker is Co-Founder and Principal of Parallelle Finance, a research, analysis, and advocacy firm focusing on gender lens equity and fixed income investing.

Massimiliano Masi

Massimiliano Masi is the General Manager of Magaldi Middle East. He is a veteran in the energy and renewables industry, with extensive experience in Italy and the Middle East.

Mathew Mytka

Mathew Mytka is the Co-founder & Chief Vision Shaper of Tethix, focusing on designing systems that support human and planetary flourishing. He’s worked at the intersection of ethics and digital technologies for over a decade, working with startups and not-for-profits through governments and Fortune 500s.

Matt Cyrankiewicz

Matt Cyrankiewicz is a serial founder, climate impact investor and former artist and designer. He is the CEO of the Liminal Future Group focused on intertwining award-winning design, technology and a global community to drive climate impact into the age of intelligence.

Matt Hattam

Matt Hattam is a Senior Associate Consultant at global strategy management consultancy Bain and Company. Matt advises international corporations and private equity firms in tackling various sustainability challenges and implementing decarbonization initiatives. In his former role as a management consultant at Baringa Partners, he was a host of the Energy Innovators Podcast.

Matt Trudeau

Matt Trudeau is CEO of Nori, a carbon removal marketplace. A serial exchange founder, Matt has two decades of experience in financial markets and has led or assisted in 12 market launches for equities, commodities, derivates, and cryptocurrencies.

Matthew Germain

Matthew Germain is an environmental lawyer at international law firm Osborne Clarke in the UK. Matt leads our Environment & Sustainability practice and the Net Zero part of our Decarbonisation team. He's also a lead lawyer in the firm's ESG service group.

Matthew David Wittenstein

Matthew David Wittenstein is Chief of Section for Energy Connectivity at the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP).

Matthias Braun

Matthias Braun is Principal at rpc - The Retail Performance Company GmbH. He is a pioneer in the investigation, development and implementation of digital and sustainable strategies and innovations in retail. In doing so, he places a particular focus on the customer experience, as he believes that only the most customer-centric organizations will survive in the fierce competition for customers.

Matthias Breier

Matthias Breier is Head of ESG Product at FE fundinfo, the global leader in investment fund data and technology.

Matthias Galan

Matthias Galan is a researcher and consultant with a keen interest in global energy transitions. His work currently focuses on green hydrogen partnerships and emerging green hydrogen applications. He holds a PhD from the Vienna University of Economics and Business. 

Matthias Krey

Matthias Krey is Managing Director at Perspectives Climate Group, one of the leading advisory firms in international climate policy and carbon credit markets. Matthias is responsible for business development for the private sector.

Matthias Schmelzer

Matthias Schmelzer is an economic historian and transformation researcher. He is currently substitute Professor for Social-Ecological Transformation at the University of Flensburg.

Mattias Goldmann

Mattias Goldmann is currently CEO of Goldmann Green and previously Chief Sustainability Officer of Sweco, Europe's largest technical consultancy firm.

Maurizio Catulli

Dr. Maurizio Catulli is Senior Lecturer in Sustainable Innovations. His research interests include sustainable Mobility as a Service and Product Service Systems.

Mauro Petriccione

Mauro Petriccione is Director General of Directorate-General Climate Action in the European Commission since March 2018. Previously, he served, inter alia, as Chief Negotiator for the EU-Canada Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement and the EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement.

Mavra Bari

Mavra Bari is a journalist, writer, communications specialist and sociologist with a keen eye on the global politics surrounding climate change and the intersectionality of resource equity. She holds a Master from the University of Amsterdam in Sociology, focusing research on urban narratives and geography, urban marketing, tourism, sustainability and right to do the city. Mavra has worked with several international organizations and projects with UNIDO, US State Department, USAID, Heinrich Boell Stiftung, University of Amsterdam, Snow Leopard Foundation, and Butterfly Works, and has written extensively for Deutsche Welle.

Maxence Cordiez

Maxence Cordiez is Head of European Public Affairs at the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA).

Maya Watson

Maya Watson is a Human Environment Consultant at the WSP in Canada. She also worked as a Research and Policy Analyst at Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC) and as a research assistant. She is a graduate from the Ryerson University. She holds a passion for ICT, equitable smart cities, agri-food technology, and sustainable mobility.

Mayuri Wijayasundara

Dr Mayuri Wijayasundara leads the professional practice Anvarta and is also a researcher, active as an honorary fellow at Deakin University. She is an expert in strategy and transformation, specialising in the transition towards a circular economy. Mayuri has nearly 20 years’ experience in circular economy engaged in different capacities.

Mazhar Ali

Mazhar Ali is an offshore renewable energy engineer. He hold an Erasmus Mundus Joint Master of Science in Offshore Renewable Energy from University of Strathclyde, University of the Basque Country and Ecole Centrale de Nantes.

Medha Rao

Medha Rao is a MSc student in Environmental Engineering at the University of Oulu, where she specializes in energy systems and sustainability.

Megan Murdie

Megan Murdie is a writer and editor at Circle Economy. Her work on circularity has been published by the World Economic Forum, Social Europe, Green Forum and others.

Mehmet Emin Birpinar

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Emin Birpınar is the Deputy Minister of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change for the Republic of Türkiye. Since 2015, Prof. Dr. Birpınar has been acting as Türkiye's Special Envoy for Climate Change. In addition, he was elected for the second time as Bureau President of the Convention on the Protection of the Mediterranean against pollution.

Meike Siegner

Meike Siegner is a Market Certification Lead at Taking Root, where she leads certification reporting activities for Taking Root’s forest carbon removal projects. Previously, Meike was Mitacs Canadian Science Policy Fellow for the Government of British Columbia. She is passionate about the work of organizations that leverage nature-based solutions to empower communities and address climate change.

Melav Salih

Melav Salih is a software developer at Ferroamp Elektronik. She is the founder of Kurdistan Environmental Youth.

Michael Adekanbi

Michael Adekanbi is a research associate at Reeddi and a Student Energy Leaders Fellow.

Michael Barnard

Michael Barnard is Chief Strategist at The Future Is Electric Strategy (TFIE), Advisory Board member of electric aviation startup FLIMAX, and co-founder of distnc technologies. He spends his time projecting scenarios for decarbonization 40-80 years into the future, and assisting executives, Boards, and investors to pick wisely today. Whether it's refueling aviation, grid storage, vehicle-to-grid, or hydrogen demand, his work is based on fundamentals of physics, economics, and human nature, and informed by the decarbonization requirements and innovations of multiple domains. He previously served as Advisory Board Member at Electron aviation and as a Strategic Advisor at Agora Energy Technologies.

Michael Bartlett

Michael Bartlett is a founding partner and Chief Technical Officer at Phoenix Biopower AB, a Swedish energy firm developing an advanced technology platform that is the basis for its Biomass-Fired Top Cycle plant.

Michael Goodsite

Michael Evan Goodsite CPEng, EngExec, PhD is Professor of Civil- and Environmental Engineering, Pro Vice-Chancellor at Energy Futures, and Director of The Institute for Sustainability, Energy and Resources (ISER) at the University of Adelaide, Australia. He is the bid sponsor and interim research director of the Copper for Tomorrow CRC Bid. 

Michael Guilfoyle

Michael Guilfoyle is Vice President at ARC Advisory Group, where he leads a team that researches the impact of energy transition and sustainability on industrial organizations. He is an acknowledged thought leader in digital transformation related to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and advanced analytics.

Michael Head

Michael Head is currently a tutor at Ark King Solomon Academy. He holds a bachelor's in History and International Relations from King's College London

Michael Kobori

Michael Kobori is the Chief Sustainability Officer at Starbucks, overseeing global sustainability, social impact, and ESG initiatives. He serves as an independent Director at Bunge Ltd., and on the Advisory Committee for Voluntary Foreign Assistance, The Asia Foundation’s President’s Leadership Council, and is Executive Producer of Utopia Theatre Project. Formerly, he was Vice-President at Levi Strauss & Co., and taught corporate sustainability at the University of California at Berkeley.

Michael is a confirmed keynote speaker at Terra Tuscany, the sustainability leaders offsite powered by illuminem.

Michael Moran

Michael Moran is Chief Markets, Risk & Sustainability Officer at Microshare, a global leader in Smart Building and ESG data technologies, and is a Lecturer in Political Risk at the Josef Korbel School of International Affairs at the University of Denver.

Michael Sonderby

Michael Sonderby is a versatile professional with expertise in venture architecture, strategy, and management. Currently, he serves as Managing Director & Partner at BCGX. With a background in eBay, Booz & Company, and military service, Michael brings diverse industry focus in internet, e-commerce, media, and consumer goods. His functional strengths include corporate strategy, M&A, marketing, branding, and organizational design.

Michael Thomas

Michael Thomas is the Founder of Carbon Switch, a consumer research company on a mission to decarbonize America's homes.

Michaela Holl

Michaela Holl is a Senior Associate at Agora Energiewende's Brussel office. Prior to that she worked at the European Commission in the field of consumer protection, renewables energy, energy efficiency in buildings and policy assessment and evaluation.

Michal Ezeh

Michal Ezeh is a Research Analyst at Sirius-X Energy, a clean energy start-up located in Nigeria. She also works as an Operational Excellence Analyst at illuminem. She has forged formidable skills in energy policy and systems research, clean energy technologies.

Michel Frédeau

Michel Frédeau is the global leader of BCG's climate and environment impact area. Michel previously served as the head of BCG’s Paris office and a member of the BCG Executive Committee amongst other capacities.

Michelle Arellano-Meza

Michelle Arellano is an international affairs professional, with over 15 years of experience in the field. Her expertise lies in energy sustainability and climate change, bringing a multidisciplinary perspective that includes socio-economic insights to an often technocratic sector. She is currently leading the Future Energy Leaders programme at the World Energy Council, where she promotes clean and just energy transitions for a healthier, more inclusive future for all.

Miguel Asín

Miguel Asin is a researcher on the circular economy. With an MA in Global Criminology and a Bachelor's in International Relations, Miguel is concentrating his skills and interests on researching solutions to reduce environmental impacts and harms through circular solutions.

Miika Into

Miika Into is a Sustainability Lead and Executive Advisor with Accenture. He collaborates with leaders who want to better navigate the 21st century and prosper while leaving a positive memorable impact.

Mikael Mikaelsson

Mikael Mikaelson is a Policy Fellow at the Stockholm Environment Institute with the International Climate Risk and Adaptation team. His work focuses on transboundary climate risks and their impact on the global economy and wider society through international networks and interdependences, such as trade and supply chain networks.

Mike O'Boyle

Mike O’Boyle is Director, Electricity at Energy Innovation. He directs the firm’s Electricity program which focuses on designing and quantifying the impacts of policies needed to affordably and reliably decarbonize the U.S. electricity grid. He has worked U.S. policymakers to help improve the link between public policy goals and the motivations of electric utilities.

Minco van der Weide

Minco van der Weide runs the impact-based production company Platonic and he currently pursues a postgraduate degree in Philosophy at the University of Cambridge.

Minou Schillings

Minou Schillings is a regenerative future facilitator. She is on a mission to unburden the world of business-as-usual brain garbage and unleash the power of imagination for regeneration. She helps business leaders to embrace the regenerative worldview and become future fit.

Miquel Molina Mercadé

Miquel Molina Mercadé is a Product Manager at illuminem, with a strong background in data and product management. He has experience in start-ups, scale-ups, and leading a non-profit organization. He is passionate about how science and technology are going to help humanity solve the biggest challenges the world is facing.

Miriam Aczel

Dr Miriam R. Aczel is a Postdoctoral Scholar at the California Institute for Energy and Environment (CIEE) at University of California, Berkeley, working on the Oakland EcoBlock pilot project. She is also an Honorary Research Associate at the Centre for Environmental Policy (CEP) at Imperial College London, and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Mirko Lalli

Mirko Lalli is the CEO & Founder of The Data Appeal Company, a company that democratises and simplifies data to help companies and institutions make effective and informed decisions. He is also the Chief Group Digital Strategy Officer at Almawave.

Mitchell Board

Mitchell Board is the co-founder and CEO of Katalyst.Earth - a climate-tech startup leveraging blockchain technology to accelerate the transition to Net Zero and Beyond.

Mohan Yellishetty

Mohan Yellishetty is an Associate Professor of Resource Engineering at Monash University, Australia. He is an Australian Endeavour Fellow and Chartered Mining Engineer.

Mohit Oberoi

Mohit Oberoi is freelance writer and has written over 7,000 articles across various online publications covering tech companies, electric vehicles, and renewable energy sectors.

Monica Chhatwani

Monica Chhatwani is a Regional Integration Manager at DPR Construction passionate about sustainability and technology in the built environment. She is also an Engineering graduate form the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. She currently help teams improve project outcomes by consistent implementation of best practices for our projects across Northwest Region.

Monica Collings

Monica Collings is a portfolio non-executive working plurally across a number of board and strategic advisory positions, including as Chair of entech Swarm Energy and NED at Dalcour Maclaren.

Monty Simus

Montgomery (Monty) Simus is an Associate at Harvard University’s Harvard-China Project on Energy, Economy, and Environment, and previously served as a 2023 Impact Leader In Residence at Harvard’s Advanced Leadership Initiative focused on global water accessibility, sustainable investing, and resilient infrastructure. Monty spent several decades at the nexus of impact investing, catalytic philanthropy, and innovative social finance, building and scaling high-growth, purpose-driven commercial and philanthropic initiatives that serve millions in the Global South.


Morten Dyrholm

Morten Dyrholm serves as Group Senior Vice President of Marketing, Communications, Sustainability, and Public Affairs at Vestas Wind Energy, having been with the company for over a decade. Based at Vestas Headquarters in Denmark, Dyrholm leads external relations and public affairs. His tenure includes three years in China focusing on business development and government affairs.

Morten is a confirmed keynote speaker at Terra Tuscany, the sustainability leaders offsite powered by illuminem.


Nadia Ameli

Nadia Ameli is a Principal Research Fellow at University College London's Institute for Sustainable Resources. Nadia is also bringing research insights into policymaking and practical experience to bear upon academic studies. Her research supported the work at several international public policy organizations, including the OECD, the European Commission and the United Nations.

