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Keith Baker

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Dr Keith Baker is a Research Fellow in Fuel Poverty and Energy Policy at the Built Environment Asset Management (BEAM) Centre, Glasgow Caledonian University; a Co-founder of the Energy Poverty Research initiative (a spin-out from the BEAM Centre); a Board Member and Convenor of the Energy Working Group at the Scottish ‘think and do’ tank, Common Weal; an Associate of 100% Renewable UK; and an Officer of the National Coordinating Committee of Scientists for Global Responsibility.

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Keith Baker

Climate change: UK’s net zero target is under threat because there’s no plan to pay for it

The UK government’s plan for achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 is at a serious risk of sinking before it’s been fully launched. With the Treasury having rejected a request by MPs to come up with a “clear funding plan”, there’s now every chance that an already bad plan will turn into no plan at all.

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