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Elil Hoole

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 Diversity & Inclusion

Elil Hoole is a part-time research associate at the Centre for Climate Repair at Cambridge (CCRC) and is currently completing her PhD at the University of Cambridge. Her study focuses on feminist policies for women engaged in small scale commercial farming in dry-zones threatened by climate change.

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Elil Hoole

Any plans to dim the Sun and cool the Earth must be led by those most affected by climate change

The developed countries of the “global north” are responsible for 92% of excess global emissions, according to a 2020 study in The Lancet Planetary Health. Yet it is the rest of the world – the “global south” – that disproportionately bears the brunt of climate change. Emergency measures to reflect more of the Sun could help temporarily avoid the worst impacts, but it must serve to improve the safety of those most affected.

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