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Jennifer Harvey Sallin

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Jennifer Harvey Sallin is the founding director of InterGifted, and leads a climate engagement project called I Heart Earth. She is a psychologist and leader in the field of high intelligence and high performance. She applies her expertise in the area of climate psychology and climate activism.

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Erin Remblance

Degrowth: the path to a better life

Today’s dominant culture considers endless economic growth as a necessary component of “the good life”, but is this really the case? For economic growth to be providing “the good life”, one must be on the receiving end of the perceived benefits of that economic growth in the first place. Unfortunately, between 1995 and 2021, global economic growth was staggeringly unequally distributed, with the wealthiest 1% capturing 38% of total wealth growth while the bottom 50% captured only 2.3% of overall wealth growth.

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