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Riccardo Castellani

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Riccardo Castellani is an engineer with Research & Development experience on hardware and software. He also spent a decade in private equity & venture capital in New York City after financial studies at NYU. Riccardo currently operates as a freelancer out of Taipei, while he is originally from Rome, Italy. You can reach Riccardo at

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Riccardo Castellani

Bio-gas and the greys of green solutions Mechanical Engineering

My relocation to Asia has generated discussions with EU and US companies providing green energy solutions. While we are used to talking about renewables as a binary domain where energy sources are either bad or good to the environment (e.g. oil and coal, compared to wind and solar), real-world implementations involve also less clear scenarios. Cases like nuclear power encourage being inquisitive considering the intuitive issues related to radioactive waste. However, almost any implementation presents similar problems to solve.

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