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Susana Gago

REco: Time to evolve beyond carbon tunnel vision

We need to beyond just carbon figures. Here are some proposed key performance indicators to empower corporations to be more holistic
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Markus Müller

Why measurement is so important

We are most familiar with the ends of value chains, because we experience them directly. But we often don’t have sufficient information about their beginning or middle parts to make informed decisions
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The Guardian

China’s emissions of two potent greenhouse gases rise 78% in a decade

Figure represents 64-66% of global output of tetrafluoromethane and hexafluoroethane, MIT study finds
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EU faces funding crisis amid ambitious transition goals

The European Union (EU) will fall short of funding for the Strategic Agenda set for 2024-2029, which calls for investment in green and digital transitions, according to a report by Finance Watch

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