Nadia Paleari

Nadia Paleari is European Climate Pact Ambassador and United Nations Youth Leader across global networks. An Innovation Advisor, Brand Strategist and Activist, she fosters green and just transitions across companies and institutions in accordance to ESG and Agenda 2030.

Nadine Ridder

Nadine Ridder is an intersectional feminist writer, speaker and moderator. In addition, she guides organizations in transforming into equal and fair companies through strategic positioning processes and training in the field of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI).

Nadine Talaat

Nadine Talaat is a London-based journalist covering Middle East politics, borders and migration, the war on terror, and environmental issues. She is a Deputy Editor at The New Arab.

Nafeez Ahmed

Nafeez Ahmed is a British investigative journalist, author and academic. He is the creator of the Age of Transformation, a newsletter offering systems-thinking for the global phase-shift.

Nancy Mahon

Nancy Mahon serves as the Chief Sustainability Officer at Estée Lauder, where she has led the transformation of the company's ESG practices across the CPG and luxury industries for over a decade. 

Naphtali Akudung

Akudung Naphtali founded Climrenew LLC which provides awareness on climate change, focusing on providing consultancy services on renewable energy, plastic waste, and agriculture. He holds B.Sc. in Physics from the University of Jos and is a Watson Institute Alum. He is a Scholar at NUTM.

Nasim Pour

Nasim Pour leads the Carbon Dioxide Removal sector at the First Movers Coalition of the World Economic Forum. She also leads the Carbon Market Innovation Initiative at the Centre for Nature and Climate. In her work, Nasim leads a community of renowned international business leaders and experts to drive engagement with the ultimate ambition of achieving wider adoption of carbon removal technologies. 

Natalee Stinebiser

Natalee Stinebiser is a double degree undergraduate student at Gannon University and Hochschule Esslingen where she studies International Business and Industrial Management. She works on solar power and energy accessibility projects with Africa GreenTec in the International Business Development team.

Nataliia Stempkovska

Nataliia Stempkovska is an environmental lawyer, having graduated with both a bachelor's and masters in law from the university of Kyiv. She is also a freelance journalist who writes about envrionmental issues.

Natascia Arcifa

Natascia Arcifa is a Researcher at the where she participates in AI policy clinics. She is a specialist in human rights and ethical-legal aspects of new technologies. Natascia is the coordinator of a young European network that promotes active citizenship in collaboration with the European Parliament, and a travel and art lover.

Nathan Kinch

Nathan Kinch is a specialist in sociotechnology ethics, action research, and social entrepreneurship, who has spent his career designing trustworthy organisations. He's the co-founder of Tethix, a social venture helping people (re)imagine and create technology that enables human and planetary flourishing.

Nathan Rueche

Nathan Rueche is pursuing an MSc in Climate Change: Environment, Science and Policy at King’s College London. He graduated with an MSc in Law, Economics and Management at the Paris XII University. His research interests cover climate change, environmental economics and policymaking.

Nathaniel Essilfie-Conduah

Nathaniel Essilfie-Conduah is a process engineer and an analyst on the energy and extractive industry. He holds a masters degree in Process systems engineering from Cranfield University Uk and a BSc in Chemical Engineering. His expertise revolves around engineering design processes, energy and extractive governance, and data analytics

Naveen G.V is an EHS, Sustainability, and Management professional with 23+ years of experience - including as EHS Leader at General Electric. He is currently the Managing Director, AAPAC & Corporate Officer for Benchmark Digital Partners LLC, US & Benchmark ESG Pvt. Ltd., India

Naveen Kumar is a project manager and strategic R&D engineer employed at a fertilizer technology licensing company. He focuses his extensive expertise on driving strategic research and development endeavors aimed at improving fertilizer efficiency and sustainability. Holding a PhD in applied physics from the University of Twente in The Netherlands, he is deeply passionate about exploring themes pertaining to sustainability and climate change.

Nazia Mintz Habib

Dr. Nazia Mintz Habib, FRSA, is the Founder and Research Centre Director for the Centre for Resilience and Sustainable Development (CRSD). She is an Associate Professor with appointments at the Department of Engineering and Department of Land Economy at the University of Cambridge.

Neil Hirst

Neil Hirst is a Senior Policy Fellow for Energy and Mitigation at the prestigious Grantham Institute for Climate Change, Imperial College London. His main current activity, funded by the FCO, is a joint project with China’s Energy Research Institute on China and Global Energy Governance.

Neil Russell-Bates

Neil Russell-Bates is a business sustainability consultant specialising in carbon measurement, reporting and NetZero plans, as well as advising clients on sustainability strategy and alignment with sustainability matrices.

Nematullah Wafa

Nematullah Wafa is a graduate of Environmental Science and has a Masters in Process and Bioprocess Engineering and in Project Management for Environmental and Energy Engineering from IMT Atlantique.

Neo Gim Huay

Ms Neo Gim Huay is Managing Director, Centre for Nature and Climate at the World Economic Forum. Before joining the Forum, she held various Managing Director roles in Temasek, including Climate Change Strategy, Sustainability and Enterprise Development.

Nevin Alija

Nevin Alija is one of the co-founders of Mulheres na Energia Portugal and a member of the UNDP External Advisory Group for Energy Governance. Since March 2023, she has been a member of the World Energy Council’s Global Future Energy Leaders Programme.  As of January 2024, she has been selected as a European Climate Pact Ambassador showcasing her commitment to sustainable energy transition and empowerment.

Niall McCann

Dr Niall McCann is a National Geographic Explorer, conservationist and broadcaster, with an interest in humankind’s relationship with nature. He is the Conservation Director for National Park Rescue, co-Chair of the global EndPandemics Alliance, and an award-winning wildlife TV presenter.

Nicholas Stern

Lord Nicholas Stern is the former Chief Economist of The World Bank, the current Chair at the London School of Economics Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change & the Environment and the world's foremost expert on the critical relationship between climate change and economic development. 

Nick Ferris

Nick Ferris is a tenacious young reporter with a wealth of local, national and international newsroom and practical experience. He Graduated with an BA in English and an in MA Investigative journalism from UCL. He writes articles for The Times, Straits Times, The Sun, Camden New Journal, Esquire UK and others.

Nick Herbert

Nick Herbert is the Editor of HealthCare Markets International at LaingBuisson. He is a highly-experienced writer, editor and people manager with over 30 years working in and around the global capital markets, encompassing 24 years in financial publishing and 10 years as bureau chief for IFR in Asia.

Nicola Armaroli

Nicola Armaroli is Research Director at the Italian National Research Council (CNR) and member of the Italian National Academy of Sciences. He studies the conversion of light into electricity and fuels and the transition of the global energy system. Nicola has delivered tens of invited lectures worldwide and published hundreds of scientific articles.

Nicola de Blasio

Nicola de Blasio leads Harvard Kennedy School’s Belfer Center research on energy technology innovation and the transition to a low carbon economy. Nicola is an expert in navigating the challenges of strategic development toward sustainable commercial success. He serves as board member and adviser to various companies and startups and is also Senior Associate Research Fellow at the Institute for International Political Studies (ISPI). Previously, he was a Senior Research Scholar in the faculty of SIPA at Columbia University, Program Director of Technology and Innovation at the Center on Global Energy Policy, and Vice President and Head of R&D International Development at leading energy company ENI.

Nicolas Schneider

Nicolas Schneider is a PhD candidate in the Earth & Environment Department of the Boston University. He was a research assistant and co-author on several energy-related research projects with various laboratories in Europe, and published in several Scientific journals. His research covers resource economics & policy, macro-econometrics & data analysis and climate modelling and impact assessments.

Nicolas Vecchioli

Nicolas Vecchioli is a climate quitter who is passionate about the power of innovation to solve the big challenges of our time. He has experience in strategy consulting at BCG, private equity at The Carlyle Group, venture capital at Global Founders Capital and policy-making in the cabinet of the French Minister for Digital Affairs Cedric O. He holds degrees from the London School of Economics and HEC Paris.

Nicolette Pombo-van Zyl

Nicolette is the Editor-in-Chief of ESI Africa, and the annual African Power & Energy Elites.

Nidhi Chadda

Nidhi Chadda is currently the Founder and CEO of Enzo Advisors, a global sustainability consulting firm focused on helping companies build best-in-class sustainable business models. Prior to launching Enzo Advisors, Nidhi was a portfolio manager at RBC Global Asset Management. She has 20+ years of experience as an investment banker, strategic consultant and investor. She is also a member of the Forbes Business Council.

Nigel Topping

Nigel Topping is cofounder of AmbitionLoop, a not-for-profit organization working to facilitate systemic change through radical collaboration between businesses and governments. He served as the UN Climate Change High-Level Champion for COP26, where he launched global initiatives like Race To Zero and Race To Resilience. He is a Non-Executive Director of the UK Infrastructure Bank and business champion on the UK Climate Change Committee. Nigel was awarded a CMG in 2022 in Queen Elizabeth II's final honours list for his contribution to accelerating action on climate change.

Niladri Choudhuri

Dr. Niladri Choudhuri is Founder & CEO of Xellentro Consulting Services, with expertise in sustainable IT.

Niloufar Javadi Abhari

Niloufar Javadi Abhari is a junior analyst at Globalfields. She has an MSc in environmental policy at the London School of Economics (LSE) and has experience in corporate sustainability strategy, microfinance initiatives, and sustainability certification implementation.

Ning Zeng

Dr. Ning Zeng is a Professor at the University of Maryland. He is the co-founder and Head of Science at Carbon Lockdown Project. He conducts research on climate change and carbon cycle. He is a 3-time contributor to the IPCC report and is on the Reuters List of Top Climate Scientists.

Nnanke Williams

Nnanke Williams is a Senior Consultant at Brooks & Knights Legal Consultants (BKLC) and has expertise in energy, environment and policy issues. Nnanke holds a LLM in Energy Law and Environmental Policy from University of California Berkeley.

Nnimmo Bassey

Nnimmo Bassey is director of the ecological think-tank, Health of Mother Earth Foundation (HOMEF) and a member of the steering committee of Oilwatch International. He has received numerous awards in recognition of his environmental activism and has authored books on the environment, architecture and poetry.

Noa Jay

Noa Jay is Policy Analyst at Broadpeak, a Swiss-based International Advisory Company specialised in Impact Finance. Noa holds a BSc in Economics (University of Lausanne) and is pursuing her Master’s in International Economics (Geneva Graduate Institute).

Noel Nevshehir

Noel Nevshehir is director of Automation Alley's International Business Services and Global Strategic Partnerships at Automation Alley.

Noël Amenc

Noël Amenc, PhD, is Associate Professor of Finance at EDHEC Business School and Senior Adviser to Scientific Beta. Previosuly, he was the founding Chief Executive Officer of Scientific Beta. His concern for bridging the gap between university and industry has led him to pursue a double career in academe and business.

Noé van Hulst

Noé van Hulst is a globally renowned hydrogen expert. He currently serves as Special Advisor Hydrogen to the IEA, vice-Chair of the International Partnership for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in the Economy, Hydrogen Advisor to infrastructure company Gasunie and Senior Fellow at Clingendael International Energy Programme. He has also been the Dutch Ambassador to the OECD, Chairman of the IEA Governing Board, and Director-General for Energy at the Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Netherlands.

Norbert Czerniak

Norbert Czerniak is a Polish lawyer as well as a PhD Candidate at the University of Bayreuth, Germany, where he has been reasearching the Energy Charter Treaty.

Norman Waite

Norman Waite is an IEEFA energy finance analyst who covers renewable energy as IEEFA’s Renewables Champion in Asia. Norman has been active in environmental work previously working for Greenpeace and Earthtrust. He holds two master’s degrees in Business Administration and Environmental Studies from Yale University.

Nuno M. Barracha Gaspar

Nuno M. Barracha Gaspar is an European climate pact ambassador based in Portugal. He’s a member of two NGO’s in his country and has been participating in many projects and forums related to environmental sustainability. His objective is to become an architect focused on sustainable constructions, accessible to everyone.


Oğuz Tosun

Oğuz Tosun is the Region Head - Turkey & MENA at EKI Energy Services Limited, the world’s largest carbon consulting company, where his focus is carbon pricing instruments. He is also a board member of Global Balance Association.


Ólafur Ragnar Grimsson

His Excellency Olufur Ragnar Grimsson is the former President of Iceland and Chairman of Arctic Circle.


Oli Brown

Oli Brown is a fellow with the Chatham House and the Geneva Centre for Security Policy. Previously he coordinated the UN Environment Programme’s work to minimize the risks and impacts of disasters, industrial accidents and armed conflicts. He authored many widely cited books, such as Migration and Climate Change and Climate change as the 'new'security threat: implications for Africa.​

Oliver Ashford

Oliver Ashford is a Program Associate in the Ocean Program of the World Resources Institute and a member of the Ocean Panel Secretariat. He is an interdisciplinary marine researcher, with a particular interest in deep-sea ecology, IUU fishing, remote sensing, blue carbon, fisheries, and ocean climate solutions.

Oliver Fels

Oliver Fels is the founder of Sustainability Impulse, a consultancy focussing on sustainable economies and energy. He graduated in computer science in 1996, and ever since then, he worked his life through the big and small players in the industry, developing complex products and systems. Oliver also works as a trainer for requirements engineering, leadership, and other industry topics.

Oliver Miltenberger

Oliver Miltenberger is an expert with 10 years of experience in ecological modeling and policy design for environmental management. He is on the expert roster for the UNFCCC and holds several positions in carbon market alliances and working groups. 

Oliver Yorke

Oliver Yorke is a purpose-driven and meaningful self-starter with over 5 years of experience working with impactful startups across sectors from agriculture to electric mobility. He is a great believer in how entrepreneurship and startups can help alleviate the increasing threat of climate change as a vital mechanism to reduce global emissions.

Olivia Rosane

Olivia Rosane is an Opinion Editor and Staff Writer at Common Dreams. She has more than five years of experience covering climate, politics, and the environment. She also holds a PhD in English Literature from the University of Cambridge for a dissertation focused on the poetry of forced displacement.

Olivier Lelouch

Olivier Lelouch is an Energy & Climate Economist in the Climate Change Group at the World Bank and is part of the Invest for Climate team. He previously worked as an analyst at the International Energy Agency in Paris, Oil Industry Markets division.

