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Alain Schilli

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Alain Schilli is the Managing Director of Magnefico LLC, and a Senior Advisor at the BASE Foundation (formerly the Basel Agency for Sustainable Energy), a UNEP specialised partner. He specialises in business modelling and the development of sustainable products focused on renewable energy and energy efficiency. He is the founder of Shift Switzerland (Circular Economy Switzerland) and board member of the Business Angels Club.

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Carla Della Maggiora

We are not out of the woods yet: putting nature at the center of climate action and beyond

In climate action agendas, as has been the case with the annual Conference of Parties, nature is often mentioned in relation to carbon. But as we expand our understanding of climate change and the ways to address it, it is time we recognise that nature goes well beyond carbon and has equally, if not more, essential contributions than decarbonising our economic system. The provision of its myriad of ecosystem services plays a key role not only for the climate (e.g., stabilisation of the water cycle) but for life itself, including ours. 

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