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Julien Geffard

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Julien Geffard is Head of Europe in Ola's electric mobility division, spearheading its launch and operations. He embarked on his professional journey at Fiat Group, later venturing into BMW's French subsidiary and Bentley Motors in Europe & the UK, where he served as Head of Marketing Network. He has also been CMO for the Alpine brand within the Renault Group and Vice-President of Sales & Marketing for Peugeot's two-wheeler division.

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Julien Geffard

The future of mobility: the convergence of electrification, urbanization, and new retail paradigms

This shift towards a new retail paradigm in the automotive industry isn't a matter of if but when. Whether it will be a gradual process or an abrupt transition remains an open question, but it is clear that the traditional distribution model is undergoing profound changes

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