Olivier Sussfeld

Olivier Sussfeld is an aeronautical engineer graduated from Imperial College London. He is determined and detail-oriented, looking to explore new opportunities in energy management, sustainable technologies and their implementation, as well as the development of climate policy.

Olusegun Obasanjo

His Excellency Olusegun Obasanjo is the former President of Nigeria.

Oluwafisayo Alabi

Dr Oluwafisayo Alabi is an energy economist and policy expert. She specialises in informing and supporting policy makers and other stakeholders on understanding the economy wide and socioeconomic impacts and implications of energy and climate policy, sustainable development objectives and net zero transactions.

Oluwafisayo Taiwo

Oluwafisayo Taiwo is a Final year Law student at the University of Lagos. She is passionate about International Law, Energy Law, Law of Taxation, Arbitration, and Sustainable Development Goals. She is also an Associate Member of the Institute of Chartered Mediators and Conciliators and an Intern at Uwana Energy.

Onodu Michael Chinedumije

Onodu Michael is a law graduate of the University of Nigeria. As an undergraduate, he co-founded 'The Greener Picture', an environmental awareness club registered under the University of Nigeria. His areas of research include blockchain, alternative energy, and capital markets.

Onyinye Anene-Nzelu

Onyinye Anene-Nzelu is the Head of Mini-Grids at Engie Energy Access in Nigeria with several years of experience in operations, maintenance and consulting across the energy space. She holds a MSc. from the University of Ibadan and an expert certificate in renewable energy finance from Frankfurt School of Finance and Management.

Osama Rizvi

Osama Rizvi is an international energy and economic analyst specializing in exploring the asymmetrical relationship between developed and developing countries regarding their economic development, energy transitions and overall policymaking and implementation. He is currently the Chair Person for South Asia at Society for Low Carbon Technologies. He works as an analyst at US-based Primary Vision Network and also heads the department of academics at World Times Institute.

Ousainu Colley

Ousainu Colley is a youth representative for Gambia at the International Conference of Youth (COY). He is also the winner of the Stone Circle’s Youth Excellence Award thanks to his repeated and constant efforts as an environmentalist.

Owen Hewlett

Owen Hewlett is CTO of The Gold Standard Foundation, overseeing all the Foundation's standards and assurance work as well as its technical policy, R&D and innovation. Owen's work encompasses the financial and MRV related mechanisms of Paris, the SDGs and corporate strategies

Oxana Saimo

Oxana Saimo is leading the World Economic Forum’s initiative on Transitioning Industrial Clusters. Her pivotal work centers on fostering collaboration and cultivating a shared vision among co-located companies within industrial clusters, governments, and the broader industrial ecosystem. Oxana strategically focuses on spearheading the energy transition, job creation, and economic growth in the dynamic landscapes of China, Japan, Southeast Asia, and India.


Pablo Bereciartua

Pablo Bereciartua is the current Chair at the Global Water Partnership (GWP). He is a former Secretary of Infrastructure and Water of Argentina. He is also a Professor at the University of Buenos Aires.

Pablo Moral Vega

Pablo Moral Vega is a BSc graduate in mechanical engineering at Universitat Politecnica de Valencia, working on the optimisation of industrial process flows applying lean manufacturing and six sigma techniques. Investor and enthusiast of the energy and mining sector. Coffee lover.

Pacoto Livingstone

Pacoto Livingstone,a graduate of chemical engineering with keen and focused passion for clean energy, climate change and process industry.

Paddy Le Flufy

Paddy Le Flufy is the author of Building Tomorrow: Averting Environmental Crisis With a New Economic System, which Jeremy Lent described as 'a book that truly helps us identify and travel the pathways of deep transformation toward an ecological civilisation'.

Paige Curtis

Paige Curtis is an environmental journalist based in Massachusetts. Her work has been featured in The Guardian, Vox, Grist, and other publications. She's also the author of "Bad Environmentalist," a humor newsletter about climate change and the environment. Formally trained in Environmental Management from the Yale School of Environment, she’s most excited by community-based solutions to the climate crisis.

Paolo Pino

Paolo Pino has a background in industrial and materials engineering and holds a PhD in chemical engineering from Politecnico di Torino.

Paride Del Grosso

Paride Del Grosso is a Research Fellow at The Aspen Institute and is currently pursuing a Philosophy of Science at Antwerp University. Paride graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy at the University of Trento and a master’s degree in Philosophy of Science at the London School of Economics

Pascal Asselin

Pascal is co-founder of MORFO, a company focused on reforestation efforts as a solution to fight climate change. With a background in entrepreneurship, Pascal has a track record of creating businesses focused on tackling challenges within the sustainability sphere.

Pascoe Sabido

Pascoe Sabido is a researcher and campaigner at Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO), focusing on lobbying by the oil and gas industry as well as other climate and energy issues.

Patricia Scotland

The Rt Hon Patricia Scotland KC is the Secretary-General of the Commonwealth of Nations.

Patricio Lombardi

Patricio Lombardi is the Executive Director of the Environmental Markets Fairness Foundation, a strategic alliance forged between regions, governments and civil organizations from the Global South. Patricio was the first ever appointed climate minister in the Americas, as Secretary of Climate Change of Argentina.

Patricio is a confirmed keynote speaker at Terra Tuscany, the sustainability leaders offsite powered by illuminem.

Patrick Agese

Dr. Patrick Agese is a visionary and an accomplished leader in the field of clean energy and sustainability. As the founder of PAM Africa, he has dedicated his career to promoting sustainable development and driving the adoption of clean energy technologies in Africa and beyond. With a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities in this space, Dr. Agese has been instrumental in advancing the cause of sustainability through his work at leading firms such as Costain, Anesco, Givaudan, and HGEN Capital. Patrick holds a PhD in Energy and Environmental Engineering from the University of Reading.

Patrick Mangani

Patrick Mangani is an Energy Officer with Green Impact Technologies (GIT) where he is responsible for operation and maintenance of solar water pumps and production of biogas and biofertilizers. He holds a BSc in Sustainable Energy Systems from Malawi University of Science and Technologies

Patrick Reichert

Patrick Reichert is a Research Fellow at the elea Chair for Social Innovation. Patrick conducts research at the intersection of entrepreneurship, finance and social impact, with a particular focus on the mechanisms and logics that investors use to seed investment in social organizations. He is a research fellow at the elea Chair for Social Innovation.

Patrick Waeber

Patrick Waeber is Senior Scientist in the Forest Management And Development Group at ETH Zürich. He is interested in socio-ecological systems with a focus on tropical forested and agricultural landscapes, and how such systems respond to global changes such as climatic, economic, or political forces.

Paul Boeffard

Paul Boeffard is an entrepreneur in the sustainable finance sector, focusing on innovative climate finance solutions. As the founder of Leavit, he's dedicated to supporting oil-producing nations transition to low-carbon economies, drawing from his experience managing €305 million in sustainable projects and spearheading climate initiatives in Paris. Boeffard's expertise spans from carbon markets to energy/climate project management, with the goal of contributing to environmental resilience and sustainable urban planning. 

Paul Domjan

Paul Domjan is one of Enoda’s founders, and Chief Policy and Global Affairs Officer. He has 20+ decades of experience in energy, technology, policy and business building. Paul served as the first Energy Security Adviser to the U.S. European Command of the U.S. Department of Defense, and was the most senior Defense Department energy security official based in Europe, representing the US both at NATO and with senior government and corporate stakeholders.

Paul Dorfman

Dr Paul Dorfman is the fmr. Secretary to the UK Government Scientific Committee Examining Radiation Risks (CERRIE). He now serves as an Associate Fellow at Science Policy Research Unit of the University of Sussex, a Member of the Irish Governmental Environment Protection Agency's Radiation Protection Advisory Committee, Chair of the Nuclear Consulting Group, a Member of the International Nuclear Risk Assessment Group and a Consultant to the Greenpeace Environmental Trust.

Paul Eweola

Paul Eweola is a National Geographic Young Explorer from Nigeria and an enthusiast driving for a clean ocean and sustainable environment through advocacy, events, project and research. He is also passionate about connecting the younger generation with the ocean through education.

Paul Martin

Paul Martin is a chemical engineer with 30 years of experience in chemical process technology development. He is a founding member of the Hydrogen Science Coalition, a coalition of academics & engineers bringing an evidence-based view on hydrogen's role in the energy transition. He offers independent consulting services through Spitfire Research Inc. He also works for Zeton Inc., the world's largest designer, and builder of pilot and demonstration plants for the chemical process industry. He is a lifelong environmentalist, earnestly interested in accelerating the decarbonization of our economy.

Paul Newnham

Paul Newnham is the Executive Director of the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 2 Advocacy Hub, a secretariat coordinating global campaigning and advocacy to achieve food systems transformation.

Paul Rogers

Paul Rogers is a highly respected academic and researcher in the field of peace studies. He is Emeritus Professor of Peace Studies at Bradford University and an Honorary Fellow of the Joint Service Command and Staff College (JSCSC). He  has extensive experience lecturing on topics related to international conflict, particularly in the Middle East and on the topic of paramilitary violence. He has a long-standing research interest in the intersection between socioeconomic marginalization, climate disruption, and security. Paul has written 30 books and over 150 papers and book chapters on these topics and his work has been widely published and translated into multiple languages. He is a regular commentator on international affairs and has been invited to contribute his writings to a series on "Pioneers" by Springer Nature.

Paul Sebastien

Paul Sébastien is co-founder and director of Carbon Offset Certification

Paul Shapiro

Paul Shapiro is the CEO of The Better Meat Co., the author of the national bestseller Clean Meat: How Growing Meat Without Animals Will Revolutionize Dinner and the World, a five-time TEDx speaker, and the host of the Business for Good Podcast. In 2023, he was named a Most Admired CEO by the Sacramento Business Journal.

Paul Smith

Paul Smith, CFA, is the founder of SustainFinance, a firm with the mission of integrating sustainability into the decision making process of financial fiduciaries. He is also the Director of the Financial Modeling Institute and a Licensed Representative of Peak Capital Limited. Previously to these positions, Paul was the President and CEO of the CFA Institute. He has more than 25 years of relevant financial services leadership experience in many aspects of the investment management industry.

Paul Teng

Professor Paul Teng is Adjunct Senior Fellow at the Centre for Non-Traditional Security Studies at Nanyang Technological University Singapore and Managing Director of National Institute of Education (NIE) International Pte. Ltd.. He is also Senior Fellow at the Southeast Asian Center for Research and Graduate Studies in Agriculture (SEARCA) based in Los Banos, Philippines. Professor Paul Teng is internationally recognized for his expertise in tropical agrifood systems, sustainable rural transformation and food security, with a focus on smallholder cropping systems like rice-based ecosystems.

Paul Zakkour

Paul Zakkour is a founding Director of Cabon Counts, a consultancy that specialises in international climate change policy with a focus on low carbon technology incentives, finance and regulation. He has worked with the World Bank, the IEA, the IEA GHG, the UNFCCC Secretariat, the European Commission and many national governments and private sector clients.

Pawel Czyzak

Pawel Czyzak is a Senior Energy & Climate Data Analyst at Ember, working on scaling up clean energy and phasing out fossil fuels in Europe, with a particular focus on CEE countries. He is the author of multiple scientific publications and policy papers, as well as open-access software tools.

Peace Bello

Peace Bello is a chemical engineering student of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile- Ife. He has gained experience working with Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company and Schlumberger Nigeria Limited. He is passionate about utilizing digital technologies to ensure decarbonization of the planet.

Pedro Ferreira

Pedro Ferreira, project manager at EDP's Digital Hub, brings over seven years of experience supporting EDP's carbon neutrality goal. With a master's in Electrical Engineering from the University of Porto and a PhD pursuit in Sustainable Energy Systems under INESC-TEC, he drives energy transition through digital transformation. Former chair of FELPT and ex-Member of Global FEL from World Energy Council.

Pei Wei Benjamin Yang

Pei Wei Benjamin Yang is a recent graduate from the Yale NUS college, He has extensive experience in conducting policy research on issues such as carbon pricing, just transitions, air pollution management, and net-zero targets (on both state- and corporate-levels) across different geopolitical settings, but particularly in East Asia.

Pelin Okutan

Pelin Okutan is a PhD candidate, researcher, writer, engineer, and data scientist focused on adapting sustainable approaches to existing problems.

Peter Abreo

Peter Abreo is Co-Founder of the Mandala Valley Sustainable Community, a project to transform a private landscape into a sustainable community project. He is dedicated to spending his life pursuing larger purpose projects – especially in the areas of ecosystem consciousness, community development & sustainable existence.

Peter Boyle

Peter Boyle is an Australian socialist activist and writer for Green Left. He is also an organizer of the Ecosocialism 2023 conference.

Peter Marcus Bach

Peter Marcus Bach is a Senior Research Scientist at the Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences (OST) in Rapperswil and Honorary Adjunct Research Fellow at Monash University.

Peter Yeung

Peter Yeung is an award-winning freelance journalist, covering a broad range of beats including climate, global health, migration and cities, often through a critical, solutions-orientated lens. Peter has worked and written for a number of publications including The Guardian, National Geographic, The BBC, The Washington Post, The LA Times, NPR, Huffington Post, Reuters, Wired, Al Jazeera, VICE News, The Times of London, CNN, The Atlantic and Bloomberg.

Peter BenHur Nyeko

Peter BenHur Nyeko is the Co-Founder and Director of Mandulis Energy. He leads Mandulis' development of Africa’s largest grid-tied biomass gasification power plant, as well as the off-grid REPARLE and BEPeARL projects, which won the DFCD Scalable Climate Solutions Challenge at COP26 and is listed in ESI Africa’s top African Power & Energy projects 2022.

Peter Van Kemseke

Peter Van Kemseke is Senior Officer at Directorate-General Climate Action. As Belgian diplomat, he served in the OSCE, NATO and the UN Security Council, before joining the EU institutions, as Deputy Head of Cabinet of President Van Rompuy and Expert at the Commission Vice President Šefčovič’ cabinet in charge of Energy Union. He authored several books on diplomacy and the EU, including Europe reinvented : how COVID-19 is changing the European Union (2020).

