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Paul Martin is a chemical engineer with 30 years of experience in chemical process technology development. He is a founding member of the Hydrogen Science Coalition, a coalition of academics & engineers bringing an evidence-based view on hydrogen's role in the energy transition. He offers independent consulting services through Spitfire Research Inc. He also works for Zeton Inc., the world's largest designer, and builder of pilot and demonstration plants for the chemical process industry. He is a lifelong environmentalist, earnestly interested in accelerating the decarbonization of our economy.

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Paul Martin

Hydrogen to replace natural gas by the numbers

There's been a lot of talk recently about hydrogen as a replacement for natural gas. The scheme is to gradually add H2 to the natural gas grid, with the H2 being made from water using "excess" renewable electricity when it's available. But ultimately, there are people who think we should have pure hydrogen supplied to our homes instead of natural gas, using the same piping and distribution network that we have now. In this article, Paul Martin debunks most claims made supporting hydrogen as a replacement to natural gas.

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