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Frederic Hauge is a prominent environmental activist and advocate for sustainability. He is the founder and Head of the Bellona Foundation, an environmental non-profit organization dedicated to promoting clean energy solutions and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. With over three decades of experience in environmental activism and policy-making, Frederic has played a crucial role in shaping the conversation on sustainability and fighting for the preservation of the planet. He appeared on Time magazine's list of "Heroes of the Environment" in October 2007.

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Frederic Hauge

COP27: Green hope growing in the desert

World leaders gather anew in Egypt for COP27 to address the existential threat of the climate crisis; while solutions exist, the world needs to see action and implementation. To achieve this, the global community needs both grit and optimism. COP27 should be about collaboration, green acceleration, and, most importantly, bringing to life existing concepts and solutions to scale and create much-needed green jobs. A metaphorical crossing of the Red Sea is needed to halt the current trajectory to 2.8°C or more of global warming. It is time for finance to step up.

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