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Manfredi Morello

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Manfredi Morello is the Solicited Rating Team Coordinator at Standard Ethics, a leading Sustainability Rating Agency. He is a member of CSR Natives – the first italian network of young sustainability professionals.

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Manfredi Morello

A vibrant moment for Sustainable Finance in Italy

Since the beginning of the new year, economic analysts have been starting to drive their thoughts towards the aftermath SARS COV-2 pandemic. The first country in Europe to end all restrictions is the UK, whose government has just announced a feasible “freedom day” to forgive and forget the pandemic restrictions. But, in a way, these thoughts of “regaining” our previous lives are everywhere. Now, looking at the European economy, if ever there has been a specialty whose long-tem strategies had been already put in place before the pandemic commenced, it was certainly Sustainable Finance.

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