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Sophie Purdom

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Sophie Purdom is Co-Founder of Climate Tech VC, Principal of C6 Solutions and Advisor and Co-Founder of Kula Bio. She writes a climate tech newsletter and invests in early-stage companies.

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Sophie Purdom

$40B 2021 climate venture recap

• In 2021, climate tech startups raised ~$40b across 600+ venture deals • Compared to the same period in 2020, investment in 2H’21 doubled dollars deployed • Up and to the right! Funding steadily rose ~20% sequentially for each quarter of 2021 • ~1,400 investment firms joined at least 1 climate tech deal, with ~70 new climate venture firms announced during 2021 • Mobility sector deals maintained their pole position with largest median deal size (~$20m) and proportion of total funding (~40%), though Energy, Carbon, and Climate sectors picked up speed • Food & Water attracted the greatest diversity of investment firms; three sectors (Food & Water, Energy, Mobility) account for over two thirds of investment firms’ climate activity

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