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Gowri Mohan

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Gowri Mohan is a MSc Development Management student at the London School of Economics. During her undergraduate degree she was a part of Global Research and Consulting and led a project team working on crafting policy recommendations to improve equity in the sustainable economy. In addition, she is the editor-in-chief of the London Journal of Energy.

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Gowri Mohan

The Developing World Post-COP26: Can Developing Countries Leapfrog to Renewable Energy?

The pressure is on. Global climate action has had to confront multiple key issues over the past few months, with the unveiling of shocking emissions projection data in the UNFCCC report, culminating in crucial debates at the COP26. Since the conference in Glasgow, the focus has largely turned towards developing countries where energy consumption will grow the most. Despite contributing the least to historical cumulative emissions, developing countries have the most to lose from climate change.

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