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Karl Burkart

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Karl Burkart is the Co-founder and Deputy Director of One Earth, and formerly the Director of Media, Science & Technology at the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation.

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Karl Burkart

6 reasons why we can be (cautiously) optimistic about solving the climate crisis

I’ve been spending a lot of time pushing back on what appears to be a pervasive culture of doom fueled by an abundance of misinformed climate clickbait. Many on the outside of the recent COP27 summit in Egypt may have heard that it’s too late to achieve the target of limiting global average temperature rise to 1.5°C, which was enshrined in the Paris Climate Agreement in 2015. But on the floor of the convention, 1.5°C was very much alive with many diplomatic blocs, especially vulnerable nations and island states, joined by the U.S. and hundreds of civil society organizations calling for 1.5°C aligned government pledges (NDCs) by 2025.

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