Phanos Hadjikyriakou

Phanos Hadjikyriakou is the Co-Founder & CEO of 2050 Materials where they focus on raising awareness and helping companies build more sustainably by using more environmentally friendly materials and practices. He is also an ETH Zurich environmental engineer graduate and versed graphic designer.

Philip Berntsen

Philip Berntsen is a sustainable infrastructure finance specialist and PhD student in Quantitative Finance at the University of Zurich at the Department of Banking. He is passionate about how Decentralized Finance can improve sustainable infrastructure finance and make our traditional financial system more efficient and composable.

Philip Mawusi Adiamah

Philip Mawusi Adiamah is a master's student at ESCP pursuing a degree in Energy Management, with a special interest in the intersection of energy and the blockchain industry. Philip is a blockchain and digital assets entrepreneur and enthusiast. Philip is now working on a research project at ESCP Europe that examines the feasibility, economic, and environmental implications of Green Mining.

Philippe Benoit

Philippe Benoit is the Managing Director for Global Infrastructure Advisory Services 2050. He also served as Division Head of the IEA's Energy Environment and Energy Efficiency Divisions, and as Energy Sector Manager at the World Bank. In addition, Philippe previously worked as an investment banker and corporate lawyer focusing on energy.

Philippe Birker

Philippe Birker is a serial social entrepreneur who has been working on scaling regenerative agriculture in Europe with his company Climate Farmers. He has been part of Ashoka's Changemaker community since 2013, part of the BMW Foundation's Responsible Leaders network since 2022, and part of the TED Countdown community since July 2023.

Phoebe Stephens

Phoebe Stephens is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Business and Social Sciences in the Faculty of Agriculture at Dalhousie University. Her research lies at the intersection of finance, innovation and sustainable food systems.

Piera Della Porta

Piera Della Porta is a chemical engineer turned innovation manager with a passion for technology in different fields, especially energy, agriculture and life science. She has an MBA from Collège des Ingénieurs. 

Pierre Abadie

Pierre Abadie is Group Climate Director at Tikehau Capital and Co-head of the Group's private equity energy transition and decarbonisation practice. He has over 20 years of experience in the energy and energy transition sectors. Pierre previously worked at TotalEnergies for 16 years, most notably in the Gas and Renewables division, before joining Tikehau Capital and becoming Co-head of Tikehau Capital's Energy Transition private equity fund, which was launched in 2018.

Pierre is a confirmed keynote speaker at Terra Tuscany, the sustainability leaders offsite powered by illuminem.

Pierre-Adrien Bréard

Pierre-Adrien Bréard is a graduate of the Ecole Polytechnique and a process engineer. After becoming ecologically aware in the spring of 2021, he decided to push his commitment further by joining the Ecological Awakening collective in October 2021.

Pierre-Louis Godin

Pierre-Louis Godin is a Customer Success & Sustainability Manager at Emitwise where he focuses on carbon management. He is also a LSE graduate with a bachelor's in management.

Prachi Modi

Prachi Modi is the Media & Sales Manager at illuminem and actively fostering our community of illuminem Voices. Prachi began her professional journey in the financial realms of Goldman Sachs, honing a deep understanding of SEC regulations, investment strategies, and client relations. Prachi holds merit in Impact Management and Measurement from Duke University. Prachi aims to serve a new generation of business leaders to navigate the complexities of the modern corporate landscape with a focus on responsible and impactful practices.

Prasad Thakur

Prasad Thakur is a CIMO scholar and has authored a book and several articles published with The World Bank, ADB Institute, UN, Government of India, etc. His work in digital-agriculture, clean energy, public finance, international relations, and electric-mobility has received several awards & recognitions. He is an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, and Aalto University (Finland).

Prashant Kapoor

Prashant Kapoor is an advocate for sustainable solutions that align the interests of businesses, financial institutions, governments and civil society. He is the entrepreneur who created EDGE (“Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies”), a software application and certification system to mainstream resource-efficient building growth in emerging markets. He is currently leading the APEX Green Cities Program piloting that supports cities in transitioning to low-carbon and resource-efficient growth pathways.

Praveen Gupta

Praveen Gupta was the second most-read author in the environment and sustainability space for illuminem in 2022, and the third most read in climate change during 2023. A former insurance CEO and a Chartered Insurer, he researches, writes, and speaks on diverse subjects. His blog captures much of the work.

Prince Ojeabulu

Prince Ojeabulu is the CEO of Rensource Energy. Before being appointed as CEO in September 2022, Prince was Rensource Energy’s Chief Operating Officer and was responsible for pivoting the business from the “Solar Mini-Grid” to the “C&I Solar” business model, leading the business’s Marketing & Sales, Engineering & Project, Supply Chain and Project Finance team.

Prince Bright Majiga

Prince Bright Majiga is a Malawi Defence (MDF) officer currently serving as part of The United Nations Organization Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (MONUSCO). His research interests range from the interconnectedness of strategy and intelligence, conduct of intelligence in peacekeeping and resource poor environments, countering violent extremism in Africa and security governance.​

Priyanka Shahra

Priyanka Sachdev Shahra is a social entrepreneur committed to creating a positive impact on society and the environment through One With Earth (OWE). Priyanka champions women's advancement in her position as a board member of the Shirin Fozdar Programme. She also shares her passion through education and public speaking, inspiring others to drive change.

Promise Nwogu

Promise Nwogu is a fellow of the Student Energy leaders fellowship and one of the challenge winners of "how to change the world". He is also a recent graduate of petroleum engineering from the Federal University of Technology Owerri, who took interest in renewable energy after seeing the impacts it's making in the lives of unserved and underserved communities.

Putra Adhiguna

Putra Adhiguna is an energy finance analyst at the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis focusing on energy transition in emerging economies. He holds an engineering degree from Institut Teknologi Bandung, an alumni of business leadership program from Texas A&M, with a Master in Public Policy from the London School of Economics & Political Science.


Quentin Servais-Laval

Quentin Servais-Laval is Head of Operations at Lithos Carbon and a contributor for

Quincy Childs

Quincy Childs researches progressive strategies for carbon removal solutions with a commitment to climate justice. Drawing from her research in participatory policy design at the University of Oxford, she provides assistance to projects that ensure distributive benefits for frontline and fenceline communities.


Rahul Rajeevkumar Urs

Rahul Rajeevkumar Urs is a PhD candidate at Khalifa University and a renewable energy engineer specializing in solar, hydrogen, and energy storage. With 6+ years of experience, he focused on integrating these technologies for efficient building solutions in the clean energy transition. His goal as an engineer is to advance renewable energy research and apply scientific advancements to real-world challenges.

Rai Friedman

Rai Friedman is the Founder and CEO of the NGO Global Rights Defenders, which advocates for refugee and human rights worldwide. She is also a policy and migration consultant, and welcomes new ventures, collaborations or partnerships. She is a multilingual individual with demonstrated professional experiences in the international development sector as it relates to policy & advocacy, research, migration and human rights. She has worked in the Middle East, Europe, Africa and North America. Currently she is in Kenya implementing a research project with Global Rights Defenders focused on barriers to socio-economic inclusion for refugees. 

Raimund Bleischwitz

Raimund Bleischwitz is Scientific Director of the Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research (ZMT). He has been Chair in Sustainable Global Resources at University College London (UCL) and Director of the UCL Bartlett School of Environment, Energy and Resources (UCL BSEER).

Ralph Chami

Ralph Chami is CEO & Co-founder of Blue Green Future, LLC. He is also co-founder of Rebalance Earth, and is a visiting professor at Williams College. He recently retired from the IMF to work on climate change and biodiversity loss.

Rama Ponangi

Rama T. Ponangi, an India-trained lawyer, specializes in nuclear law and policy and is currently a Research Associate at Columbia University's Center on Global Energy Policy. Previously a Research Assistant under Professor Donna Attanasio at The George Washington University Law School's Energy Laws department, Rama organized the "Investable Nuclear Energy" conference. Rama is a Policy Fellow at the Nuclear Innovation Alliance.

Ramy George Yacoub

Ramy George Yacoub is a committed Egyptian young professional in the Sustainable Development field working towards achieving the 17 SDGs with an interest in climate action, energy, entrepreneurship and innovation, environmental advocacy and youth inclusion. Currently he is mainly engaged as a Youth Adviser for UNIDO.

Randolph Brazier

Randolph Brazier is the Director of Innovation & Electricity Systems at the Energy Networks Association, and has over ten years of experience in the electricity and energy sector in the UK, Europe and Australia. Randolph has an M.Phil in Engineering for Sustainable Development from the University of Cambridge and has presented at a wide range of events and conferences.

Raphaele Leyendecker

Raphaele Leyendecker Fabbri is an impact entrepreneur and investor currently serving as the Managing Director at Techstars Sustainability Paris. She is actively involved in discussions and initiatives related to energy, startups, climate tech, sustainability, and impact investing. Raphaele has a strong background in building ambitious new businesses within the Paris ecosystem and believes in shaping a future where sustainability and profitability go hand in hand. With her expertise and experience, she works closely with entrepreneurs to drive positive change and create a thriving sustainable ecosystem.

Rashid Sumaila

Professor Rashid Sumaila works at the Institute for Oceans and Fisheries at the University of British Columbia in Canada.

Raul Alfaro-Pelico

Raul Alfaro-Pelico is the senior director of RMI’s Energy Transition Academy within the Global South Program. He leads RMI’s capacity development efforts to secure a net-zero future for all.

Raz Godelnik

Raz Godelnik is an Assistant Professor of Strategic Design and Management at Parsons School of Design - The New School, where he explores sustainable business models and how companies can respond effectively to the climate crisis. His new book “Rethinking Corporate Sustainability in the Era of Climate Crisis - A Strategic Design Approach” was published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2021.

Renat Heuberger

Renat Heuberger is the co-founder and Senior Adviser of South Pole, a carbon finance consultancy. He has been engaged as a social entrepreneur in the fields of sustainability, climate change and renewable energies since 1999. Before founding South Pole, Heuberger co-founded and acted as the CEO of the myclimate foundation.

Renat is a confirmed keynote speaker at Terra Tuscany, the sustainability leaders offsite powered by illuminem.

Renato F. Rallo

Renato F. Rallo has a PhD in Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development and an MSc in Mechanical Engineering.

Renske Schouwink

Renske Schouwink is an MSc student in Climate Studies at Wageningen University in the Netherlands, specialising in biogeochemical cycles. She also has a background in the Social Sciences and Environmental Sciences. As a member of the Youth Environmental Council, she represents the opinion of the Dutch youth in advice to policy makers.

Riad Meddeb

Riad Meddeb is Director of the Sustainable Energy Hub at UNDP

Ricarda Röller

Ricarda Röller is Director of Business Development at goodcarbon. Inspired by a trip through the Amazon, Ricarda firmly believes every single one of us has a responsibility to the planet.

Riccardo Castellani

Riccardo Castellani is an engineer with Research & Development experience on hardware and software. He also spent a decade in private equity & venture capital in New York City after financial studies at NYU. Riccardo currently operates as a freelancer out of Taipei, while he is originally from Rome, Italy. You can reach Riccardo at

Riccardo Rebonato

Riccardo Rebonato is a Professor of Finance at the EDHEC Business School, and Scientific Director of the EDHEC Risk Climate Institute. He also has an academic background in Physics and in Nuclear Engineering.

Richard Hartung

Richard is a consultant on payments strategy and retail banking with more than 20 years’ experience in financial services, primarily in Asia. He works as a freelance writer for The Asian Banker, PCN and other media. Richard has a BA from Pomona College and an MBA from Stanford University

Richard Heinberg

Richard is Senior Fellow of Post Carbon Institute and is regarded as one of the world’s foremost advocates for a shift away from our current reliance on fossil fuels. He is the author of fourteen books, including some of the seminal works on society’s current energy and environmental sustainability crisis.

Richard Munang

Dr. Richard Munang is currently the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) Africa Regional Climate Change Coordinator and Acting Regional Deputy Director. Richard has been a pivotal member in steering UNEP's climate-resilient development strategy and has successfully led the execution of several adaptation and mitigation initiatives on the African continent. For his efforts, Richard has received several recognitions including the Africa Green Champion Award, Environmental Hero Award, and UNEP’s Baobab Award for Programme Innovation in 2016.

Richard O’Neill

Richard O’Neill is a storyteller, author and circularity consultant from the Nomadic tradition.

Richard Roberts

Richard Roberts is Head of Research at Volans, a think tank and advisory firm focused on sustainability and transformative innovation. He has spent the last decade working with forward-thinking business leaders to help effect change within and beyond their organisations.

Richard Klein

Richard Klein is the lead research and policy advisor on international climate risk and adaptation at the Stockholm Environment Institute. He sees adaptation as a global challenge and was one of the architects of Adaptation Without Borders—a global partnership working to strengthen systemic resilience to cross-border climate impacts.

Rickard Nilsson

Rickard Nilsson is the Head of Stewardship Success at Esgaia. With years of experience in responsible investing and investor stewardship, he focuses on the role of finance to help advance sustainability practices. His insights span market- and regulatory developments, industry best practices, academic research, and more.

Rikkert Reijnen

Rikkert Reijnen has spent the past twenty years working for non-governmental organizations protecting biodiversity across the globe. His role is to navigate and unite complex stakeholder networks – from government institutions to high-net worth donors to field technicians – around community-based conservation initiatives. To reach the UN biodiversity goals, Rikkert is interested in unlocking the power of the private sector to accelerate biodiversity protection and restoration.

Rob Bauer

Rob Bauer is Professor of Finance and holder of the Elverding Chair on Sustainable Business, Culture and Corporate Regulation at Maastricht University. Rob is also co-founder and Director of the European Centre for Sustainable Finance (ECCE) at Maastricht University, Emeritus Executive Director of the International Centre for Pension Management (ICPM) in Toronto, and currently ICPM’s Associate Director of Education.

Rob Cobbold

Rob Cobbold is the CEO of Native, helping companies invest in nature one Square at a time. Rob is an entrepreneur, public speaker and philosopher who has delivered transformative educational experiences to over 30,000 people worldwide.

