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Kaveh Zahedi

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Kaveh Zahedi is Deputy Executive Secretary for Sustainable Development at the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP). In this capacity, he is responsible for advancing the ESCAP’s mission to promote sustainable economic and social development in the Asia-Pacific region. With over 25 years experience at the UN, he previously served as Regional Director & Representative for Asia Pacific, Climate Change Coordinator and Advisor at the UN Environment Programme.

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Kaveh Zahedi

Considering energy security in the transition to a low carbon world

The world is facing multiple overlapping challenges. The recovery from COVID-19 and the impacts of climate change along with the food, energy and cost of living crises are straining the economies of many countries in the Asia-Pacific region. The fossil fuel crisis is leading many countries to seek greater energy security. But energy security today means more than just safeguarding access to resources. It is also about ensuring reliable and affordable energy supplies while at the same time protecting economies from exposure to price volatility. It is increasingly clear that the energy transition will be an enabler of energy security.

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