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Ali Borhani

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Ali Borhani is the Managing Director of 3Sixty Strategic Advisors, a boutique consultancy firm based in London. It specialises in emerging markets and is focused on geo-economic and geo-strategic developments, including the decoupling of East and West and the implications of China’s Belt and Road Initiative. He is also a co-founder of The BRI Dialogues in collaboration with Durham University’s School of International Affairs. A Fellow of The Society of Arts who in climate change circles is known as #TheNetZeroOutlier.

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Ali Borhani

The untold story of the CO2 footprint of wars, occupations & invasions

IPCC's 6th Assessment Report was published in much fanfare back in August 2021. In the ever heated conversation about the climate emergency, Net Zero and the future of the planet, and the zealous act of singling out the culprits of CO2 emissions, the IOCs (International Oil & Gas Companies), regulated utilities, automobile manufacturers, steel and building materials and civilian airlines are the usual suspects. And yet one industry and the biggest emitter in the world is nowhere to be seen and absent from the carbon trackers of U.N, IPCC, WMO, US EPA or IEA for that matter. The armed forces and defence sector are the single biggest contributors to CO2 emissions of the planet.

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