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Axel Reinaud

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Axel Reinaud is the co-founder & CEO of NetZero, a climate venture dedicated to long-term carbon removal. NetZero extracts carbon from agricultural waste in tropical developing countries, and converts it into a permanent soil amendment (biochar) and electricity. Prior to launching NetZero, Axel was at Boston Consulting Group for 23 years, holding several client and internal leadership positions.

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Axel Reinaud

Greed and fear will save climate!

We all know by now that climate change is a reality, and that we are headed for dire consequences if we continue emitting greenhouse gases (GHG) as we have done in the recent past. Many political and economic leaders have embraced the “net-zero” emissions target by 2050. But despite all good words, our global emissions continue to rise. Are we headed for a +4 to +5 °C world in 2100, with catastrophic consequences? Will climate be another example of the “tragedy of the commons” highlighted by Garrett Hardin back in 1968?

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