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Archy De Berker

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Archy De Berker leads data science at CarbonChain, a London-based startup building carbon footprinting software for ultra-high-emitting supply chains. He builds products which use data and machine learning to deliver magical experiences. He holds a PhD in Neuroscience from University College London, and an undergrad in Natural Sciences from Pembroke College, Cambridge. He also enjoys all sorts of different activities as well.​

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Archy De Berker

Blockchain solves none of the problems with carbon offsets

There’s a brewing storm around carbon offsets. They’re being used to protect trees that nobody wanted to cut down, fund wind turbines running for the last 10 years, and build new solar panels that were going to be built anyway. Some companies are deliberately increasing emissions in order to be paid for decreasing them again. What solves absolute none of these problems? Blockchain!

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