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Paride Del Grosso

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Paride Del Grosso is a Research Fellow at The Aspen Institute and is currently pursuing a Philosophy of Science at Antwerp University. Paride graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy at the University of Trento and a master’s degree in Philosophy of Science at the London School of Economics

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Natascia Arcifa

The Italian constitutional reform of the environment: Legal and Philosophical considerations

On 8 February 2022, the Chamber of Deputies in Italy definitively approved, after a second deliberation with a majority of two-thirds of its members, the constitutional reform bill already approved by the Senate. The reform includes 'the protection of the environment, biodiversity, and ecosystems, also in the interests of future generations' among the fundamental principles of the Constitutional Charter (Article 9). Moreover, it is left to the legislator to establish the ways and forms of animal protection. Furthermore, the amendment of Article 41 limits the private economic initiative establishing that health and the environment are paradigms that are to be protected by economic activity.

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