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Joining the illuminem team means embracing a mission larger than ourselves, a commitment to our planet. We're not just filling positions. We're inviting passionate individuals to contribute to a high-potential venture from its early days. Our team is defined by its diversity, inclusiveness, perseverance, resilience, and relentless pursuit of excellence, ensuring that we don't just count the hours—we make every hour count. If you're ready to work alongside top professionals and be guided by industry leaders, while making a tangible impact, illuminem is already where you belong.

Join a dynamic team that tangibly empowers the sustainable transition, develops each member's potential, and takes pride in redefining the limits of what's possible.

Below are our current openings:

1. Head of Data
Craft and execute a comprehensive data strategy, ensure proper data governance and compliance, build a robust and scalable architecture, code and lead our data scrapping efforts, utilize advanced analytics, develop dynamic real-time visualizations, and lead a team to leverage data across all facets of the business.

What will you do?
• Data strategy development:  Develop and implement a comprehensive data strategy aligned with the business goals and objectives, and ensuring compliance with relevant regulations as GDPR and CCPA
• Data governance and compliance: Establish and enforce policies, procedures and controls to ensure the integrity, security and privacy of data assets. Work closely with our lawyers to ensure our data practices adhere to regulatory requirements
Data quality management: Ensure the accuracy, completeness and reliability of data. Oversee initiatives to improve data quality, including data cleansing, validation and enrichment processes
Data architecture and infrastructure: Design and maintain the organization’s data architecture and infrastructure. Evaluate and select appropriate technologies, platforms and tools to support data storage, processing and analysis needs
Data analytics and integrations: Facilitate use of advanced analytics techniques (incl. Machine learning and predictive modeling) to derive insights from data. Collaborate with different departments to maximize value of data and ensure it is shared effectively across the organization
Team management:  Build up your data team and lead them to complete technical projects on time

What are we looking for?
Education - Minimum bachelor’s degree in a relevant field such as computer science, data science, statistics
Experience - 4+ years of experience as a data leader in another organization, with a strong focus in AI / Machine Learning
Skills - Proficiency in programming languages commonly used in data science and analytics (e.g. Python, R, SQL). Strong understanding of data management concepts (incl. data modeling, data warehousing and governance). Additionally, experience with data scraping, AI and ML is highly desirable
Leadership - grow by growing others
Business acumen -  understand business requirements and translate them into technical needs
Reliability - you will be trusted and given key responsibilities from Day 1
Represent illuminem - Participate in executive meetings to represent the data efforts of the company

2. Founder's Associate
Collaborate closely with the company's founders, drive innovation and improvement with unwavering commitment, facilitate seamless communication between founders and teams to ensure unity and clarity, devise and execute sales strategies, and develop relationships with sustainability leaders across various sectors.

What will you do?
Lead with Our Founders: Work directly with the founders on day-to-day operations and the long-term strategic vision of the company
Embody the Vision: Act as an ambassador of our vision and mission, constantly seeking innovative solutions and improvements with relentless dedication
Be the “Leader of Trust”: Guide our teams and act as a liaison between founders and various teams to ensure seamless communication and collaboration
Sales Strategy Execution: Plan and implement effective sales and partnerships initiatives; build and maintain crucial stakeholder relationships; attend the strategy meetings
Meeting Management: Efficiently oversee investor and senior management meetings, including agenda preparation, action item assignments, and follow-ups
Represent illuminem: Join the founders at major global events, engage in high-stakes meetings, and foster relationships with leading sustainability figures

What are we looking for?
Reliability - Immediately assume key responsibilities from Day 1, evidencing your dependability and capability in essential roles
Flexibility - Live the startup “big picture”, while also intervening in detailed tasks. Lead action across various fronts, from daily and recurrent operations to long-term strategic projects
Educational Qualifications - You are currently pursuing your master's degree or have recently graduated from a top university
Professional Experience - Possess experience in a fast-paced high-intensity environment 
Sustainability Knowledge - Demonstrate a understanding and passion for sustainability in your professional approach
Excellent Verbal & Written English Skills - Clearly and concisely communicate, distilling insights from documents and discussions with proficiency
Willingness to be co-located in our Venice HQ at least 80% of the time (accommodation provided)
Legal Work Eligibility in Italy - Hold a valid EU Working Permit in order to proceed for this position

3. Summer intern
Delve into sector trends ensuring content maintains top-notch quality, engage with energy and sustainability professionals and experts, closely take part in various team activities spanning from content curation to product development, and work closely with both the team and technology to ensure seamless operations.

What will you do?
Contribute to our mission: Play a pivotal role in advancing our mission, contributing your skills to various aspects of our operations
Understand what matters: Identify the key trends and developments of the sector to guarantee top-notch content quality for our readers
Collaborate effectively: Work closely with our team and our technology to ensure smooth operations 
• Dream and achieve big: Engage with the best energy & sustainability professionals, experts and activists in relevant fields. Foster their involvement in our projects, enriching our content with diverse perspectives and insights
Participate in the team: Join our dynamic team and make an impact across a spectrum of roles, from Content Curation to Product Development. Your adaptability and willingness to assist in various capacities will be highly appreciated

What are we looking for?
A passion for the challenge - How will you take illuminem to 100,000 readers?
An entrepreneurial spirit - You will see no hierarchy, but a common drive to impact
Reliability / track record of getting things done - You will be given key responsibilities from Day 1. Be output-driven and turn cool ideas into reality
Flexibility -  You will be leading action across fronts, from daily / recurrent operations to long-term projects
Enthusiasm - Your enthusiasm will be pivotal to dream & achieve big together
A strong academic record - You have a Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent 
Willingness to be co-located in our Venice HQ at least 80% of the time (accommodation provided)

4. Senior product analyst - freelance contract
Craft product strategies and ensure successful market launches, conduct market and customer research, track product performance, and collaborate with design and tech teams to create outstanding customer experiences.

What will you do?
Develop product strategies: support the go-to-market strategy development process for our newest products, and help launch our products into the market
Market and customer research: analyze our competitors and speak to our customers to understand their needs, identify ways we can differentiate, and help build a winning solutions
Monitor product performance: Perform customer analysis, find ways to improve performance, generate reports and presentations on results findings
Support product design and tech development: work alongside our product design and tech development teams, effectively communicate the needs of our customers and help them build winning customer experiences

What are we looking for?
Reliability - you will be trusted and given responsibilities from Day 1
Experience - minimum of 4+ years experience in product analysis / management
Interpersonal skills - you will need excellent communication skills in order to engage directly with our customers, tech and design teams, as well as work directly with our Chief Product Officer
Product analysis - experience with data analytics techniques and tools to analyze large datasets and derive insights
Enthusiasm - your enthusiasm will be pivotal to dream and disrupt the ESG information industry forever!

Why should you apply?
Have a story you will tell for life: be part the success of a high potential venture from its beginning
Join a valued network: join a team composed of top professionals and advised by C-level executives, gaining access to unparalleled networking, career & mentoring opportunities
Invest in yourself, not only on your CV: learn how to launch a successful business not by reading a biography but by taking the challenge, turning everyday problems into solutions
Work for a company worth your name: do not compromise on your ideals, but be proud everyday to achieve impact for a real Mission, and simply work in an environment grounded in its values

Do you have any questions? Connect with our team!

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