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Patrick Agese

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Dr. Patrick Agese is a visionary and an accomplished leader in the field of clean energy and sustainability. As the founder of PAM Africa, he has dedicated his career to promoting sustainable development and driving the adoption of clean energy technologies in Africa and beyond. With a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities in this space, Dr. Agese has been instrumental in advancing the cause of sustainability through his work at leading firms such as Costain, Anesco, Givaudan, and HGEN Capital. Patrick holds a PhD in Energy and Environmental Engineering from the University of Reading.

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Patrick Agese

How many batteries are needed in Africa?

Renewable electricity generation in the form of solar home systems and mini-grids, particularly when coupled with batteries, is improving access, reliability, and the cost of energy. As such, over the next decade, batteries are expected to have a high uptake in Africa, especially with the declining costs.

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