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Laura Basconi

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 Climate Change

Laura Basconi is an expert in the impact and mitigation of climate change, ecosystem services and environmental restoration. Over her time in Academia, she has always cared about the dissemination of the hard scientific concepts, which led her to her first interactions with corporate entities in search of impact reduction.

Laura is currently Climate Change Mitigation Manager at AWorld, the official platform of the United Nations and the European Commission, for the empowerment of citizens of the world towards climate action. She got a bachelor's degree in Biology from Bicocca University in Milan and one in Marine Biology and Ecology obtained from the University of Salento. After four years of research mainly based in Ca' Foscari University (Venice, Italy) and the NIOZ research center (Texel, Netherlands), Laura became a PhD in Science and Management of Climate Change.

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Laura Basconi

Why climate change is everyone's business

Climate change is both complex and complicated system and, as with all complex problems, it requires complex solutions, or at least complicated ones

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