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Mahak Agrawal

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Mahak Agrawal is an Urban Planner and Sustainability Specialist at the Global Fund to End Modern Slavery. She also serves on the ITA Committee on Underground Spaces Steering Board. She formerly worked at the Center on Global Energy Policy in New York and has a track record of engagement and collaboration with the OECD, IPCC, and the United Nations.

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Mahak Agrawal

The world is drowning in its waste; Is there a way out?

Every year, humans generate over 2 billion tons of solid waste —of which one-third is not managed properly and contributes to approximately 5% of global greenhouse gas emissions. That’s roughly equal to the weight of 4,000 Burj Khalifas. What’s more, this waste is estimated to increase to 3.4 billion tons per year by 2050, roughly equivalent to the weight of 7,000 Burj Khalifas.

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