Rob Karpati

Rob Karpati is a multi-national finance leader, currently serving as Partner and Senior Advisor to The Blended Capital Group. His focus is on delivering significant positive social and environmental impact through the definition and delivery of paradigm altering approaches to the global artisanal mining sector based on commercially realistic formalization methodologies.

Rob Moir

Rob Moir, PhD, is Executive Director of the Ocean River Institute and Director of Global Warming Solutions IE-PAC in Cambridge Massachusetts. He is an educator, scientist, and advocate with a proven history of institutional management and climate policy success.

Rob Rogers

Rob Rogers is the Founding Partner of ROGERS PARTNERS Architects + Urban Designers, a firm blurring the boundaries between urbanism, landscape, and architecture. Rob has more than 30 years of experience designing major civic and institutional projects and leads the firm’s offices in New York City and Texas. Designing in cities around the country, Rob is committed to creating sustainable work built on research, analysis, discovery, and shared experience. 

Robert Brears

Robert Brears is the founder of Our Future Water, an international sectoral expert (water) with the UN's Green Climate Fund, and the author of 14 books, including Developing the Blue Economy, Nature-based Solutions to 21st Century Challenges, and Financing Nature-based Solutions, among others.

Robert Chris

Robert Chris is an Honorary Associate at the Open University (Geography) and an Associate of the Centre for Climate Repair at Cambridge. His PhD and subsequent research interest concern the insights offered by complex adaptive systems theory to climate change policymaking.

Robert Höglund

Robert Höglund is an advisor in carbon dioxide removal (CDR) and climate impact. He manages the charitable Milkywire Climate Transformation Fund, co-founded the CDR market overview, works with the NGO Carbon Gap, and writes reports and articles on carbon removal and corporate climate contributions. He is also a member of the EU Expert Group on Carbon Removals and of the Science-based Target Initiative's (SBTi) Technical Advisory Group.

Robert Muggah

Robert Muggah is the co-founder of the SecDev Group and Igarape Institute. An expert in geopolitics, international security, the future of cities, green technology and cybersecurity, he advises international organizations, companies, philanthropies and non-profits. He received a Dphil from the University of Oxford.

Robert Rubinstein

Robert Rubinstein is the chairman and founder of TBLI Group. He has worked on creating consciousness for sustainable values and has led money flows in ESG and impact investments over the past 25 years. He has been instrumental in championing Sustainable and IMPACT investment dedicated to solving social issues.

Roberta Boscolo

Roberta Boscolo is leading the Climate and Energy workstream at the World Meteorological Organization, managing a multi-million global portfolio

Sandrine is a confirmed keynote speaker at Terra Tuscany, the sustainability leaders offsite powered by illuminem.

Robert G. Eccles

Robert G. Eccles is a Visiting Professor of Management Practice at the Said Business School at Oxford University. He is the Founding Chairman of the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) and one of the founders of the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) and the world’s foremost academic expert on integrated reporting.

Roberto Vigotti

Roberto Vigotti is the Secretary General of RES4Africa Foundation, a European think tank gathering 34 stakeholders from the clean energy value chain to accelerate Africa’s RE transition. Previously, he spent 35 years in Enel Power R&D Division and served for 12 years as the chair of the Renewable Working Party of the IEA

Robert W. van Zwieten

Robert W. van Zwieten is a founding partner of Route17, an independent blended finance advisory firm. He is a Research Fellow of the Transition Investment Lab at NYU Stern School of Business Abu Dhabi, and a former Adjunct Professor in Finance with the Asian Institute of Management. He previously worked in senior executive positions at EMPEA, Asian Development Bank, Singapore Exchange, General Electric and ABN AMRO Bank.

Robin Mills

Robin Mills is a Non-Resident Fellow at the Center on Global Energy Policy at Columbia University. In his full time capacity he is CEO of Qamar Energy, the Middle East energy consultancy, and author of The Myth of the Oil Crisis.

Robin Saluoks

Robin Saluoks is co-founder and CEO of eAgronom. He drives strategy across the entire business, turning his vision of transforming agriculture into a key weapon to fight climate change into reality.

Roger Cohen

Roger Cohen is the founder and CEO of C2Zero, a for-purpose company providing businesses and consumers with access to the compliance carbon markets. He is also a co-founder of, the world's first family of physical carbon indices.

Roger Spitz

Roger Spitz is an international bestselling author, President of Techistential (Climate & Foresight Strategy), and Chair of the Disruptive Futures Institute in San Francisco. A leading authority on sustainability, and transformative change, Spitz's renowned strategic foresight practice, advises boards, leadership teams and investors on sustainable value creation.

Roli Rajpali

Roli Rajpali, an alumnus of Gargi College, University of Delhi is working as a GSD Trainee in SEO-Digital Marketing with Boston Consulting Group in their Global Services Office, India. She is an ardent reader and a keen observer, with a handful of experience in Content Writing.

Romano Borchiellini

Romano Borchiellini is Coordinator of the Energy Center of the Polytechnic University of Turin​. He is Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Energy Center in Turin and Coordinator of the Working Group on Hydrogen of the Italian Ministry of University and Research.

Romany Webb

Romany Webb is Deputy Director of the Sabin Center for Climate Change Law, Research Scholar at Columbia Law School, and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Climate at Columbia Climate School.

Romie Goedicke

Romie Goedicke co-heads the nature thematic at the UNEP Finance Initiative. She also leads the work on nature-related risk and disclosure and manages the work on mainstreaming and capacity building. Romie is an experienced senior program manager, with a demonstrated history in managing programs on nature and finance in Asia and Africa.

Ronny Castillo

Ronny Castillo is the CEO of Gaia Impact. He is a Senior Investment and financial advisor, corporate finance consultant, venture capitalist, impact investor, and philanthropist. He has experience structuring derivatives and new investments vehicles for non-profit and for-profit projects, impact investments, PPPs, and wealth management institutions.

Rosalind Kainyah

Rosalind Kainyah MBE is an advisor and speaker on Sustainability and responsible business in Africa and beyond. She has over 30 years of combined international legal, executive and operational experience in a variety of sectors and serves as a Non-Executive Director on a number of boards. Rosalind is sought after for her rare level of strategic insight and highly credible and pragmatic advice.

Rosanna Tufo

Rosanna Tufo is a senior advisor at Levin Sources. She has over 10 years of experience in responsible business conduct and development in relation to the supply chains of a diverse number of commodities. 

Ross Harvey

Dr. Ross Harvey is the Director of Research & Programmes at Good Governance Africa. He is a natural resource economist and policy analyst, and has been working on governance issues for more that 15 years. Previously, he worked a the South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA).

Ruhakana Rugunda

His Excellency Ruhakana Rugunda was the Prime Minister of Uganda from 2014 to 2021.

Rupert Read

Professor Rupert Read is Co-Director of the Climate Majority Project and has been Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of East Anglia for 26 years.

Russ Feingold

Russ Feingold is a former US Senator from Wisconsin from 1993 to 2011. 

Rwaida Gharib

Rwaida Gharib is a senior consultant for the World Bank Group, advising on climate policy, blue economy, and energy access efforts. She is a PhD student in environmental resources at Stanford and served as a former Obama Administration appointee for USAID and the US Department of State.

Ryan Hagen

Ryan Hagen is a self-described sustainability nerd on a mission to help reverse global warming as quickly and equitably as possible. In 2018 he founded Crowdsourcing Sustainability and began writing to inspire and empower people around the world, after working in clean technology for a few years. He decided the best thing he could do was actually to speak up and get as many other people as possible together to accelerate climate action.

Ryan James

Ryan James is a co-creator of the (re)Biz (re)connecting business to Earth 28-day online workshop & emergent-creation-lab, which has been designed for those who are ready to build a (re)generative & post-growth world. He is based in Nāʻālehu, Hawai’i with the occupied sovereign kingdom of the Kānaka Maoli people.

Ryan Williams

Professor Ryan Williams is Chief Economist at Enoda. Ryan has 20+ years of experience in economics, finance, and accounting across industry and academia. He was previously a tenured professor at the University of Arizona and currently lectures at Université Paris Dauphine - PSL.


Sabrina Camélia Pagop

Sabrina Camélia Pagop is a climate finance expert specializing in voluntary carbon markets in Africa. She is the founder of Youth Climate Finance Initiative (YCFI), a non-profit organization that empowers young people to engage in research on climate finance topics. With a background in global affairs, renewable energy, and economics, Camélia brings a multidisciplinary perspective to her work in advancing sustainable solutions.

Sacha Bazin

Sacha Bazin is a Master’s student in Environmental Policy at the University of Cambridge. He has a background in ESG data analysis, sustainable consulting and NGO work aimed at the energy transition in the Global South. His interests are broad, encompassing environmental law and policy, sustainable finance, climate science and the interplay between the environment and development.

Sade Fritschi

Sade Fritschi is the Minister of Environment, Water, and Ecological Transition of Ecuador. Originally from Galápagos, she actively supports the Las Flores de Galápagos Foundation, combating gender violence.

Sade is a confirmed keynote speaker at Terra Tuscany, the sustainability leaders offsite powered by illuminem.

Saher Rashid Baig

Saher Rashid Baig is a youth advocate for climate, ocean and gender. She is also an SDG facilitator and Growth enthusiast with experience in UN-live Markmaker.

Sahil Mulji

Sahil Mulji is currently working at Generate Capital while studying Finance and Sustainable Business at NYU Stern School in New York City.

Saleemul Huq

Saleemul Huq is the Director of the International Centre for Climate Change and Development, (ICCCAD).

Sam Howell

Sam Howell is a Research Associate with the Technology and National Security Program at the Center for a New American Security (CNAS). She focuses on quantum computing, semiconductors, technology workforce issues, and the use of emerging technologies to enhance human performance.

Sam Reynolds

Sam Reynolds is an energy finance analyst for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis. He focuses on emerging Asia´s economic, financial, and climate risks associated with gas infrastructure.

Samir Saci

Samir Saci is a French Engineer with international experience designing and optimizing sustainable supply chain operations.

Samuel Wines

Samuel Wines is the cofounder of CoLabs Australia, a transdisciplinary innovation hub and co-working laboratory, exploring the intersection of biology and technology through a systemic and ecological design thinking lens, based in Melbourne, Australia

Samuele Tini

Samuele Tini is the host of the Sustainability Journey, he sparks crucial conversations with leading changemakers, tackling the most pressing challenges of our time. He champions ethical and sustainable practices through his involvement in the B Corp movement as a B Leader, board member at B Academics, and Chair of Membership. Committed to impact, Samuele has led transformative projects across Africa, empowering entrepreneurs and fostering environmental conservation. He is a published author and holds an MBA from Warwick Business School in the UK.

Sandilya Sivaraju

Sandilya Sivaraju is a chemical engineer specializing in sustainable energy technologies. He has worked on various projects, including developing sustainable energy technologies, improving chemical manufacturing efficiency, and optimizing renewable energy systems.

Sandrine Dixson-Decleve

Sandrine Dixson-Decleve is the current Co-president of the Club of Rome. She is a Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership Senior Associate and faculty member and has been named by GreenBiz among the TOP30 women shaping global green business.

Sandrine is a confirmed keynote speaker at Terra Tuscany, the sustainability leaders offsite powered by illuminem.

Sandy Jayaraj

Sandy Jayaraj is an advisor with a 25-year career in global financial markets and 4 years leading sustainability intelligence business. He is the founder of Perspectrum Advisors.

Sanghamitra Chattopadhyay Mukherjee

Sanghamitra Mukherjee is a recent PhD graduate from University College Dublin having recently completed a thesis on new renewable energy technology adoption for the Irish case study.

Santiago Cafferata

Santiago Cafferata is a dedicated Frontend Developer at illuminem, with a strong passion for creating seamless user experiences. With his expertise in NextJS, React, and CSS, Santiago brings designs to life, ensuring optimal functionality and aesthetics. Inspired by his deep interest in sustainability, Santiago actively incorporates eco-conscious practices into his work, striving to contribute to a greener future through innovative digital solutions. His commitment to sustainable development fuels his drive to create impactful and environmentally conscious applications.

Santiago Gowland

Santiago Gowland is the chief executive officer of the Rainforest Alliance. He oversees the organization’s strategic, programmatic, financial, and operational leadership.

Sara Murdock

Dr. Sara Murdock, a cultural futurist and organizational anthropologist, conducts research, writes, and develops projects bridging social science and social imaginary. With over two decades of experience in real-world applications, she's an award-winning strategist and advisor for boards, C-execs, and think tanks. Currently, she serves as the Futurist in Residence for Tech startup Eqogo, Founder of the How We Look project, and a soon-to-be-announced research Fellowship. 

Sara Nawaz

Sara Nawaz, Ph.D., is an environmental social scientist who studies how carbon removal technologies and policies might be designed in just, equitable and responsible ways, including how to involve societal groups (e.g., local groups, Indigenous communities, experts, the public) in these processes.

Sarah Argoubi

Sarah Argoubi embraces a rich and broad experience in sustainability with a passion for fostering positive cross-sector synergies. She is a seasoned practitioner in EU affairs advocacy for NGOs in sustainable finance. She also has a corporate track record in climate adaptation as a senior risk manager and lawyer at EDF Renewables and in insurance in emerging and advanced markets. She serves on the board jury for the HEC Paris MBA seminar and research project on AI and Ethics. She holds an Executive Master from HEC Paris and a Master of Law from the University of Paris X.

Sarah Mackintosh

Sarah Mackintosh is the Director leading the Cleantech for UK initiative, building up a coalition of cleantech and policy leaders to scale up sustainable innovation in the UK. Before joining Cleantech Group, Sarah spent 11 years working for the UK civil service, primarily in energy and innovation policy and legislation.

Saskia Osendarp

Saskia Osendarp is the Executive Director of The Micronutrient Forum (MNF).

Saurab Chhachhi

Saurab Chhachhi is a postgraduate researcher at Imperial College London, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. His work focuses on the integration of renewable energy and incentivising demand flexibility. Currently he is investigating the effects of data privacy concerns and behavioural modelling on the potential of residential demand response. He has previously worked at The Brattle Group.

Saverio Zefelippo

Saverio Zefelippo is a Manager in the Sustainability & Strategy team at Ambienta, a European asset manager focused on environmental sustainability.

