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Ivo Locatelli

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Ivo Locatelli is Senior Expert at the European Commission. Since joining the European Commission in 1991, he has worked in several departments and dealt with industrial relations with Japan, the liberalisation of telecoms sector, and now public procurement where he leads the team dealing with strategic procurement policy.

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Ivo Locatelli

Procurement of Innovation and the green transition, two allies

In Europe, public expenditure on works, goods and services constitutes approximately 14% of the EU's GDP, which corresponds to approximately 1.9 trillion euros per year, 500 billion of which are allocated at the EU level. This amount is a potential to be exploited to stimulate the demand for innovative, green and digital solutions to accelerate the transition by strengthening the competitiveness of European industry, in particular of small innovative companies, writes Ivo Locatelli, Senior Expert of the European Commission, in this article that also illustrates the main initiatives of DG GROW (European Commission) on the subject.

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