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The Guardian

Rightwing New Zealand government accused of ‘war on nature’ as it takes axe to climate policies

Government of Christopher Luxon has made sweeping cuts to climate projects in its first budget, with no new significant environmental investments
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Samuele Tini

Harnessing the sun: The next frontier in the quest for sustainability

Space-based solar power still sounds like a science fiction idea to many. But it will become a viable reality and within our reach in the next decade
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Financial Times

ConocoPhillips agrees to buy Marathon Oil in $22.5bn deal

Acquisition of Houston-based group is latest in a series of megadeals that have reshaped the US energy sector
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Praveen Gupta

Wolfgang Kuhn: “You accept that ANY further warming is going to have terrible effects…”

The advisor and financial strategist urges companies to take immediate steps to reduce negative impacts rather than getting bogged down in detailed carbon budget scenarios

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