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Federico Garcea

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Federico Garcea is the founder and CEO of Treedom, an online platform where anyone can plant trees remotely. At just 25 years old, he partnered with a rural development project in Africa, where he developed a thirst to fight deforestation and climate change.

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Federico Garcea

Without purpose, sustainability is just a tick-box exercise for companies

Over the last few years, the realities of global warming and climate change have begun to sink in. The world continues to get warmer, CO₂ emissions are rising year on year, and our forests are diminishing rapidly. Following two trying years, work life is returning to some sense of normality, and as the world is reopening once again, people have had time to reflect on what is most important to them. Living and working more sustainably is firmly back on the table and the question on every employee’s lips is; what can my business do to become more sustainable?

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