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Amara Nwuneli

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 Climate Change

Amara Nwuneli is a 15-year old Nigerian-American activist, social innovator, actor, and author. She founded and runs Fight Global Warming Nigeria which works to raise awareness about climate change among youth through interactive workshops, informational videos, and local initiatives. Through her work as a climate activist, she has served as a speaker and youth representative in various forums and has written articles. In addition, she constantly works to address inequality, corruption, and much more.

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Amara Nwuneli

COP 27: What It Means for Nigeria

Climate change in Nigeria is as disastrous as it is unheard of and of the ten countries considered most threatened by climate change globally, seven are in Africa. Given the recent devastations from flooding, droughts, desertification and conflicts across the continent, African governments have increasingly expressed concern about the impact of climate change.

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