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Venera N. Anderson

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Dr. Venera N. Anderson is a global strategy advisor on sustainability and climate issues. She creates and implements innovative solutions that address the world’s most pressing issues, such as climate change, economic development, and humanitarian challenges. She is a member of the Harvard Business Review Advisory Council. Venera is a co-author of the "Touching Hydrogen Future" book (2nd edition). She is also an International Expert at Women in Green Hydrogen, a global network which strives to increase the visibility and amplify the voices of women working in the green hydrogen sector, and a Speaker at Tech Up for Women and the Wall Street Green Summit about her vision for coastal U.S. green hydrogen hubs.

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Venera N. Anderson

Policies to improve energy and environmental security, resilience, and reliability (V/V): a case study on Japan

Japan needs to confront and transcend its current energy and environmental challenges. In a world dominated by net-zero arguments, it is crucial to devise integrated policies, simultaneously accounting for energy and environmental security, resilience, and reliability issues

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