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Together, we forge a global energy democracy
Humanity is at a crossroad, and our path depends on our collective sustainability & energy choices. Illuminem aims to empower us citizens, with the right knowledge to lead a better future.
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We collectively build a more informed world, where every voice matters and your opinion is welcome among our EnergyVoices
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Our carbon footprint is 100% offset, our energy consumption comes exclusively from renewables and our screen is designed in black to save power on your device

We believe in equal opportunities, there is no space for discrimination by race, faith, sexual orientation or gender

All financial revenues are disclosed, and we are committed to share any profit with environmental causes voted by our community

We integrated 100+ inputs from our users to design the platform you desire. This 3rd release in a few months is the best testimony of what we can achieve, together
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Defined by our people, empowered by our vision
Illuminem was recently founded by a group of young professionals from institutions around the world. It is the fruit of the passion of a new generation, sharing a common responsibility towards our planet. We believe in #energydemocracy - the power of widespread energy & sustainability knowledge to solve the world’s most pressing issues, from poverty to climate. It is time to change how we access information - welcome onboard, our journey is only at its beginning!
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