Schalk Cloete

Schalk is a research scientist at SINTEF in Norway, Europe's largest independent research organisation. Schalk focuses on "the 21st-century sustainability challenge": giving every citizen a decent life while reducing CO2 emissions. His expertise encompasses technology-neutral decarbonisation paths, the link between energy and development and energy modelling.

Scott Andersen

Scott Andersen is a growth executive, advisor, and author of debut coffee table book "strangers and robots" by Ando.

Seb Kennedy

Seb Kennedy is the founding editor of Energy Flux – a premium daily newsletter all about the energy transition, climate risk, decarbonisation and disruptive digitalisation.

Sebastian Janker

Sebastian Janker is Head of the Chief Investment Office Europe for Deutsche Bank Private Bank and is based in Frankfurt. In this role, he helps develop and present Deutsche Bank Private Bank’s house view on all asset classes and strategies. Additionally, he is in charge of communication around capital markets.

Sebastian Manhart

Sebastian Manhart is a Senior Policy Advisor at Carbonfuture, the Chair of the Board at the Deutscher Verband für negative Emissionen (DVNE), and a Founding Director of the US Biochar Coalition (USBC). Across these roles, he advocates for progressive policy to scale durable carbon dioxide removal (CDR) across Europe, the US, and beyond. Sebastian posts daily content on LinkedIn for his 26k+ followers and runs a monthly newsletter: The Gigaten.

Sebastian Rath

Sebastian Rath is an Associate Director for Climate & Sustainability in Insurance at Boston Consulting Group (BCG). He formerly consulted with KPMG's actuarial advisory team and later as principal with McKinsey’s Risk Dynamics. Holds a PhD in catastrophe modelling from the Hamburg University of Technology.

Sebastian Sterl

Sebastian Sterl works as a researcher and consultant at the Faculty of Engineering Science of the Free University of Brussels (VUB) in Belgium. He also works as an Associate Program Officer at the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA).

Sebastien Cross

Sebastien Cross is Chief Innovation Officer and co-founder of global carbon ratings agency BeZero Carbon.

Selina Neri

Dr. Selina Neri is a global expert in corporate governance and leadership development. She is a non-executive director and advisor to institutional investors and boards of directors. Over the last 26 years she has held C-level roles in the technology, luxury and the travel industry, and now holds two academic appointments as Professor of Leadership and Corporate Governance at Hult Ashridge Executive Education (UK) and 24Ore Business School (Italy). Dr. Selina has published extensively on the topics of ESG governance, responsible boards, responsible leadership and corporate purpose.

Selwyn Duijvestijn

Selwyn Duijvestijn is the CEO of DGB Group, ​a purpose-driven boots-on-the-ground organisation focused on bringing excellence to the development and operation of carbon projects.

Serena Mendizabal

Serena Mendizabal is a passionate youth community-based researcher & community organizer driven by Indigenous governance, impact/ environment/ health assessment and just clean energy futures. She is engaged in multiple organizations in her day to day, including the Lawson Foundation.

Sergio Corilla

Sergio Corilla is an undergraduate student of Electronic Engineering at PUCP. He’s the founder of “Red de Jóvenes por la Transición Energética” and was part of the Latin American Sustainable Energy Summit 2021.

Shakil Begg

Shakil Begg is an Oil Market Strategist with more than 10 years of experience analysing energy markets and formerly headed the Oil Research teams globally at Thomson Reuters.

Shane Coffield

Dr. Shane Coffield is currently a postdoctoral researcher in biospheric sciences at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. He recently completed his PhD in Earth System Science from UC Irvine, where he studied climate change and ecosystems in the Western US.

Sharon Sheah

Sharon Seah is Senior Fellow and Coordinator at the ASEAN Studies Centre and the Climate Change in Southeast Asia Programme at the ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute.

Sharon L. Deem

Dr. Sharon L. Deem is the Director of the Saint Louis Zoo Institute for Conservation Medicine, President Elect of the American Association of Zoo Veterinarians, and former chair of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums Animal Health Committee.

Shaun Fitzgerald

Shaun Fitzgerald is the Director of the University of Cambridge Centre for Climate Repair and a fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering.

Sheri R. Hinish

Sheri R. Hinish is a member of the Global Executive Leadership Team at EY for sustainability innovation. She has won numerous top industry awards, helped guide the strategy of Fortune 500 companies, and worked with SAP, Salesforce, UPS, Celonis, SAP Ariba, OMP, IBM, and many more in shaping thought leadership in sustainable supply chain and diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Shivaram Rajgopal

Shiva Rajgopal is the Kester and Byrnes Professor at Columbia Business School where he has also served as the Vice Dean of Research. He works on sustainability and financial reporting questions and is deeply interested in bringing academic work to bear on practical and policy issues. Previously, he was a faculty member at Duke University, Emory University, and the University of Washington.

Shoba Suri

Dr. Shoba Suri is Senior Fellow Health Initiative at Observer Research Foundation. She holds a PhD in Nutrition & Physiology from Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, India. She has written extensively in media, scientific journals, book chapters on food, nutrition, health, climate, gender, environment etc. She has more than 50 research publications. She is a trained Infant and Young Child Feeding Counselling Specialist.

Shuting Pomerleau

Shuting Pomerleau is a Research Manager of Climate Policy at the Niskanen Center. Her areas of research include carbon taxation, carbon border adjustments, and policies at the intersection of climate and trade. Prior to joining Niskanen, she has previously worked in public policy at the Cato Institute and the American Council on Renewable Energy.

Shyla Raghav

Shyla Raghav, Chief Climate Officer at TIME and Co-Founder of TIME CO2, has over ten years of climate action and mitigation experience. Her career includes impactful roles at Conservation International, the World Bank, Adaptation Fund, United Nations Development Programme, and United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Recognized as an InStyle’s BadAss woman, Grist Top 50 Fixer, and AAAS/IfTHEN Ambassador for women in STEM. She has been featured on CNN, Vice News, and Elle Magazine.

Shyla is a confirmed keynote speaker at Terra Tuscany, the sustainability leaders offsite powered by illuminem.

Siddharth Kothari

Siddharth Kothari is the Chief Investment Strategist at Om Kothari Group with over 12 successful investments under his portfolio in plant-based products, co-working spaces, home automation and cruelty-free cosmetics.

Sidonie Commarmond Meynial

Sidonie Commarmon Meynial is a student in Economics at Sciences Po Paris. Sidonie has been part of the collective Pour un Reveil Ecologique since the beginning of 2022.

Sila Akat

Sila Akat is an expert in hydrogen econimics. She holds a Master's degree in Industrial Engineering with a focus on energy management at the University of Stuttgart.

Simon Burnett

Simon Burnett is a Partner at Adaptation Capital Partnership, a platform to deliver scale industrial inputs based on biogenic carbon.

Simon Flowers

Simon Flowers is Chairman and Chief Analyst at Wood Mackenzie and leads the company’s industry and commodity analysis across the Energy and Natural Resources sectors.

Simon Göß

Simon Göß is the CEO of Carboneer, a carbon strategy advisory, and an Energy Transition Consultant at Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ). He is also a certified trader and trainer at the European Energy Exchange.

Simon Gupta

Simon Gupta is the Founder & Managing Director of Broadpeak, a Swiss-based Advisory Company specializing in Impact Finance. He has 20 years of experience in development finance in Latin America, Africa and Asia. He is also a Partner at investment firm Investment Associate AG, where he leads social and environmental impact investing. Simon has been involved in the set-up of multiple blended finance structures on the LP side as well as the GP side. Before founding Broadpeak, he worked for financial institutions DEG, KfW, and ResponsAbility Investments AG.

Simon Mundy

Simon Mundy the author of Race for Tomorrow, a book about the global fight to respond to climate change. He spent nearly two years travelling through six continents to tell the stories of the diverse cast of characters locked in this historic struggle – from communities hit by extreme physical shifts, to business leaders grappling with the implications for the world economy. He has reported for the Financial Times since 2010, and in 2021 was appointed Moral Money Editor – covering the push for a cleaner and more sustainable world economy for the award-winning Moral Money platform and across the wider FT.

Simon Pirani

Simon Pirani is an Honorary professor at the University of Durham, who blogs on climate and sustainability issues at

Simon Zadek

Simon Zadek is Chair of Finance for Biodiversity, Senior Advisor to the Task Force on Nature Related Financial Disclosure, and co-lead of the Taskforce on Nature Markets. Former Secretariat, UN Secretary General’s Task Force on Digital Financing of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Simon Stiell

Simon Stiell is the U.N. climate chief, responsible for overseeing global climate policies and negotiations under the UNFCCC.

Simone Braccio

Simone Braccio is a PhD graduate from CEA Grenoble and Université Savoie Mont Blanc. He held his research in collaboration with KU Leuven and ENEA focusing on energy, exergy and exergoeconomic analyses of advanced thermodynamic cycles.

Simran Singh

Simran Singh works in the field of sustainable financing at BASE Foundation (formerly the Basel Agency for Sustainable Energy), a UNEP specialised partner. She specialises in integrating gender considerations and capacity-building into climate projects. Her prior research has centred on strategies for incorporating informal economy workers into the formal economy and addressing the gender aspects of informality.

Sissi Penttilä

Sissi Penttilä has extensive experience in corporate sustainability, especially in the textile industry. She has spearheaded initiatives to improve environmental and social sustainability internally, as well as in the supply chain. Penttilä has also worked on business development and stakeholder communication.

Sophia Vlieger de Oliveira

Sophia Vlieger de Oliveira is a circular economist and sustainability consultant. She supports international governments and businesses in embracing strategies and solutions that foster an economy that is circular and regenerative by design. Working at the intersection of sustainable development, strategic design, and business, she is passionate about effecting global systems change.

Sophie Purdom

Sophie Purdom is Co-Founder of Climate Tech VC, Principal of C6 Solutions and Advisor and Co-Founder of Kula Bio. She writes a climate tech newsletter and invests in early-stage companies.

Souman Rudra

Dr. Souman Rudra is an Associate Professor at the University of Agder, Norway. He is the acting leader of the Bioenergy and thermal energy group.

Stan Cox

Stan Cox is an Ecosphere Fellow at The Land Institute in Salina, Kansas. He is the author of six books, most recently The Green New Deal and Beyond and The Path to a Livable Future

Stefanie Gey

Dr. Stefanie Gey is a Founder of DrivingWhatMatters4ESG (DWM4ESG), a pioneering entity, launched at COP27. DWM4ESG is dedicated to shedding light on the millions of credible Solutions in the ‘E’, ‘S’ or ‘G’ sphere that are already out there to help accelerate the 17 UN SDG and thus to tackle our many planetary Challenges. Stefanie is also a Board Member of Montana Capital Partners AG (MCP). Prior to DWM4ESG & MCP, Stefanie spent almost 14 years at EY, with different leadership responsibilities, including Regional Managing Partner Talent; Member of the Regional Consulting Executive Team, Data Protection & Privacy Leader; Head Insurance Legal, Regulatory & Compliance and Global Insurance Law Leader. Before EY, Stefanie had several leadership functions in the FS sector for almost a decade.

Stefano Mancuso

Stefano Mancuso is an Italian botanist and professor of the Agriculture, Food, Environment and Forestry department at his alma mater, the University of Florence. He won the Italian National Award for Scientific Dissemination in 2013 and the Award of the Austrian Ministry of Research and Economy for the Book of the Year in 2016.

Stefanos Fotiou

Stefanos Fotiou is an expert on sustainable development currently serving as Director of the Office of Sustainable Development Goals in FAO. Under this capacity, he is also serving as Director of the UN Food Systems Coordination Hub.

Stefanos Mourelatos

Stefanos Mourelatos is an experienced energy analyst having worked across multiple sectors, namely oil & gas, energy decarbonisation and energy transition.

Stéphane Sarrade

Stéphane Sarrade is the Director of Energy Programmes at the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) and the Research Director of CEA in Chemical Engineering and Green Chemistry.

Stephanie Dorsey

Stephanie Dorsey is Founding Partner at E²JDJ, an early stage venture capital firm investing globally in AgriFood technology and science. Stephanie serves on numerous advisory boards of food, sustainability and entrepreneurial organizations. Prior to founding E²JDJ, Stephanie was a lawyer at the corporate law firm Davis, Polk & Wardwell.

Stephen Hall

Stephen Hall is Head of Awards at Ashden and the author of the Spatial Contract. He delivers sustainability consulting for public and private clients.

Steve Gillman

Steve Gillman is a sustainable business consultant and supports businesses, NGOs and government organisations in advancing their combined economic, environmental and social performance.

Steve Han

Steve Han is Branding Manager at Nearthlab.

Steven Bowen

Steven Bowen is an engineer and investor with 30 years of experience in sustainability, equity and debt investing. He also writes for The Sustainable Investor blog​.

Steven Guilbeault

Steven Guilbeault is the Canadian Environment Minister, actively participating in shaping Canada's environmental policies and representing the country in global climate discussions.

Su Ye

Su Ye is a postdoctoral researcher with expertise in satellite data analysis and disaster mapping. He is part of the Global Environmental Remote Sensing Lab at UConn, which seeks to understand how the world is changing based on quantitative remote sensing.

Suki Dauda Sule

Suki Dauda Sule is a PhD from the University of Hull in ground penetrating radar (GPR) applications for humanitarian demining. He is an experienced professional and academic with a focus on ICT, space systems and satellite applications.

Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber

Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber is the President-Designate of the upcoming COP28 and the United Arab Emirates' special envoy for climate change. He is also the Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology of the United Arab Emirates, managing director, and group CEO of the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company.

Supriya Verma

Supriya Verma is the Chief Sustainability Officer of Belnor Engineering Inc. in Toronto and founder of The SustainabilityX® Magazine. In 2019, she was recognized internationally as one of Canada’s Top 30 Under 30 in Sustainability Leadership and was awarded McMaster University’s prestigious Alumni Arch Award in 2021.

Suresh Neethirajan

Dr. Suresh Neethirajan, Professor and University Research Chair in digital livestock farming at Dalhousie University, Canada, specializes in blending Artificial Intelligence and Animal Science to enhance farming efficiency, welfare, and sustainability. His work focuses on innovative technologies like sensors and data analytics, addressing climate change impacts in agriculture.

