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Dana Gibber

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Dana Gibber is a climate tech entrepreneur, start-up founder, lawyer and a graduate of Harvard College and Yale Law School. She co-founded Flow Carbon in 2021 for Web3 to make carbon markets as transparent and accessible as possible. She also co-founded Headliner Labs for chatbot technology.

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Dana Gibber

Why do we need to digitalize carbon offsets?

Blockchain, or shared, distributed ledger technology, can play a key role in boosting climate action by solving many of the underlying challenges of the voluntary carbon market (VCM). Some of these challenges are simply due to the fact that most carbon credits are created in emerging markets, where people often face challenges verifying the ownership of assets, and the presence of intermediaries such as banks and credit card companies can be patchy to non-existent. Blockchain as a decentralized solution promises to tackle many of these problems.

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