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Jan Ossenbrink is Co-Founder of Vamo, which focuses on providing green, affordable heating solutions. He was previously a Partner at Global Founders Capital, where he focuses on Climate Tech investments. His work experience in the domains of clean energy, transport and molecules include McKinsey, General Electric, and the World Bank. He holds a PhD degree from ETH Zurich and Stanford University.

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Jan Ossenbrink

Could Germany's nuclear power stations help kickstart the domestic clean hydrogen economy? A thought experiment

After Putins's attack on Ukraine citizens across Europe have come to realize how strongly their economies depend on natural gas from Russia, so strongly in fact that a moratorium on gas imports seems off the table as a viable sanction against the regime in Moscow. While this dilemma can hardly be resolved in the short term, governments and companies seem committed to pivot their strategies through A) reducing the amount of natural gas required across domains, e.g., by accelerating the transition towards electric heating via heat pumps, B) diversifying supplier relationships, and C) replacing natural gas and other fossil fuels by derivatives like hydrogen. This article focuses on option C).

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