Susana Gago

Susana Gago is the founder of UNAKTI, a female-led ecosystem dedicated to cultivating high-value medicinal and aromatic plants, and transforming them into pure raw materials for the Cosmetic, Health & Wellness industries. As part of her job at UNAKTI, she collaborates with local women farmers and communities, empowering them through regenerative medicinal forest cultivation to step up into leadership roles within their families and communities. 

Susana Malcora

Susana Malcora was the Foreign Minister of Argentina from 2015 to 2017.

Sylvain Djérambété

Sylvain Djérambété is a delegate and ambassador for multiple different conferences and summits including Stockholm+50 Youth, SDG7 Youth Constituency and UNITE 2030.

Sylvie Albert

Dr. Sylvie Albert is a professor of strategy and leadership at the University of Winnipeg. She is a strategist with 30+ years in senior management roles, economic development, and management consulting in government, not-for-profit, and private sector. She published multiple books, research articles, contributed to government policy, and presented at international conferences on Digitalization and Community Development.

Sylwia Zieba

Sylwia Zieba is the Research Director for the Global Sustainability Practice at Russell Reynolds Associates.


Taavi Rõivas

Taavi Rõivas is an Estonian politician, former Prime Minister of Estonia from 2014 to 2016, and former leader of the Reform Party. Before his term as the Prime Minister, Rõivas was the Minister of Social Affairs from 2012 to 2014.

Tainara Freitas

Tainara Freitas is an MSc in Environment and Sustainable Development at the University of Glasgow. She is working with sustainability in the agri-food sector, specialising in ESG and carbon footprint accounting.

Takeshi Takama

Dr Takeshi Takama is the CEO of Sustainability and Resilience as well as an Associate at the Stockholm Environment Institute

Tamara Close

Tamara Close is the Founder of Close Group Consulting, and former Head of ESG Integration for KKS Advisors and has over 20 years of combined experience in the global capital markets and ESG strategy.

Tamara Fernández Arévalo

Tamara Fernández Arévalo is a researcher in the Water and Waste group of Ceit Technology Center. Tamara's activity is aimed at carrying out applied research projects for water and byproducts management and optimisation through modelling and simulation tools.

Tamer Obied

Tamer Obied is a core member of the Climate & Sustainability and Energy practices at Boston Consulting Group. He has extensive experience working alongside leading governments, sovereign wealth funds, energy, and heavy industry players in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, to define their energy transition strategy, including long-term net zero pathway definition, asset decarbonization, and clean energy investment strategy.

Tamma Carel

Tamma Carel is Director and Senior Environmental Consultant at Imvelo. With an MSc in Environmental Management, Practitioner Membership of the Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment (IEMA) and IEMA/ IRCA Accredited Environmental Auditor, Tamma is also an Associate Lecturer at Northumbria University, Newcastle.

Tankson Chen

Tankson Chen is an educator and a contributor to

Tannistha Maiti

Tannistha Maiti is the head of engineering & co-founder of DK AI Research Lab, leading a team of AI researchers and developers to transform innovative ideas from lab to production.


Tatev Arshakyan

Tatev Arshakyan is a Graphic and UI/UX Designer from Armenia. With over 5 years of experience, she specializes in creating visually stunning and user-centric digital experiences. She is proficient in Adobe Creative Suite and Figma, always staying up to date with the latest design trends. Her love for design fuels her desire to create intuitive interfaces that captivate users and deliver exceptional results.

Tatiana Mitrova

Tatiana Mitrova is a Research Fellow at the Center on Global Energy Policy, Founder and Director at New Energy Advancement Hub,  Senior Research Fellow at the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies (OIES), and Director (Non-Executive) at Schlumberger.

Taylor Ganis

Taylor Ganis is the host and founder of the Hopeful Environmentalist Podcast and a masters student studying Environmentalist Science and Policy. She is a climate activist who also advocates for people with chronic illnesses and disabilities (including herself) to have space in the climate movement. Taylor is also on the U.S. Youth Advisory Council for the United Nations Ocean Decade, and a fellow at Our Climate.

Ted Christie-Miller

Ted Christie-Miler is the Director of Carbon Removal at carbon ratings agency BeZero Carbon. Before joining BeZero he founded and led the Getting to Zero climate policy programme at the think tank Onward.

Tegan Tallullah

Tegan Tallullah currently works at the climate data startup TransitionZero as their first Marketing & Communications Manager. Previously she was at the environmental disclosure nonprofit CDP for over 4 years. She also holds a (First Class) BA in Environment and Media Studies from the University of Brighton and a Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing from the Digital Marketing Institute.

Tensie Whelan

Tensie Whelan, Clinical Professor for Business and Society, is the Founding Director of the NYU Stern Center for Sustainable Business.

Terence Tse

Terence Tse is a professor at Hult International Business School and executive director of Nexus FrontierTech. Global speaker, and has written multiple published articles and books, including The AI Republic: Building the Nexus Between Humans and Intelligent Automation.

Teresa Hartmann

Teresa Hartmann is Director, Voluntary Carbon Market Formation at the International Emissions Trading Association (IETA). Previously, she was the Lead for Climate and Nature at the World Economic Forum and headed led the World Economic Forum’s environment and sustainability programme across the Davos agenda.

Tessa Clarke

Tessa Clarke is Co-Founder & CEO of OLIO, a free app that has been widely recognised by the United Nations, which highlighted OLIO as a "beacon” for the world, and Vivatech, awarded OLIO as the"Next European Unicorn".

Tetsuo Hattori

Tetsuo Hattori is a Consultant at the International Energy Agency (IEA).

Thaddeus Anim-Somuah

Thaddeus Anim-Somuah is Global Senior Manager Sustainability at Philips and Board Member Future Energy Leaders at World Energy Council. He also has held several board and advisory positions at engineering associations, universities and startups.

Thaweeporn Amy Kummetha

Amy Kummetha is a senior specialist at Circle Economy, developing circular economy strategies

The AgroParisTech graduates

Eight young graduated engineers made a call to action for their fellow AgroParisTech class 2022 in order to leave behind the awards and graduation ceremony on the 30th of April 2022 in Paris.

The Austrian Youth Delegation at COP27

The Austrian Youth Delegation is made up of the youth climate delegates to COP27 and the Conference of Youth (COY) 2022.

Theo Vermaelen

Theo Vermaelen is a Professor of Finance, the UBS Chair in Investment Banking, and the chair of the Finance Area at INSEAD. He teaches in the MBA, PhD and Executive Education programmes and is an Academic Director of the Advanced International Corporate Finance programme. Professor Vermaelen has taught at the University of British Columbia, the Catholic University of Leuven, the London Business School, UCLA and the University of Chicago. He has published articles on corporate finance and investments in leading academic journals.

Thiago Machado

Thiago Machado is the relationship manager at Carbon Offset Certification, a Swiss-based and global independent label that certifies commodity transactions, products or services

Thierno Alassane Sall

A telecommunications and civil aviation engineer by training, Thierno Alassane Sall is now one of the most influential policy makers in Africa, having held several senior government positions in Senegal since 2012. Thierno has been a key member in promoting clean energy and environmental policies as the Minister of Energy and Renewable Energy Development, and the Minister of Infrastructures and Transports of Senegal. During this time, he has also been the Director General of Telecommunications. Thierno is the President and Founder of the new political party ‘République des Valeurs’ and is now a Deputy in the National Assembly of Senegal.

Thomas Cosimano

Dr. Cosimano is Professor Emeritus from the University of Notre Dame and Co-Founder of Blue Green Future, Inc. Tom has 40 years of experience teaching and researching economics and finance. He retired as an Emeritus Professor from Notre Dame at the end of 2016. He consulted as a Visiting Scholar at the International Monetary Fund 20 years in the same areas of study. His work has concentrated on developing financial economic models.  

Thomas Hirschmann

Thomas Hirschmann is a digital entrepreneur and academic lecturer in the field of data science and innovation, successfully running the behavioural innovation company "Behavioural Economy", which is focused on providing behavioural data-driven innovation with a clear focus on ethical and sustainable solutions.

Thomas Lechat

Thomas Lechat is a financial and research Analyst at Globalfields, where he focuses on research, analytics, clients' support, bid and business development. He has a master's degree from Bocconi University in Green Management, Energy and Corporate Social Responsibility. Previously, he worked in the climate finance department at Axa, the French insurance company.

Thomas Pellerin-Carlin

Thomas Pellerin-Carlin is the Director of the EU Programme at the Institute for Climate Economics (I4CE), a leading think-tank based in Paris, and Lecturer at Sciences Po.

Thomas Schröder

Thomas Schröder is a member of South Pole’s leadership team in Australia. He is responsible for developing carbon and biodiversity projects, drawing on South Pole’s global leadership role.

Thomas Vogel

Thomas Vogel is co-founder and CEO of Yonder.

Thomas Westhoff

Thomas Westhoff is the president of the International Association of Students in Agricultural and Related Sciences (IAAS). He attended COP26 and will attend COP27. He is an MSc in "Climate Studies" and "International Land and Water Management" from Wageningen University.

Thomaz Ramalho

Thomaz Ramalho is an architect and urban planner, Master in Urban Planning and International Development and also in Programme Management and Leadership. He has coordinated and developed housing and sustainable urban development programmes and projects in Angola, Brazil, Cambodia, Cape Verde, Ethiopia, Guinea Bissau, Mozambique and São Tomé and Príncipe while working in UN-Habitat, UNDP and GIZ (German Development Cooperation).


Tim Boersma

Tim Boersma is a Partner at Brabers and Adjunct Senior Research Scholar at Columbia University’s Center on Global Energy Policy.

Tim Buckley

Tim Buckley is the Director of Climate Energy Finance and has a further managerial background at the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis. Head of research with Citigroup and co-founder of Arkx Investment Management, a global cleantech startup.

Tim Bushman

Tim Bushman is a Science Analyst at Carbon Direct where he works with clients to advise them on carbon management strategies across the value chain. Most recently, he worked as a Senior Analyst at the Energy Futures Initiative.

Tim Smedley

Tim Smedley is an award-winning environmental journalist and author of Clearing the Air, regarding the global effects of air pollution.

Timothée Parrique

Timothée Parrique is a researcher at the School of Economics at Lund University. His PhD dissertation “The political economy of degrowth” (2019), explores the economic implications of the idea of degrowth.

Timur Gül

Timur Gül is the Head of the Energy Technology Policy (ETP) division at the International Energy Agency (IEA). Previously, he was a Senior Energy Analyst at the Directorate for Global Energy Economics, where he coordinated the energy end use modelling work for the World Energy Outlook (WEO). He writes about topics including energy, climate change, oil demand, renewable energies and energy efficiency.

Tina Nybo Jensen

Tina Nybo Jensen is International Policy Manager at Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). She leads the development, management and implementation of GRI’s Sustainable Development Program.

Toby Bryce

Toby Bryce works on CDR policy and market development for OpenAir, an all-volunteer organization dedicated to advancing the responsible deployment of carbon removal. Toby is also active in the CDR sector as an independent advisor to companies and organizations on commercialization, market development, and policy.


Tochi Nwachukwu

Tochi Nwachukwu is a software engineer at illuminem, who is passionate about promoting the SDGs through digital tech. He is an UNLEASH 2018 sustainability talent, excited to help build sustainable careers and communities.

Todd Legere

Todd Legere is an Economist and Research Analyst at the Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC). He brings over 5 years of experience in economic research and consulting, supporting international trade and sustainable development initiatives. Todd has previously consulted on projects including a youth entrepreneurship competition in the Arctic, and attracting foreign investment initiatives in key sectors; in the latter, he used this research to develop programming recommendations for governments to best support the needs of exporters.

Todd Myers

Todd Myers is the Director, Center for the Environment at the Washington Policy Center. He has more than two decades in environmental policy and previously was a member of the executive team at the Washington State Department of Natural Resources. He is the author of “Time to Think Small: How nimble environmental technologies can solve the planet’s biggest problems”.

Togzhan Tolegen

Togzhan Tolegen is a finance student at Cleveland State University, beyond that she is also an aspiring author focused on numerous topics which concern the lives of multiple society members.

Tom Baxter

Tom Baxter is a Chemical Engineer and a Fellow of the IChemE. He was a senior fellow at Aberdeen University and is a visiting chemical engineering professor at Strathclyde University.

Tom Gosling

Tom Gosling is an Executive Fellow at London Business School and at the European Corporate Governance Institute. He has 20+ years of experience as a board adviser and is a leading independent authority on corporate governance and responsible business. He is a member of the Steering Committee of The Purposeful Company, and was previously a senior Partner at PwC.

Tom Hancocks

Tom Hancocks is an Ethics & Compliance and ESG consultant currently working in professional services. An academic ethicist by background, Tom has lectured and consulted widely on the topics of Business Ethics, ESG, Ethics, Professional Standards and Corporate Governance. His doctoral work applied legal and political philosophy to the context of political transitions.

Tommaso Demozzi

Tommaso Demozzi is a 25-year-old young professional from Italy. Currently, he works on biodiversity policy, sustainable agriculture, and circular economy at the IUCN European Regional Office.

Tommy Ricketts

Tommy Ricketts is CEO and co-founder of global carbon ratings agency BeZero Carbon.

Tony La Vina

Tony La Vina is a lawyer, environmental policy expert and former undersecretary of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).

Torsten Lichtenau

Torsten Lichtenau is a senior partner at Bain & Company. He leads the company's Carbon Transition Impact Area globally and is a core member of their global Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility, Energy and Natural Resources, and Advanced Manufacturing and Services practices.

Tracy Kajumba

Tracy Kajumba is Principal researcher and strengthening partnerships team leader, Climate Change at the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED). In previous roles, she worked with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Ireland, the Africa Climate Change Resilience Alliance, Care International, and the Government of Uganda.

Truzaar Dordi

Truzaar Dordi is a doctoral candidate in Sustainability Management at the University of Waterloo, and he is the Vice President of the Canadian Society for Ecological Economics.

Tukwatanise Bonnita

Tukwatanise Bonnita is a Program Coordinator at Treescape Planet, a not-for-profit initiative and social enterprise dedicated to promoting reforestation and sustainable land management practices around the world.

