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Ayadi Mishra

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Ayadi Mishra is a computational designer and a climate activist, working for inclusion and climate justice. She has been working in the construction and urban finance industry as a young professional where for multiple campaigns she has been the Asia-Pacific Liaison, Research on public policy and circular systems for Mumbai as an SDSN Fellow. With YOUNGO and MGCY, she works as a Policy lead for Nature WG, and as a constituency member for the Stockholm+50 TF. 

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Ayadi Mishra

Biodiversity and International Negotiations on Climate Change: Mumbai and COP27

The COP27 has concluded, and the COP15 on CBD is set to begin in early December after delays from 2020. The connection between the environmental and climate change agendas is well acknowledged. Natural resource extraction and processing already account for 50% of global emissions and 90% of the loss of biodiversity, with repercussions for human settlements and the likelihood of disasters.

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