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Alex Hong has over 20 years of experience in executive and tertiary education. He has led cross-tertiary teams in development, curation, faculty/programme management, and business development in education and eLearning projects. He is actively involved in Climate/Biodiversity/ESG-related business matchmaking and conferences regionally. Alex is LinkedIn’s Top Voices (Green) in Singapore 2022 and represents the Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC) as the Ambassador of Southeast Asia. He is also part of the Youth Networking Business Committee of Asia (YNBC) and contributes to his community by volunteering as a mentor for a Singapore-based start-up incubator.

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Alex Hong

Navigating the sustainability shift (I/II): the role of board leadership in a changing corporate landscape

ESG is not a siloed checklist; it's an interconnected ecosystem where each element influences the others. Poor governance can lead to environmental neglect, which, in turn, can impact social well-being. Conversely, ethical governance can drive positive social impacts and environmental stewardship

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