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Kanni Wignaraja

Powering human development: why Asia Pacific needs a different approach to meet its energy needs

With the goalpost moved beyond mere electrification, clean energy becomes a driver for poverty reduction, economic growth, and climate resilience
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Lan Wang-Erlandsson

Human activity is disrupting the freshwater cycle, here's how to change that

Green water – the rainwater available to plants in the soil – is indispensable for life on and below the land. However, in a new study, we found that widespread pressure on this resource has crossed a critical limit
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The Guardian

Entrance fees, visitor zones and taxes: how Europe’s biggest cities are tackling overtourism

From Seville to Venice to Amsterdam, Europe is learning to improve locals’ lives by curbing tourists’ enthusiasm
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Op-Ed: why we need to fix disaster insurance markets this year and how to do it

“Our insurance markets to protect people from climate-related disasters are breaking at the very moment we need them more than ever,” writes Carolyn Kousky, Associate Vice President for Economics and Policy at Environmental Defense Fund

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