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Federico d'Annunzio

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Federico d'Annunzio is a serial entrepreneur in innovation technologies. He spent the first phase of his career in the capital equipment industry. In 2020, he was awarded the S.A. Global Achievement award for Innovation. In 2019, he founded Traent, driven by the vision that relationships between businesses will be centered on transparency.

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Federico d'Annunzio

European ESG Landscape: a Linkedin based analysis

The global ESG segment is growing rapidly. As regulators around the world continue to receive input from investors and move toward adopting ESG investing standards in their own jurisdictions. To understand this shift, Traent conducted an analysis of the ESG landscape by collecting publicly available data on LinkedIn, with a special focus on all the European professionals with the word “ESG” in their job titles. The data was extracted the first week of August 2022, anonymized to be GDPR compliant and manually cleaned by Traent’s data team. As a result, the analysis consisted of the profiles of 6,204 ESG professionals located in all of 27 EU countries.

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