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Michael Guilfoyle

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Michael Guilfoyle is Vice President at ARC Advisory Group, where he leads a team that researches the impact of energy transition and sustainability on industrial organizations. He is an acknowledged thought leader in digital transformation related to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and advanced analytics.

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Michael Guilfoyle

What the World Cup Can Teach Industrial Companies About Energy Transition and Sustainability

The World Cup is upon us, which is an odd thing to be saying in November. Setting aside some of the issues related to this specific one, I’m excited as I am every four years, whether it is the women’s or men’s cup (Don’t go to a biennial cup, FIFA. Don’t do it.). It is the world’s biggest sporting event that highlights the globe’s most popular sport. What is remarkable about this year’s tournament, and sports in general lately, are the learnings that can be applied to industrial companies working through energy transition and sustainability challenges. I’m not suggesting a one-to-one comparison between sports and industry, but there are some parallels that industrial companies could benefit from observing.

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