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Kimberley Miner

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 Climate Change

Dr Kimberley R. Miner is a Research Assistant Professor at the University of Maine, focusing on global risks from climate change. She is a Fellow at the Centre for Climate and Security and Co-chair of the NASA HQ Interagency Forum on Climate Risks, Impacts, and Adaptation.

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Kimberley Miner

Climate tipping points: The Arctic is a bellwether for irreversible change

The warship HMS Terror lies at the bottom of the Arctic Ocean in the Northwest passage, lost in 1848 after two grueling years stuck in the Arctic ice. Rescue missions launched to recover the ship in 1851 suffered the same fate, crushed under the year-round ice that encased Northern Canada and the Arctic Ocean. But in 2016 — just 168 years later — the Victoria Strait was clear of ice, allowing the recovery of the HMS Terror and beckoning exploration of the most northern reaches of the globe. 

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