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Schalk Cloete

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Schalk is a research scientist at SINTEF in Norway, Europe's largest independent research organisation. Schalk focuses on "the 21st-century sustainability challenge": giving every citizen a decent life while reducing CO2 emissions. His expertise encompasses technology-neutral decarbonisation paths, the link between energy and development and energy modelling.

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Schalk Cloete

The 10 great challenges facing variable renewable energy

• Challenge 1: Value declines • Challenge 2: Wide Spatial Variability Poorly Correlated With Demand • Challenge 3: Public Resistance • Challenge 4: System Complexity • Challenge 5: The Need to Electrify Everything • Challenge 6: Material Intensity and Waste • Challenge 7: Supply Chain Inefficiencies • Challenge 8: Scale-Down Costs of the Old Economy • Challenge 9: A Massive Commitment (or Gamble?) • Challenge 10: Competition With Economic Upliftment

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