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Mariel Ferragamo

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Mariel Ferragamo is Assistant Copy Editor & Writer at the Council on Foreign Relations. She was engaged in energy and climate communications at The Energy for Growth Hub, where she held the positions of communications coordinator and podcast producer. Alongside her work in communications, she has an interest in journalism, politics, and policy. She earned her B.A. in Environmental Policy from Colby College. During her academic years, Mariel also worked as an intern in both the United States Senate and the US House of Representatives.

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Mariel Ferragamo

The EPA’s new social cost of carbon is much higher — especially depending on where you live

How do you put a price on the climate crisis? Quantifying a messy worldwide phenomenon that manifests in every aspect of life is no easy task. The ‘social cost of carbon’ is one metric that provides some kind of estimate, valuing the cost of impact future emissions have on humanity.

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