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Francesca Battersby

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 Climate Change

Francesca Battersby is a climate policy researcher at Imperial College London and Carbon Removal Centre. Her work centres around carbon dioxide removal (CDR) solutions and the systems that will be needed to allow them to play a sustainable role in a net-zero future.

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Francesca Battersby

Six questions for thinking about corporate carbon removal

Corporates are beginning to play a key role in this landscape – signalling future demand to CDR developers, as well as committing finance up front. However, with CDR having developed so rapidly, the appropriate role for corporates is not fully understood. Best practice for corporates has not yet been defined, and increasingly, fracture lines are emerging across different communities. Companies working towards net zero must navigate this governance gap. This article provides an overview of the most salient questions being asked by corporates navigating the new world of CDR, and unpack what needs to be done to address them.

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