Tzeporah Berman

Tzeporah Berman is currently the International Program Director at Stan Earth and the Chair of the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty Initiative. Check out her TED Talk.

Tzipi Livni

Tzipi Livni was the Foreign Minister, Vice Prime Minister, Minister of Justice, and Leader of the Opposition of Israel.


Ulrich Seitz

Ulrich Seitz is a climate impact investor and Managing Director of BayWa r.e. Energy Ventures.

Usman Hayat

Usman Hayat is a former content director at the CFA Institute, former executive director at the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP), and former CEO of the Audit Oversight Board (Pakistan)


Valentina Facchini

Valentina Facchini is a qualified chartered accountant and auditor at international law firm Osborne Clarke in Italy. She advises on ordinary and extraordinary tax and corporate matters, advising companies with consolidated financial statements. She has a niche interest in ESG matters and in particular in sustainability reporting.

Valentina Guido

Valentina Guido is a senior associate with RMI’s Climate Intelligence Program, where she supports the Supply Chains Emissions and Carbon Markets Initiatives.

Valentine Nnamani

Valentine Nnamani is the co-founder and CEO at OneGrid Energies, a social enterprise advancing clean energy, circular economy, and climate action in Africa.

Valerie Volcovici

Valerie Volcovici is a reporter covering energy and environment policy at Reuters in Washington, D.C. She is interested in the impact of federal policies on states, cities and towns, and the intersection of energy policy and politics.

Vanesa Rodriguez Osuna

Vanesa Rodriguez Osuna is Net Zero Sector Track Lead at UN Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP FI), where she provides technical support and actively engages with financial institutions working in the agrifood and real estate sectors as part of net-zero alliances and nature-related workstreams.

Vanessa Bowden

Dr Vanessa Bowden is an environmental sociologist at the University of Newcastle interested in social movements, Australian politics and the sociology of knowledge.

Vanina Farber

Vanina Farber is an economist and political scientist author of the book “The elea Way” with Peter Wuffli addressing impact investing and social entrepreneurship.

Vasanth Seshadri

Vasanth Seshadri runs the Singapore-based creative agency The Sunny Side. He is the author of the sustainability-themed novel The People from Beyond the Mountains.

Vedant Kulkarni

Vedant Kulkarni is the UNFCCC representative for India at COP26 and has a passion for climate change adaptation and mitigation.

Veena Sahajwalla

Veena Sahajwalla is Professor at the University of New South Wales, where she also directs The SM@RT Centre for Sustainable Materials Research and Technology. She also heads the Australian Government’s new National Environmental Science Program Sustainable Communities and Waste Hub, and served as a Commissioner at the Australian Climate Commission. As recognition for her work, Veena has been named the '2022 NSW Australian of the Year'.

Veeral Hardev

Veeral Hardev is VP of Corporate Strategy at Ubiquitous Energy. Veeral has over a decade of experience commercializing novel nano-materials products. This includes his time at Nanosys, Inc. where he led materials development, product management, and business development. Veeral holds an MBA from the Berkeley Haas School of Business, and bachelor’s degrees in Materials Science and Economics from UCLA.

Venera N. Anderson

Dr. Venera N. Anderson is a global strategy advisor and published author on sustainability and climate issues. She creates and implements innovative solutions that address the world’s most pressing issues, such as climate change, economic development, and humanitarian challenges. She is a member of the Harvard Business Review Advisory Council. Venera is a co-author of the "Touching Hydrogen Future" book (2nd edition). She is also an International Expert at Women in Green Hydrogen, a global network which strives to increase the visibility and amplify the voices of women working in the green hydrogen sector, and a Speaker at Tech Up for Women and the Wall Street Green Summit about her vision for coastal U.S. green hydrogen hubs.

Venna Lepel

Venna Lepel is CCO/CMO of Novocarbo, a biochar carbon removal company where she is in charge of the Carbon Credit Business Unit. Venna is also a board member of the Negative Emissions Platform in Brussels.

Veronica Corno

Veronica Corno is a climate change professional with 5 years of experience working with IOs and NGOs. She currently serves as a Climate Finance Officer at the World Food Programme, focusing on driving climate finance towards initiatives that help communities adapt and build resilience to the impacts of climate change in Latin America and the Caribbean. Previously, she worked at BASE (a UNEP collaborating centre) supporting the design and implementation of projects based on innovative financial instruments (including remittance-based models) in Low-Income Countries and SIDS.

Vesela Tanaskovic Gassner

Dr. Vesela Tanaskovic Gassner is a renowned climate scientist and desert greening expert. With a focus on knowledge transfer, she works closely with NGOs, SMEs, institutions, and governments, providing clear actionable advice to address misinformation and promote sustainable solutions for arid environments and agriculture.

Victor Ongoma

Victor Ongoma is an Assistant Professor of Climate Change Adaptation at the International Water Research Institute of Mohammed VI Polytechnic University, Morocco.

Victoria Harvey

Victoria Harvey is part of BeZero’s carbon removal team. Formerly researched corporate engagement in carbon removal at the Carbon Removal Centre, analysing the risks and opportunities for an effective scale-up.

Victoria Harvey

Victoria Harvey is co-founder of Clima. She works as an advisor to the advertising and production sector on low carbon methodologies as well as working on a PhD at UEA on climate change and advertising.

Victoria Hurth

Victoria Hurth is an independent academic globally recognised for helping align business with sustainability. She is a Fellow of the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, co-led the 5-year development of the first global ISO standard in Governance of Organizations and advised the UN on the development of a methodology for SDG 12.6.1 (sustainability reporting).

Victoria Masterson

Victoria Masterson is a Senior Writer for creative content agency Formative Content. She is a freelance business journalist with more than 20 years’ experience in print and broadcast journalism, including The Sunday Times and the BBC.

Viktoria Samberger

Viktoria Samberger is Impact Evaluation Expert at Broadpeak, an International Advisory company specialised in Impact Finance. Viktoria specialises on ex-post evaluations for Development Finance Institutions and supports learning from past projects in order to improve future ones.

Vilhelmiina Vulli

Vilhelmiina Vulli is the Head of Media at illuminem. She devises comprehensive communication strategies, managing content creation, and nurturing the vibrant community of illuminem Voices, which stands as the world's largest and premier expert network in sustainability. With over a decade of experience in marketing, analytics, and SaaS product development, Vilhelmiina blends her expertise to communicate with purpose and drive positive change. Her approach underscores her commitment to fostering a sustainable future through strategic communication and community engagement.

Vincent Obisie-Orlu

Vincent Obisie-Orlu is a Natural Resource Governance Researcher at Good Governance Africa. His research focuses on ESG risks, natural resource governance of critical minerals, oil & gas, the energy transition, and advancing Africa's sustainable development.

Vincent Avanzi

Vincent Avanzi is Chief Poetic Officer, speaker, leadership coach, world artist, and sustainability activist. Founder of The Ink of the Future, he delivers poetic speeches around the world on how to enchant the future as a poetic leader. His life mission is to enchant the world with poetry.

Vincent van der Holst

Vincent van der Holst is the Founder of BOAS - a sustainable Amazon donating all profits to save kids' lives.

Viswanathan Raghunathan

Viswanathan Raghunathan is an academic, corporate executive, author, columnist and a hobbyist. He taught at IIMA for two decades until 2001, after which he was the President of ING Vysya Bank, Bangalore for four years. From January 2005 to October 2018, he was the CEO of GMR Varalakshmi Foundation, which he steered towards many prestigious awards. From October 2015 until September 2020, he was the Director of the India campus of Schulich School of Business (York University, Toronto) in Hyderabad. Raghu is currently an Adjunct Professor at the Schulich School of Business, Toronto.

Vladislav Kaim

Vladislav Kaim is currently with Antonió Gutierez as a UN Secretary General's Youth Advisor on Climate Change. He is committed to ensuring decent jobs for youth and has deep expertise in international trade and migration.

Vyra Wu

Vyra Wu is a seasoned research editor and digital strategist with expertise in renewable energy and aerospace at DIGITIMES Asia. Her extensive background encompasses impactful roles at National Geographic and World Vision, where she focused on critical environmental issues and sustainable development


Wade Gungoll

Wade Gungoll is the CEO of Industrial Sun LLC where he leads a team of seasoned renewable energy development professionals who are devoted to delivering world-class projects to heavy industrial end users--including the oil & gas industry.

Wil Burns

Dr. Wil Burns is a Visiting Professor in the Environmental Policy & Culture Program at Northwestern University. Wil has held several teaching positions in renowned universities such as Founding Co-Director of the Institute for Carbon Removal Law & Policy at American University and as Director of the Energy Policy & Climate program at John Hopkins University. Much of Wil’s career has been focused on advancing knowledge and understanding key environmental issues.

Wilfried Maas

Dr. Wilfried Maas is Chief Carbon Technologist at Carbon Direct and former Carbon and Energy manager at Shell for industrial decarbonization (CCS, electrification, hydrogen and biomass)

Will Tope

Will Tope is CEO of LiNa Energy. With over a decade of experience in the energy industry, including senior positions in ExxonMobil, Tope has played a critical role at LiNa, securing strategic partners, pilot projects and building a pipeline of future customers. 

William ten Zijthoff

William ten Zijthoff is the co-founder of Coorest, a company that helps build a sustainable future. Coorest is the first blockchain project that will provide transparent carbon compensation. The CCO2 is the first certified token in the world and is linked to absorbed CO2 from the trees.

Wilson Chan

Wilson Chan is a High School Student at the California Academy of Mathematics and Science graduating in 2025.

Wim Naudé

Wim Naudé is Visiting Professor in Technology and Development at RWTH Aachen University, Germany; Research Fellow at the IZA Institute for Labor Economics, Germany; and Distinguished Visiting Professor in Economics at the University of Johannesburg. According to Stanford University’s rankings, he is amongst the top 2% of scientists in the world.

Wim Vermeulen

Wim Vermeulen is the Director of Strategy and Sustainability at Bubka. He is also a Lecturer at the Solvay Business School and an international keynote speaker.

Winne van Woerden

Winne van Woerden works at Commons Network, an Amsterdam-based think-thank. She holds an MSc in Global Health from the University of Maastricht and a master's candidate in Degrowth: Policy, Economy and Ecology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Witold Henisz

Witold Henisz is vice dean and faculty director of Wharton’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Initiative.

Wolfgang Kuhn

Wolfgang Kuhn is an independent consultant focussed on financial markets’ efforts to become sustainable. He worked as Director of Financial Sector Strategies at London-based campaigning group ShareAction. Wolfgang had been an investor in credit and government debt markets for nearly 20 years.


Xiao Geng

Xiao Geng is the Chairman of the Hong Kong Institution for International Finance and is a professor and Director of the Institute of Policy and Practice at the Shenzhen Finance Institute at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen.


Yariv Cohen

Yariv Cohen is the co-founder and CEO of Ignite Power, a company providing solar-based, life-enabling, distributed solutions across Africa. Yariv has been a part of the renewable energy sphere for the past two decades, scaling innovation globally to help build a sustainable, inclusive future.

Yiannis Stamatonikolos

Yiannis Stamatonikolos is a student at the Law School of National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. He works at 100mentors and coordinates the GenAI Summit SE Europe. He serves as Project Officer for External Communications and Advocacy of UN SDSN Youth and Deputy Network Coordinator of SDSN Youth Greece.

Yongyuth Yuthavong

Yongyuth Yuthavong is the former Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand. He is renowned for his research work on anti-malarials and drug resistance.

Young-jin Choi

Young-jin Choi is a climate impact investing activist and head of impact at a purpose-driven climate impact Private Equity fund. Previously, he worked in Impact Investing Advisory, Corporate VC, and Strategy Consulting. He holds three master's degrees in Mechanical Engineering, International Business Studies and Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE).

Yousra Salem

Yousra Salem is a sustainability professional specializing in supply chain and energy. Yousra started her career in oil and gas, working globally in 8 countries. After seeing the ecological crisis with her own eyes, Yousra decided to move to sustainability and work to overturn socio-environmental injustices.

Youssef Bouchi

Youssef Bouchi is an MSc. in Sustainability Management from the University of Toronto. His research focuses on the political ecology of extracting the minerals and metals necessary for post-carbon futures.

Yury Erofeev

Yury Erofeev is a Business Analyst at SQUAKE, utilizing a solid foundation in Physics, Mathematics, and Sustainable Development to drive meaningful industry changes through data-driven decision-making.

Yusuf Jameel

Dr. Yusuf Jameel is an Associate Scientist at Project Drawdown. With special expertise in water resources, public health, data analytics, and science communication, he uses his expertise in research, data mining, and analytical capabilities to find solutions to climate change and bridge the gap between scientists, policymakers, and the public.


Zach Conway

Zach Conway is the founder and CEO of Seeds, a technology platform that empowers advisors to deliver a more intentional and personalized investing experience to clients by understanding investor values and automatically delivering custom portfolios that align. Zach is also managing director of Conway Wealth, a multi-family-office private wealth advisory firm, focused on leading families toward aligning life and wealth.

Zach Stein

Zach Stein is the cofounder of Carbon Collective, home of the Climate Index, an online investing platform that encourages long-term investments to fight climate change simultaneously.

Zhe Zhu

Zhe Zhu is an Associate Professor in the Department of Natural Resources and the Environment and the Founding Director of the Global Environmental Remote Sensing (GERS) Laboratory at the University of Connecticut (UConn), Storrs, CT.

Zhen Qu

Zhen Qu is a sophomore Environmental Geoscience student at University College London. She is a committed professional working to make the economy more environmentally friendly.

Zitouni Ould-Dada

Dr. Zitouni Ould-Dada is the Deputy Director of the Office of Climate Change, Biodiversity and Environment at the FAO. He has 26 years' experience working with the UN and the governments of the United Kingdom and France in high profile areas including climate change, food security, energy security, and sustainable development. He has been a member of many UN Task Forces established by the UN Secretary General including for climate change, food systems and SDGs. 

Zulfikar Yurnaidi

Dr. Zulfikar Yurnaidi is Senior Officer of Sustainable Energy, Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency for ACE. He is also a Senior Research Analyst for ASEAN Climate Change and Energy Project (ACCEPT).

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