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Frank Biermann

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Frank Biermann is a political scientist and international lawyer specializing in the study of how to transform global institutions for sustainable development. After pre- and postdoctoral studies in Berlin, Aberdeen and Harvard he moved in 2003 to the Netherlands, first as a professor of Environmental Policy Analysis at VU University Amsterdam and since 2015 as a professor of Global Sustainability Governance at Utrecht University. Biermann is among others the founder and first chair of the Earth System Governance Project, a global transdisciplinary research network with several hundred members. At present, Biermann directs a 2.5 million EUR project on the impacts of the Sustainable Development Goals, financed by an Advanced Grant from the European Research Council. In 2021, the International Studies Association awarded him the Distinguished Scholar Award in Environmental Studies.

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Frank Biermann

The UN Sustainable Development Goals haven’t had much impact so far

The SDGs cannot remain a lofty inspiration. We need to convert their promise to real action

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