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Luca Zerbini

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Luca Zerbini is Founder and co-Managing Partner of Una Terra Venture Capital Fund. He previously served as CEO and Managing Director at Fedrigoni Paper as well as Vice-President and General Manager at Amcor. Luca holds an Industrial Engineering MSE from Politecnico di Milano and an MBA with Honors from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.

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Luca Zerbini

Science and philosophy of sustainability

On April 6, 1922 (just over 100 years ago), Albert Einstein clashed with the most famous philosopher of the day, Henri Bergson, about the nature of Time - in one of the most famous debates of the last century. Einstein defended the picture he formulated in general relativity of time as inseparable from space and lacking the absolute reality that humans tend to perceive in it. Bergson claimed that science alone cannot describe time, which he said was closely intertwined with the “vital impulse” of life and its creative expression. The famous debate initiated a rift between physics and philosophy, “splitting the century into two cultures and pushing scientists against humanists, expert knowledge against wisdom.” (Jimena Canales)

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