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Mavra Bari

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Mavra Bari is a journalist, writer, communications specialist and sociologist with a keen eye on the global politics surrounding climate change and the intersectionality of resource equity. She holds a Master from the University of Amsterdam in Sociology, focusing research on urban narratives and geography, urban marketing, tourism, sustainability and right to do the city. Mavra has worked with several international organizations and projects with UNIDO, US State Department, USAID, Heinrich Boell Stiftung, University of Amsterdam, Snow Leopard Foundation, and Butterfly Works, and has written extensively for Deutsche Welle.

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Mavra Bari

Conference of placelessness: from police-state to petro-state – what is happening to COP?

With COP28 underway, Dubai has irrevocably cemented its sustainability city brand as thousands of delegates descend to the glitzy Dubai Expo City

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