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Enrique Dans

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Enrique Dans is Professor of Innovation at IE Business School in Madrid, and Senior Advisor for Innovation and Digital Transformation at IE University. Through his writing and speaking, Enrique has established himself as a global leading voice at the intersection of technological innovation and  sustainability, providing insights and commentary on the latest trends and developments in the fields. He writes daily in Spanish on, and in English on Medium. He has written two acclaimed books: “ Todo va a cambiar” (2010) and “Living in the Future” (2019).

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Enrique Dans

Here’s what’s important about Tesla Investor Day

It’s worth watching because in a quarter of an hour Musk highlights Tesla’s commitment to an energy transition that will save us as a species, and that is going to happen anyway, simply due to competition, efficiency and the markets. A series of undeniable truths on which the company has promised a detailed white paper, but which is not really necessary except to see the details of the assumptions it has made for its numbers.

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