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Francisco J. Monaldi, Ph.D., is a non resident fellow at the Center on Global Energy Policy. He is the fellow in Latin American energy policy at the Center for Energy Studies, the Mexico Center and the Latin America Initiative at the Baker Institute and an adjunct professor of political economy of oil at Rice University. He is also an associate at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

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Luisa Palacios

Venezuela Oil Sanctions: Not an Easy Fix

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has upended global energy markets and brought energy security issues back to the forefront of global attention. The unexpected visit of a US government delegation to Caracas for talks with Nicolas Maduro on March 5th may be considered an example of official recognition of this imperative. The visit led to speculation that sanctions on the Maduro regime could be lifted and that a rapid ramp up of Venezuelan oil production and export could result.

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