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Clara Mouysset

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Clara Mouysset is the Head of Tikehau Capital's Private Equity Green Assets Strategy. Clara has extensive experience in the energy transition and decarbonization sector, where she has worked for 11 years. She worked for project developers (Total Energies and Velocita Energies) and then managed several investment vehicles dedicated to financing decarbonisation projects at alternative asset managers (Eiffel IG) and now Tikehau Capital.

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Webinar: Financing Decarbonisation At Scale

Join us on a journey into the realm of decarbonization today at 14:00 CET. In a world where carbon emissions continue to escalate, the need for decarbonization efforts becomes increasingly urgent. How can we fund large-scale projects that not only reduce carbon emissions but also promote a cleaner, greener future for our planet? Join us as we explore the financing of decarbonization initiatives and the path to a sustainable, low-carbon future.

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