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Neo Gim Huay

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Ms Neo Gim Huay is Managing Director, Centre for Nature and Climate at the World Economic Forum. Before joining the Forum, she held various Managing Director roles in Temasek, including Climate Change Strategy, Sustainability and Enterprise Development.

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Neo Gim Huay

It’s time to get serious about climate adaptation

For years climate change warnings have followed a similar pattern: Act now to prevent catastrophic consequences in the future. Yet as we go into the 27th United Nations Conference of the Parties climate summit in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, that message alone is not enough – We must also focus on the need to protect ourselves and our planet today. Climate change is no longer a far-off threat. It’s here, affecting lives and livelihoods and disrupting hydrological and other ecological cycles. The earth has warmed 1.1 degrees above pre-industrial levels, and the number of climate and weather-related disasters has increased almost 35 percent since the 1990s. Just consider the recent devastating floods in Pakistan and Nigeria that have killed hundreds and displaced millions.

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