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Gabriella de Maio

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Gabriella De Maio is a Lawyer and Professor of Energy Law at the University Federico II. She is also Coordinator of Professional Fellows of the Italian National Committee of the World Energy Council (WEC Italy) and Coordinator of Italian Forum of Energy Communities (IFEC). She has carried out scientific missions in Finland, Germany, and Spain on the issues of nuclear energy, the decommissioning of related plants and European policies on renewable energy.

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Gabriella de Maio

Policy Direction for Sustainable Communities and Combating Energy Poverty

The COVID-19 pandemic has added urgency to the goal of ending energy poverty. The International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates that a rise in poverty levels worldwide may make basic electricity services unaffordable for more than 100 million people who already had electricity connections, presaging a return for many to more polluting and inefficient sources of energy.

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