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Kelly Wanser is the Executive Director of SilverLining, a non-profit focused on addressing near-term climate risks. She actively contributes to the development of climate-related legislation, collaborates with leading organizations like IPCC, NSTC, and NOAA, and established a research program on atmospheric climate intervention. Besides her work at SilverLining, Wanser co-founded the University of Washington Marine Cloud Brightening Project, serves as an Advisor to Dendra Systems for ecosystem restoration, and is a member of the President's Circle of the National Academy of Sciences. With a background in technology and consulting, she holds degrees in economics and philosophy from Boston College and the University of Oxford.

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Kelly Wanser

Cooling credits: sold as a “cool” solution to climate change, buyers (and everyone) should beware

In the current state of climate and atmospheric science, given the complexity and variability of the atmosphere, it is not possible to quantify specific warming reduction effects from specific releases of aerosols into the atmosphere with any reasonable degree of certainty (or, in the cases where the aerosols affect clouds, even whether the effects are positive or negative). This is critical science to target and improve.

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