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Angela Zhong

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Angela Zhong is a first-generation Asian-American Harvard sophomore. She is studying economics with a secondary in environmental science public policy and a citation in Mandarin. Hailing from Houston, Angela has felt the impacts of natural disasters and climate change first-hand. Previously served as her school’s first-ever Minister for Climate and Sustainability on the Undergraduate Council Executive Cabinet. Angela is passionate about youth climate advocacy and was fortunate enough to represent youth at US Institute of Peace and many more. She currently serves as an intern for the UN Capital Development Fund and enjoys figure skating in her free time.

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Angela Zhong

A Personal Account of COP27

COP was one of the most unifying moments (at least in my year) for engaging a diverse group of stakeholders, even despite some of its flaws. I was fortunate enough to attend the first week of COP27 through the SustainUS delegation and meet youth, elders, activists, policymakers, business leaders, and more from all over the world.

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