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Ludmila Azo

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 Diversity & Inclusion

Ludmila Azo is Country Manager at the International Trade Centre (ITC). Prior to joining ITC, Azo worked in the Energy sector at the Africa Mini-grids Developers Association (AMDA) in Kenya. She has also worked with the UN Department of Political Affairs on coordinating peace and security efforts in the Great Lakes region of Africa.

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Ludmila Azo

To achieve an inclusive, food-secure and sustainable future for all: move women in agribusinesses up the food security and climate action agendas

Women account for a substantial proportion of the agricultural labour force, and yet, their role is often not adequately recognized and remunerated, and they face higher risks to access training, finance and technology and innovation. Women, in particular rural women, are at the centre of our food systems, and they must be adequately supported if we truly aim for inclusive and sustainable development, especially in Africa.

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