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Angela Hultberg

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Angela Hultberg is a Global Director in the Sustainability Team at global consultancy partnership Kearney, focusing on actioning sustainability across the length and breadth of client business models to reach climate and emissions targets. She has a specific focus on the automotive, transport and retail sectors, having joined the Kearney team from IKEA, where she served as Head of Sustainable Mobility.

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Angela Hultberg

The road to sustainable mobility

With roughly a third of all emissions coming from the way we move, the transport industry is one of biggest sources of emissions globally, and it’s no secret that an urgent transition to sustainable practices is needed. More specifically, 15% of all these emissions come from road transport, including the cars and trucks we rely on every day. While mobility is a prerequisite for our modern society to function, the flip side is that increasing production of carbon and greenhouse gases pose a crucial threat to the planet, and concomitantly to our health

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